Does anybody out there have issues with night sweats?

Is there any relation to long lasting or fast acting insulin?

When I wake up, and test my blood sugar it sometimes is 60 or 190. Any idea ?

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Hi Arben,
Usually when I wake up sweating heavily at night, my blood sugar is really low. I usually keep my glucomoter. beside my bed so I can test as soon as i can think well enough to do it. This has only happened two times for rme. But I have also awakened one time sweating and very thirsty and my blood sugar was high. The one time when I wakened with a high blood sugar was when we didn't have my Lantus at a high enough dose level The times I have awakened with a low blood sugar was when I shot a little too much Humalog before going to bed. Now i watch my bedtime doses more carefully and my bedtime snacks better also. I hope this helps
So how much insulin do you take at night? is it long lasting or fast acting ?
I use around 21 to 24 units of a long acting Lantus. This starts out very slow. My body usually cycles a long slow rise in blood sugar for me, peaking from around 2 am till about 5 or 6 am. It will still be up by the time I usually get up around 8 am. if I haven't taken any Lantus. If I shoot any fast acting Humalog at night, it is because my nighttime reading before going to bed is over 110 or 120. I like to keep my readings down to around 100 or lower during the day I shoot the Humalog in the morning after breakfast along with my daytime shot of Lantus which is about 18 units. Then I shoot the Humalog after each meal, so that makes it twice more during the day. The morning shot of Lantus will give me a long low coverage for all day long peaking in the afternoon. This schedule seems to follow the way my body handles things very well. My last A1C was 5.6
What kind of insulin are you using?
Novolog - 70/30 and 100

Currently I take 15 units of 70/30 in the morning, and then fast acting in the evening for dinner. But none through the night since I had lows in the 35 and since then I am kind of scared to use long lasting at night.

But I just read that not taking the insulin will have major after effects, true ?
I also get night sweats when I am low. I am on the pump-- so I don't use long-lasting insulin. I'm not sure whether that could cause anything, but I know that being low also causes the same thing for me!
I saw your number is 7.6 - why are you using the pump? I was thinking of using it in the beginning but then kind of forgot because I got used to my pen.
Do you have the name of your pump system, also is the transition hard? or easy?
Hi Arben,
The only time i wake up with sweats whether from a nap or at night is when i have a really really low bg. Usually if I have a low with sweats it is as low as 30 or lower. Then i am totally drenched in sweat and am really shaky. I had one last friday that was so low my meter only said "lo" , we haven't figured out yet why I get so low esp while sleeping since technically I am not doing anything while sleeping to use up the insulin. I do have chronic pain in my right arm from the shoulder to the wrist that gives me alot of trouble when i try to sleep. So right now the dr. is looking at either the pain or the pain meds being the cause but since i am a new diabetic, just diagnosed january 12th, 2008 we are still trying to get some control over my bg. i have never had the sweatsor shakes with my bg being high or normal though.
Hi Karen, same issue with me - drenched in sweat. Let me know what it result in / I will keep you up to date too.
Hi Arben, I would often times wake up so drenched I would have to go towel off like I was running a marathon multiple times a night. I later found out it was due to lows. If I didn't go to bed with a BG of 160 - 200 I was sure to go low. Part of my problem was the twice a day lantus I was taking. I've recently (Saturday) started the pump so we will see if they slow down. Other news I found is that people who are more athletic or have a high metabolism do experience a small peak from there lantus shot. I was going low between 2-3am every night after taking a 9pm shot. Well, guess what? I was also going low at 2-3pm after taking an 9am shot. Eureka! I asked my Dr. and she confrimed that there are some cases of Lantus peaking. Altough it's great in most people, not everyone.
Wow! I'm not sure about me... I wake up totally drenched in the mornings sometimes. But I can tell that I was actually sweating way before I wake up. I go to bed with a decent number like 125 and wakeup with a 160 or higher. There have been times when I've awakened in the night to see a number of 112 and totally drenched. Then wake up 3 hours later with a 160.
I've read alot about the Dawn thing; but I cant seem to get my Dr to realize it. ( I'm not allowed to test more than 4 times a day/ extra strips on me.)
I hope to one day see an Endo.
I'm currently doing Humalog on a sliding scale before meals only.
I agree with using a pump - I have been on one for 5 years and it's WONDERFUL! I was waking up with lows due to Lente injections take at 6 pm and they were getting as low as 20 - I was stuttering, sweating, you name it - I haven't had one since I got on the pump -

My pump malfunctioned last Friday and my blood sugar was 500 - I am now on Lantus and Humalog while waiting for the new pump to arrive. I don't like Lantus at all and can't wait to get my pump back. The long acting insulins are hard to figure and night lows are common. I too am very active and the pump is awesome for that. This time I am getting a minimed - will let you know how it is!




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