Blood sugar testing seems to be frowned upon by my doctor and the clinic nurse here and in general it seems in the U.K. Yet pharmacies sell bs testing kits. I can see from the posts that most people are from the U.S. Australia and other countries. The diabetic nurse was very disaproving when I suggested I test - so I havnt. But with most of you, you do test? any thoughts on this? I think I would feel safer testing as I could see what sends bs up and what down etc.

She seems to think and the doctor too, that it will make me too anxious! Seeing that I havnt been worried enough about it up to now, I think maybe a little anxiety might be a good thng?!!

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I qualify as an older person -- NOT testing would make me anxious. Testing represents information. Data. Knowing always decreases anxiety. My father, a doctor diagnosed at age 89 with diabetes tested 6-8 times a day until his death earlier this year. It was a real battle with Medicare to get coverage of his supplies but I'm a persistent soul and prevailed. "To the barricades".
getting a bit muddled with who I am replying to....tmana...thank you....I have an Accu-Chek Active and must set my mind to sorting out how to use this over the weekend sometime...have machine phobia a bit, like many people....!.....these posts are making me feel much more relaxed, they really are. I need to go next Tuesday as havnt had a fasting BS reading for absolutely ages - but then I will just listen to her - and go my own way....*chuckle*...............C x
I would really like to contact a few of the people who have replied on this thread but cant find them! is there any quick way to get back to their pages, other than searching through the members? Thanks..:) Cathrynn x
You should just be able to click on the picture or the name of the person you want to reply to(Where it says "Reply by") .. Doing this will take you directly to that person's page.

I would think bs testing is absolutely essential. That seems just absurd that its frowned upon.
Greetings, boggles the mind to think that your G.P. would not support you in testing at home! Did you say that your fasting B.G. was 9!!!!!!!!!!!! That is indeed diabetes, though even if it were not, pre-diabetes is a red flag, and self monitoring allows you to be able to balance food/activity etc. I acquired a B.G. meter as a pre-diabetic ...another reason to test at that stage as well, is that often in pre-diabetes, your readings are all over the place....personally, I would insist on it...good luck Cathrynn....linda in canada :)
I need to apply myself to learn much more, Linda......I am hoping it is not 9 now, as I have been careful this last year, and feel really motivated now to get myself in order.= havnt had a fasting test for ages....oh dear!....see you soon..:).......thanks....Cathrynn x
Well, you know, if it is 9.....there's not much you can do other than go from there...think positive....every step in the right direction is a feather in your cap....I'm going for blood work this Saturday, B.G., also cholesterol (which is off), and potassium (which is low). I have a propensity to get all worked up over these, which doesn't help....sigh!....I suppose I should follow my own advice, right?
My GP (who is a quintesential pill pusher) is very supportive of BG testing. By noting how what I eat affects my BG I have brought my A1C from 10+ to 6.0. You are in control of your body!
Hi there, I also am surprised that your Dr. told you not to test even a couple times a day to see how your sugars are fairing. I test 7-9 times a day. I get concerned when I don't know what my sugar is. I need to know.

I did find it strange a few years ago when I was at my then, new GP;'s office for an appointment. I had forgotten to phone my Pharmacist(they phone my Endo's Secretary and she faxes the new prescription to the Pharmacist so I can pick up my meds.,later that day )for a refill so I asked my new GP if I could get a prescription for my 300 One Touch stripes. Well, the look of shock on his face I can't forget. He repeated what I said and asked why I tested so much(I'm a Type 1 and I told him I tested 8 times a day). Well, of course now, I was alarmed. I said,"Because I want to and my Endo told me to go for it". Then he said, "Oh, okay". :D What a Funny Guy. I don't know if it makes a difference but he's from Ireland.

My Husband's job covers all our meds. except we pay the Pharmacist $25. at the beginning of every year. I guess that would be Group Insurance. I know nothing comes off his cheque for our meds.

Gee whiz, you would think the Drs. and Nurses would be encouraging you to test so you will get used to it and so you and they know where you stand. Then you could cut back or cut out certain foods and then maybe know when you need extra exercise, etc. I wish you Great luck Cathrynn, with your testing situation and Good health. :o)
Hi Linda,
Don't beat yourself up over the concern about tests. I think most of us get concerned when we know something has been out of whack. You are always an uplifting and supportive person. So I am sending you a big supportive hug. Your tests will be better. They WILL be better.

Cathrynn, If your test is a 9, like Linda said it is a 9. But now you know more than before and you will do better also. So I am sending you a big hug too.
Meadowlark is best with these, but I am learning too. You WILL get better.
Was chequing my messages before hitting the hay...thank you, Saundra, for the uplifting comment...that's what this group is all about...supporting one another...around the globe!




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