I think I got my first pump in 1991. That makes about 17 years. Everything was great until last year, when the "scar tissue issue" began to rear its extremely ugly head. I don't seem to have any good spots left for infusion sets!

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I ruptured my kidney 30 years ago and have a huge scar on my abdomen - I've always been told not to go too near my scar
I noticed you started this discussion June 2008 and thank goodness it surfaced again ......have you been able to get a better " handle " on where to insert or are concerns still there ?
I started pumping in 1980 when the big black brick the auto syringe came out that was my first pump. I was dx in 1976 and the doctor that I saw then told me that it is better to give yourself insulin in your stomach region as it tends to have better absorption I find as the years go by that when I put my sites for my pump in my lower stomach its OK and the absorption is somewhat slower if that makes any sense. I have been using the upper part of my tummy and it works very well on the left side and middle but not so good on the right so try to figure that one out lol. This coming up July I will have had type 1 for 34 years. I use the Minimed 722 and the Dexcom CGMS.
I change my set every other day. I almost always get into trouble if I go for a third day. I keep detailed logs about where I put it so I rotate well. I still hit scar tissue areas on a frequent basis. It sucks.


I get my husband to help me with putting it in places I can't reach. I use Lidocaine cream so I have no feeling at all when I insert. I have been to a dermatologist, but he says there is nothing you can do about it topically. I do use CeraVe lotion all over after showering, and have noticed my skin is not as dry. I have come to realize I am definitely now one of those diabetics with slow healing. I would never get a CGMS because I don't need another thing sticking into me making more holes and scars.
I understand about dry skin. Especially when you live in a cold,dry climate that does not help either. I do use the Dexcom cgms and have less problems with that than I do the infusion sets from Minimed. Lately when I take off the site I swear I need a chisel and a pair of pliers just to get it off. Then to top that off it leaves a red irritated round circle on my skin. I do not have this problem with the dexcom and when I do use a sensor it is on for 7 days no red irratation and you can hardly see where the needle went in unlike the infusion site. I sometimes have to change my infusion site 2 x's daily. I have been using the dexcom for almost 2 years now no scar tissue and you can't even tell where I have used it at. With the infusion sites I look like a target!
I started pumping with the Auto Syringe in 1979. The big key is rotate your sites that will help with any scar tissue as this has been the case for myself.
I find that the best area for absorption is my upper and lower stomach. I have tried my arms but to no avail and it causes pain and discomfort at times. Yes once in a great while I will get a site when I do not get good absorption but not very often and I am still amazed after all these years.
I have major scar tissue problems. You can feel it under the skin. Little calcified lumps. I have been pumping for 9 years. It seems interesting to me how some people who have pumped a long time have no scar tissue problems. Can human bodies really have so much differentiation? Maybe these people are using a larger number of sites than those who have scare tissues problems. Anamus has a good video about what areas are good to use as pump sites. I am planning on documenting when I eat, exercise etc again. Maybe it would be helpful to create scatter charts to see how often things jump way out of line. Anamus software does not have the BGs included. I understand it is difficult to use legs and arms because our clothing tugs at these sites and often causes the cannula to dislodge. What are your thoughts on all of this. Any success with leg or arm sites? The upper hip areas does not seem to absorb well even when free from scar tissue. I am using the angled cannula but am going to sample the others again and a metal one I have not tried.

which brings up a question Sarah, how many sites are we using.  I use four in rotation, and have been pumping 7 years now, diabetic for 36 years now, soon 37.  I have little issues with scar tissue, unless i have had an infected site.  Those puppies (2) are scared badly and i cannot reuse them.


rick phillips

I was using 6 spots around my abdominal area. Now I am using new areas around my abdominal area that are farther away from the middle and my upper hip area. Do you mean 6 sites like the back of your arms, the thighs, your hips and your abdomin or like six areas in one region of say your abdomin for example? I might need to try including other regions in my regime.
Hey all ! I've been pumping since Dec. 1986 (24+ yrs). I took injections for roughly 24 yrs and now pumping has surpassed that amount of time. Whooo, where'd the time go!!!! A cure would be the only thing to impress me more than pumping has. I'm glad I started when I did.

When I started pumping we were told you could wear the sets for 5- 7 days. Then it went to 3-5 and now the 2-3. Needless to say, I do have scar tissue in my lower abdomen from the early years but now use my upper abs and just work my way around.
Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

The Minimed was only introduced in 1983, you must have been one of the first!




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