What have you done when low, that you shouldn't have...drive, ride a motorcycle, ...what?

I sometimes look back and wonder how I have survived some of my own decisions. I think sparring in karate while in the 40's or 50's was not too bright. Or standing at the top of the mountain and pointing my skiis downhill while extremely low wasn't the brightest thing either. Life seems to happen around us and sometimes you just try to keep up with it and others.....no matter what. ......anyone else wanna share their brilliant decisions?

Keep going......Peace, Bob
p.s. I was honored to have a nice article in The Florida Times Union this morning....you can see it at my blog....joyofdiabetes.blogspot.com

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Consumed entire box of samosa, I did it because I was low and sleeping, eating while half asleep is dangerous! Lol
Samoa s the gilt scout cookies lol
Lol, riding a motorcycle when your low just plain doesn't work.
Being high doesn't help much either for that matter...
Well usually I am all about keeping myself normal range but apperently the other day I was way off I love to bike ride heat snow ice rain it does not matter I am all for it. anyways In West Ga near atl we have the silver comet trail and I go riding on it ( they have cops who patrol it for safety reasons ) I was riding and enjoying the like 96 degree weather and was about 12 miles from my car so I was like ohh I will wait and check when I get to the car!! Not such a bright idea. about 7 miles out I start riding like a drunk person and I sure as heck didn't even know it but the people I almost ran over or watched me hit the ground did and called the cops the cop shows up behind me on the 4 wheeler and well kind of pulls me over ( I know most cops in this area but this one I did not he was a newbie ) well He asked questions while I tried to put together enough words to make a sentence and finally his buddy shows up just as I decided to sit down smack dad in the center of the trail and he was like hey C " whats up david ? " him : " C check your sugar! " me " mo I am going to do it when I get to the car " him" where is your car? " me " ummm It is ummm the way I was going " him " C just check it " ( all this why he has EMS on the way ) I checked it and it read 22 mg/dl he flipped a lid I was like see I am fine it says 77mg/dl ( note to self when low test with meter upside right ) EMS gets there my partner none the less and I down a coke and some of jay's candy stash and then I am good to go but lessoned learned non the less this is why all the cops know to look for diabetics first I taught them that lol well except that newbie but I am sure he knows now lol needless to say I am fine but apperently was heading in the wrong direction and almost decided to take the hill ( not part of the trail )
I road my bike (motorcycle) with a low.

First of all let me say that I ALWAYS test before I ride and all along the ride, too.

My husband and I road our bikes on the back roads to Lowes. Once we got there, I tested and I was a little low so, I ate some glucose tablets. I didn't wait for the low to go up (Bad decision) I told my husband that I was ok and we could ride. He wanted to wait a while but, I didn't. We then, jumped on the Interstate to ride to the Harley Dealership. I tested again and I was still low. Later that day, I told my husband to never let me ride when I'm low again. I told him that I don't think straight or make good decisions when I'm low and I would have NEVER gotten on that bike if I was low. He got very upset with me because he said he took my word that I was ok. Now, he actually LOOKS at my meter to make sure I'm at a save level. LOL
DId you have a helmet on? Haha.
Yes, I did have a helmet on. Not sure it would have helped much on the Interstate if I would have passed out though!!! Road Kill for sure!!! LOL
Having sex when low, um, doesn't work!

This confused the hell out of me when I was far younger than today. Is that adrenaline surge a hypo or just being excited? At least today, as opposed to 20 years ago, I wasn't afraid to pull out a bg meter and check.

The most brilliant thing I did was to ride a bike to the nearest store for some real coke. Not smart. I hadn't had anything to drink or eat since lunch it was about 4:00....and I thought I could make it. I made it as far as my dog groomer's about 3 blocks, in an 8 block trek. The only thing she had that had sugar in it was some doggy ice cream, not tasty, but it did the trick.
It was then that I learned to carry tablets in my sidepack and a juice drink...just in case.
Ok here is mine . . . I started working outside in heat building a 6x6 timber retainer form for my garden. I did not eat any before and just thought it would check my BG in a little while. After about 2 hours I was feeling really weird, I realized that I was in trouble. I tried to make it back inside my house and things began to darken, I could not see nor comprehend anything. I must have made it to the telephone because I woke up in the hosptial some 12 hours later with my doctor at my side. I don't know if I dialed 911 or what happened. However, I do know first hand that I bottomed out and was going bye bye. I guess the paramedics hit me with the gluco-pen. From my low it took almost 18 hours to get myself back. To this day, the event is mostly blank, I remember how it started but not the finish.




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