I'm on a forum for something parented related. There's a thread going on about what you feed your kids and of course the whole "diabetes is preventable if you don't feed your kid crap" thing came up. I let the poster know that there are different types and my son didn't develop it from diet, it's an autoimmune problem. So she backed down, apologized, but now is going on about it again. Why on earth do people not look things like this up before they spill out crap like this? Before diagnosis, I didn't know much about it but I'd never make such a bold statement before at least googling it! I admit I don't know much about type 2, so I don't talk about it.

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Alison - I know exactly what you mean. If I have one more person ask me if my daughter ate a lot of sugar, was a fat toddler (which is laughable since she used to do yogilates with me and had a washboard stomach at 3),etc I am likely to scream The thing that makes it worse is that you already educated them once and they're doing it again! FRUSTRATING!
I think some parents just have a hard time thinking that a perfectly healthy child can get sick one day. I know one of my friends has a child the same age as Tony and it kind of freaks her out. I hear the whole sugar thing too much lol, we need to make t-shirts saying something like that!
I was diagnosed at 4 years old and never got to eat anything good as a kid---i have 2 boys now, neither diabetic - and i let them eat pretty much whatever they want---(within reason of course) - i figure, have at it now boys, you never know what tomorrow will bring---maybe i am letting them have what i missed out on or maybe i am a cool mom that buys cool snacks---of course, i know by saying all this that there is some health nut out there thinking that my kids will be fat....or some Negative Nelly thinking they wont develop good eating habits - that forum you speak of would hate me. Oh well.
I'd feed my kid whatever he wanted within reason if I could too! As long as they exercise or get off the couch it's all good-there's a thing called moderation ;)
I know what you mean...
When I was diagnosed with type 1 (I was 16), my best friend's mother actually said this to my mother:

"You know, neither of my kids will get diabetes because they didn't eat sugar when they were little."

Seriously?!?!? Wtf????
argghh! I hate ignorance!
People who do this are trying to help, but they do not understand enough about what disease is and are usually just re-iterating something they have heard from someone else. There are many factors that play into why a young person (or any person) develops an autoimmune disease. Diet CAN be a contributing factor in development of diabetes (types 1 and 2) but it is not limited to this as the basis for creation. *see note below

Other factors such as emotional trauma (inherited or recent experiences), birth trauma, lack of love/touch, exposure to environmental stressors like radiation, exposure to emotional stresses from parents (consciously or subconsciously on the parents part), the child's inherent capacity to handle specific lack of essential nutrients, his or her genetic material (inherited strength of the body), the type of parasites, virus, yeast or bacteria that may live inside of the child, energetic blocks in the body's meridian network which affect all organs and systems in the body and the type of vaccines, medications, medical trauma & toxins they were already exposed to.

We are (as a social mass) extremely under educated about what health is and how to create/sustain it. People should read more and educate themselves about real medicine and get away from the allopathic situation that has taken over our lives and families. Remember that when you Google general keywords, the links that come up first are based on statistics of hits for that link, so you are reading the 'popular' information. When you go to the doctor and ask his/her 'opinion' you are receiving the 'popular' information with little reference to anything outside of this box of thinking. Doctors are taught medicine within a highly rigid manner of educational confine which, in turn, creates an indirect disservice to the people because we get stuck in patterns of belief.

*Diabetes in indigenous peoples and African Americans is mostly related to the diet changes that they were exposed to in the late 19th century. The Navajo (and other tribes) had almost no occurrence of the disease before extreme diet changes, which began with government food programs of highly refined foods and are now afflicted with four times the amount of people with diabetes. The genetics of African Americans and American Indians have not had any time to adapt to the dietary changes and this is why they have a genetic predisposition to create diabetes.
Actually, there is no research out there to show that diet is a contributing factor to type 1 diabetes. It is an autoimmune disease, which means it is entirely cellularly based. Yes, genetics (as you put it: "inherited strength of the body" - not exactly), has some factor in the MHC genes (google it.), but the underlying cellular cause is not yet known.
that makes sense to me, Tony actually has always had a healthy diet prior to diagnosis, although just now he gets treats to treat lows.
In the past twenty years there's been a ton of research about diet and lifestyle and their effect on health. And it's great that we are focusing more on preventative care, but along the way it has become socially acceptable to blame people for their ill health. It's horrible that we've forgotten that the way to respond to sickness is with sympathy and not blame.
I agree, I think it's part of our nature now to place blame, no one wants to take responsibility or acknowledge that bad things can randomly happen.
There are no random events and there no coincidences.

There is no reason to blame, for this creates a victim/victimizer situation, one of the most important things we should learn to stop. It comes from the existence of judgement. Judgement will become less and less prevalent as we progress as a race. It is one of the most important things that Jesus tried to teach. Judgement creates a category where a person views something as either 'good' or 'bad'. This is the root of most problems in our world, internally and externally.




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