I have neuropathy numbing the soles of my feet and causing a great deal of balance problems. Is there anything that can be done to improve the condition? Will it ever go away?

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Hi Alan,

I'm sure they are fine. I don't think that the ALA can hurt you -- you will just urinate out what your body can't absorb. (I may be wrong about this, but I don't think that is a big problem.)

I got the ALA info from page 227-228 and 230 of Diabetes Solution -- my version was published in 2003.
Evening primrose oil is great for eczema. I take krill oil caps with evening primrose added.

Stay safe in the storm.
Interesting that he reduced the dose from 2003 version to the 2007 one :) Good to know!
I saw some results when I took a tablet of 300 mg. Was even better when I used 600 mg. I use PharmaPure found at Duane Reade.
My endo prescribed ALA 300 mg twice a day. I haven't tried it, tho. But the numbness in my feet went away after my BGs were under 200
Just a comment that we should not deal in absolutes. The reason I say this, is I have lost my feet, ankles and half of my both my lower legs, with an A1c of 5 to 5.5 BP 100/60 for the last 5 months, and I am six foot tall, and weigh 195 pounds, after a dx of a 'mere' 6.8, yet still the neuropathy continues to get worse, so yes, Danny, you are probably right in most cases, but as one totally saddened, depressed, disabled, and suicidal by this ailment, I thought I would point out that the nerves will not always heal, and there is NO stopping neuropathy. That is pretty much spelled out in the research. In my case, I might as well eat, drink and be merry, and the hell with my A1c, for such a good number, has done nothing to abate the process.....

Evening primrose, ALA, you name it, I have taken or am taking it, to no avail. Even Metanx, at $65 a month did nothing for me.

Sorry if that sounds obnoxious, its not meant to be. Its just a reaction I have when people say the way to stop it, is to get the BG, BP, and weight under control. That is not true in all cases and folks should be aware of that.

Back to the regularly scheduled discussion :-)

Hi John,

So sorry to hear things have not improved. I was wondering how you were.

Not taking issue with anything you said at all, but there can be other causes of neuropathy besides diabetes & high BP. Diabetes seems to be at the root of most peripheral neuropathies.
John, I've had the same experience, to the point I sometimes wonder if I'm really diabetic at all. I have autonomic neuropathy as well. Usually this makes my blood pressure low, except in the doctor's office where it is fairly high. It's annoying to have a nurse lecture you about high blood pressure when it was 67/43 that a.m. So far I'm not anything but annoyed. Hope your situation has improved since your comment last year.
Hi John. I read your post a month ago and I haven't been able to forget it. It sounds like you did everything right and still you suffer. How are you doing now? Joanne
I'm taking the same things Danny mentioned. Just started the Benfotiamine a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if it will really help or not, as its too early to tell. Its supposed to peak at 3 months, according to the research.

The others I've been on for a few years and they did help at first, even seemed to reverse it somewhat, but it takes time, and if your blood sugar control isn't good, that will work against you. Before I was diagnosed, my feet felt like they were wrapped in Tensor bandages. My big toe was completely numb and so was my little toe on the same foot. I had horrible shooting pains in my feet, legs, hands and arms. I now have some feeling, but its not perfect. Still, its a big improvement and the shooting pains are mostly gone, except when my numbers go up.

One thing is certain, getting my blood sugar under control, and taking these supplements stopped most of the pain from neuropathy. It comes back if my blood sugar gets too high, goes away again when I get it back down. When I'm ill, it really acts up.

All you can do is try.
After having read the many suggestions to take various supplements which I am sure is well intended assistance, I'd check with my PCP, Endocrinologist and Neurologist prior to taking any of them. Always keep in mind that they might have other effects, to include drug interactions that might impact the effect of any other medications that have been prescribed for you. In addition, some remedies have not been scientifically studied and might have unintended consequences. Your medical team will undoubtedly be the best available experts in coordinating and managing your care, and should be consulted prior to embarking on any treatment, including vitamin or other health therapy.

Be careful!
That's the same thing, if the ingredient label lists it as R-ALA.. R-ALA is more expensive. I'm assuming the + means the addition of biotin. Afraid I don't know the dose for biotin helping neuropathy. 100 mg isn't very much in general. Biotin is also supposed to help hair growth.




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