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Just joined the group and very new to diabetes. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has tried the herb gymnema and/or tried a raw food lifestyle. I have been raw in the past and find it really makes me feel good but now I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I am too scared to go back to a completely raw food diet, even though i feel it may help control the diabetes.

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Without any "ultra scientific controlled study", I've personally used Cinnamon for this and had fairly good results. I saw some moderate drops and regulation in my BG though now I've integrated it into my weekly diet so I'm used to it (I use the highest quality, organic and untreated cinnamon sticks I can find). Again, not super ultra "controlled" tests or anything, thats just what I found for myself.

I guess it just goes to show how everyone will respond different and has a different levels of insulin resistance/toxicity. (for example, the different results Jenny above had for herself).
How do you use fenugreek? I have tried sprouting it but find it to be horribly bitter.
Judith....what a nice looking out for the tribe! I have a dear friend with fibromyalgia and would love to be able to pass on the name of something that has brought you some relief. She also has chronic fatique and pernicious anemia.....quite the plethora of auto-immunes.

I hope this finds you well. I look forward to reading more from you,
could someone please tell me where I could get the fresh leaves of gymnema. also whether has anyone tried bitter melon (fresh) drink?
Bitter melon is "very spicy!" lOL! hot spicy! As with all herbs and spices it is something for us as individuals to check out how it works for us. For me, it did help drop my number as it was fresh from the store.(thinking back on it... as I wasnt into hot/spicy so much then.. maybe in a capsule would still be good.)
Hello MeadowLark:
I have juiced fresh Bitter melon in the past and it yes it stings. Another friend of mine discovered that boiling the melon, cooling it down and then consuming it, is quite palatable. This way one can keep a jug of boiled juice in the fridge and save the hassale of doing it each day. the entire week is covered. Apparantly it works.

Yes, capsules are also available and its quite cheap. it works out to about $3 a bottle.

Thanks for the email. please keep me posted.

On a side line. Another relative of mine, went on a almost vegetable diet. Salads for lunch and dinner. BBQ fish or chicken was added maybe on alternative days. This kept the level almost even and way down the 7.
I eat mostly raw, live food (sprouted greens, grains and pulses) and my BG has gone down to completely normal levels. I have discontinued my use of insulin except for when I eat out or eat higher carb cooked meals. This morning my fasting BG was 76. After breakfast of sprouted whole grains, toasted nuts, fresh strawberries and whole milk yogurt, and a short walk, my BG was 72! This was at one hour. I don't think this diet has cured me. I have LADA (Type 1) and still have some pancreas function. If I eat high carb processed food, my one hour number is up around 180.
You can sprout any whole grain. I do a multi-grain mixture of oat, barley, rye, amaranth, quinoa, millet and buckwheat. I buy the whole grains (also called groats) at the health food store. Pulses are peas, lentils and beans. I am sure you are familiar with bean sprouts which are made from mung beans. Sprouted greens and mungs take about 5 days and develop small leaves but grains, peas and lentils just take 36-48 hours and sprout a tiny root. Don't let them go longer as they get bitter. I soak the grains for 20 minutes and then rinse well. (If you don't do buckwheat, you can soak longer, but buckwheat starts to ferment with a long soak.) peas and lentils soak overnight or about 8 hours. Drain and leave in a sieve or on a plate. They don't need light. Rinse 3 times a day until you see a small sprout and then enjoy! You can sprout any type of whole peas and lentils but I prefer whole green peas and black beluga lentils. Ordinary green/brown lentils work fine, I just like the crunchiness of the black ones. I can eat a cup of peas and lentils and not see any spike at all. Not true of the cooked variety. There is less of a spike with the grains than raw rolled oats which I used to eat as a muesli cereal, and much less than cooked rice or whole grain bread. I read an article that said barley was particularly good for Type 2s and can help control BG all day, probably because it has a low glycemic index. But as I said, I'm Type 1 and the live foods seem to work really well for me.
Wow I was just looking up gymnema and was really happy to read everything everyone shared.

My mom has had diabetes for several years. she was just diagnosed with high bp as well and the doctors are driving her nuts and well as the medications. Our whole family has had such a huge wake up call in the health area! We are eating extremely healthy, organic foods, grape oil, low salt and exercising(walking 5-7 miles everyday). Being such a huge family and doing it together is great, its like our own support group. My mom is doing better with the change but the pills are making her feel horrible like she can't even function normally. The diabetes seem to really be the only problem now that everything else has dramatically changed. she has a healthy heart and ekgs, ecocardiograms are great. So I asked the doctor why should she still take bp pills with insulin or diabetes pills. The doctors have no answers and are irritated with us asking questions. Its like they want her to not find any alternative ways to her illnesses! They say she should be on it without actually saying what the problem is. Its very frustrating.

Do you know if anyone has had any harsh side effects from gymnema. She really wants to try it but is scared. She took it for a day and her numbers were great and she felt great. I want to encourage her to keep taking it and so i am trying to do as much research on it as possible. She also wants to get off of bp meds as well before the doctors actually make her into a heart patient.

Any suggestions?
Hi Lulu....good for your family that you are all taking your health seriously.

Hopefully someone on the site with more knowledge than I will answer, but I believe they give diabetics blood pressure meds, even if their bp is Ok to help maintain healthy has been shown to lower the incidence of kidney problems. My endo does not have me on it. I have low pb and no signs of complications. It would be interesting to see how many people have been put on bp meds even with normal pb.
High BP was how I ended up getting diagnosed with D. I started on 10mg Lisinopril and had bad side effects- very dizzy and unable to exercise. We split the dose and then lowered it so now I'm on 2.5mg once a day and have no side effects and mostly very good BP. I don't think it's a good idea to stop taking medication unless you are montioring yourself carefully. I use a BP machine to make sure my BP is under sontrol, but with that information, my doctor was happy to adjust the dose. Same with blood sugar. If you can show your doctor that you are doing well without as much insulin or oral medication, the doctor should be willing to make the adjustments. If not, I would find another doctor.
thanks for the reply i agree. I just recently made an appointment with a new doctor who specializes in natural medicine and helps with type 2 diabetes. I hope he can help her to stabilize the situation. She also started with lisinopril 10mg in the morning and metoprolol in the evening. It was driving her crazy. She was extremely dizzy with no energy, couldn't function clearly and just couldn't get out of bed in the morning. Plus her bp was going way too low. She was ending up in the emergency room constantly. The doctor wasn't listening and wanted her to stay on the med. We are thinking the change in eating habits and exercise has helped out a lot. She took herself off of lisinopril (and after the doctor admits yeah it probably wasn't needed) and is doing much better and now wants to get off of metoprolol 25 mg with a doctors supervision. We check her bp and glucose very closely. hopefully we will see what happens with the new doctor.




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