Hi all, I have been on the pump now for a little over a yr. I really had and still have to get myself in shape b-4 thinking of having a baby one day. Besides getting the A1c down to a 6 I am being told, what else do I need to work on to get into perfect pre-pregnancy shape? Has anyone passed this stage I am in? Any tips? I am so determined right now to get the sugars down so my A1c lowers. Thanks.

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Thanks Kristin, I have gone to Diabetic mommy but never tried the others. I will look into them soon. I am so thrilled to see all the posts on this topic. Good to see there are others who share a similar goal.
You are all so wonderful, thanks for the stories and tips and websites. I too am upset that there is very little info on the subject. Looks like a lot of us can be in this together. Thanks again!!!
I just started a new group on tudiabetes on this topic. I nammed it Oh! Baby!!!
I think it is also important to remember that the other half of the baby-making machine can help you out with the D during pregnancy. I once read an article in a health magazine about how one mom made sure her blood sugar was tested twice every night while she was pregnant. How did she do that and get enough sleep? She had her husband do one of the tests for her and she slept right through it. If only I could remember which magazine that article was in...
Hey everyone-I just wanted to chime in. I am in the same boat-wanting to start a family and wanting my A1C lower. I am on a pump (for 7 months now) and unfortunately I haven't seen my number go down but straight up! Could it be that I am silently stressed about the idea of being pregnant?? heheheeh
My last A1C was 7.5 and while my doctor didn't seemed very worried, I am. I have scheduled another appt. with another doctor just to make sure I am getting the best care I can. THe last thing my CDE left me with was the comment that being a Type 1 it may be near impossible to get an A1C at or below 6!!!! That's not really the support I am looking for in a diabetes "team". I realize that my health is my responsibility but I haven't changed my habits since pumping and with shots my A1C was under 6.5 for 3 years. SO, I too will be looking at the sites continuing excercise, eating well and hoping that this year will be our year!
URgh!! I hate words like impossible..YOu can do it!!! and it might very well be possible that you are perhaps thinking about pregnancy and getting stressed...I went to the doctors yesterday and my A1c is 9.7 :@ I started crying because I am trying really hard, she told me i need to be at least a 7. But after a few hours i realized that it''s not as important to have a child but it's important to have a healthy one. I need to get on the pump as well but I am not sure if any private health insurance companies cover it in Canada. Does anyone know how much a pump costs if I bought it on my own? I know we can all do it, and sometimes venting and talking about it will help us all :) So let's get our pens, or pumps and let's get those numbers down :O
I know how you feel. I always dread the A1C test. When my first 7 came back I was crushed. And then to work on it and correct (my fingers are literally bruised from lancets) and then for it to come back 7.5??? Frustrated doesn't even cover it. And you are right, it is more important to have a healthy one and I do want that.
The "impossible" comment sent me over the edge and is really why I have made an appt. with another doc. It can't hurt right??
Hi BPM--that's a terrible thing for a CDE to say. I and many other type 1 women were able to have A1cs in the sixes and fives before and during pregnancy. Check out the yahoo group Positive Diabetic Pregnancies and test often and correct often and really be strict about carb counting and watching what you eat, and your numbers should go down.
Thanks for your reply. I just can't figure out what is so freakin' different that has made my numbers go up. My average on my meter was 139 for 90 days when that 7.5 came in. For the first time in 3.5 years I am feeling really lost and not as knowledgable about what's going on under my skin!!! And I do NOT like feeling hopeless...I'm not good at feeling "hopeless..."
I do know that it is affecting me emotionally. Being around my middle brother's kids this Christmas and watching my oldest brother become a first time dad at 42 last week, I feel like it's my turn. I can't just run off and get pregnant like my sister-in-laws... And 3 and a half years ago I could have had kids without having to worry about diabetes. It's just so frustrating! Of course 3 and half years ago I had been married for only 6 months and having a baby then probably wouldn't have been the smartest move on our part but that's a whole other story...hehehehee

OH I so understand what you are going through.....IN Nov. my sister-in-law who got married last March told me that she thinks she was preg., so in the middle of the night we went to get her a preg. test...and YES she was preg. Everyone knows that I want a baby more than anything;...and i always talk about it...they asked me if I was okay ..and I smiled and of course I was happy for her....but cried all night about it...and now every time I got home for the weekend i see a picture of her ultra-sound or I hear baby talks i get so depressed and I curse my life with diabetes...But it's so hard being happy ...when i am so hurt inside. I feel like my life button is pressed on pause until further notice....I am usually a happy go lucky person...but i found myself lately being really bitter and I hate it. I wish there was a book out there for helping me get over the grieving stage of the so called A1c!!
Dude, I think that book would be a best seller! I like your comment about your life button is on pause. I hate the fact that I'm 35 and diabetic and I don't appreciate being told that I'd better get on with it. Like I have a magic wand and I can change the future with some freakin' fairy dust!




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