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Ok Folks I feel a rant coming on. Not a send the children out of the room rant but still a rant.

I went the doctor today and had my best visit ever. A1C was 5.9. BP was 128 over 72. Cholesterol was 152 and triglycerides were at normal levels. So why the rant? Well that starts at the check-out window.

The doctor instructions ask that I return in 4 months for a follow-up and that I schedule a physical. Well Ok then, that sounds reasonable. So I ask the receptionist to schedule the physical at the next visit and we will kill two birds with one stone. Oh we can't do that was her reply. Those are separate items and will require two separate appointments. I ask her if we can make two separate appointments back to back. You guessed it NO was the answer. They must be on different days. No matter how hard I tried she would not budge so I gave up and scheduled the appointments.

Now it's later in the day and I remembered that I had wanted to ask the Doc about some knee problems I'm having. But I was so happy with my results that I let the doctor get away before I remembered. So I called my friendly receptionist and explained my knee problem and ask if we could make the physical ASAP so I could get some help for my knees. Oh we can't do that knee problems are a different issue and you will need a different appointment. That's when I lost it. Had I not been in a good mood because of the good test results I would have went ballistic but I didn't and I was polite but I told her in many different ways that I thought their policies were ridiculous and that she should cancel all my appointment till they hear further from me.

So here's the rant part. What am I a cash register with good insurance. O goodie a diabetic follow-up Ker Ching . Oh and a physical Ker Ching. Knee problems too Ker Ching, Ker Ching, Ker Ching, Multiple and duplicate lab test, These poor diabetics don't mind they are used to being stuck and his insurance is good for it. Ker Ching. Gas is cheap and he won't mind missing work. Ker Ching

Does anyone else feel the way I do.

I'm sitting here trying to decide if I will go back to this doctor. I really liked him. But it wouldn't be the first time I have cut off my nose to spite my face

Gary S.

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I am like you in that I usually shun the physical exams. I feel that I see the Doc enough that he should be familiar with my health. But there are some things that a man in his mid fifties should have checked every once in a while. I'm going to do it now but who knows when I'll do another full physical. It's been ten years since the last who knows maybe another ten :-)

It looks like you have done pretty good for Lulu's health if she is now eligible for a senior exam. I wish her continued longevity.

Gary S

Wow, thanks, Gary! Lula will actually be 18 on Sunday and that is a minor miracle as she got lost twice for a full week each, (once in snow and once in central america known for hungry street dogs!), got hit by a car, and once didn't eat on her own for 2 full months! She is now on subcutaneous fluids for chronic kidney failure so we make it a family project to fill a bleach container with needles! She's a survivor!

Your LULA reminds me of joke about a missing dog.


Has 3 legs
Blind in left eye
Missing right ear
Tail broken
Accidentally neutered…
Answers to the name “Lucky”.

Your Lula is definitely a survivor.


I as a Canadian from BC has not much to complain about ??!!

After reading through your post and others responses it makes me glad I have an endo like I do. Mine only does labs every 3 months unless I'm sick. I only have to see him every 3 months unless I'm sick. Other than that I keep in contact by emailing him every two weeks with my blood sugars since I've been on the pump since October 2011 and we are working some kinks out in it. He understands our financial situation. Though my endo is also a Type 1 diabetic himself.

Sounds to me like your doctor's office is doing this due to insurance billing. Raise hell and threaten to switch. Places like this are one of the many reasons why our healthcare system costs are spiraling out of control. She is just doing her job as receptionist by sticking to office policy. Ask to speak to her supervisor. I'm sure this is all costing you more money too-- each visit is an extra co-pay and time away from work, school, or whatever you do.

Oh, btw, great job taking care of yourself! Those numbers (A1C and cholesterol) are something you should be proud of!

Thanks, I am proud of those numbers. I have never had such good lab reports. That's why it was so devastating to have my good mood ruined.

Gary S

A lot of this has to do with insurance rules. The work-around that I have found is to make an appointment for one thing (i.e., a physical) and then while I'm there in front of the doctor, just work in the other issues. The receptionist making the appointment really doesn't need to know the exact reasons that I'm coming in and a "physical" is general enough that it should be a good opportunity to address any issues I'm having.

The insurance industry has made receiving medical care a game; I am just playing right along with them. And, believe it or not, doctors actually get quite the short end of the stick when it comes to earnings and such. Primary care physicians (or general docs) are a dying breed and they actually don't earn that much; not when you take into account malpractice insurance, student loans to get through medical school, administrative overhead, etc. I have a couple of friends who are PCPs and I was shocked to find out that I earn as much as they do --- and I have a far less-stressful job!

Have a new GP from south Africa. He actually listened to 8 different problems during one visit definitely "un-american".

The whole situation sounds ridiculous. I'm in Alberta, Canada and I face similar obstacles. Doctors here will only deal with 2 problems per appointment. So if you have a sore back, require a physical for work, and want to discuss your irregular blood sugars, you cannot do so in one visit.

I think it's for the money, and no other reason. The doc gets paid for each visit.

It's a shame that greed trumps common sense. I am lucky to have a non-north american doctor.




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