A lukewarm rant: You know they have machines to measure your blood sugar?

I'm really not upset because I'm used to it. It's just irritating.

I was out to lunch with a group of people today. The topics of pets came up. I mentioned that I had a cat who passed after 19 years. (Loved her).

Anyway, now that I zig-zag in and out of hypo unawareness and have actually passed out before, I signed up to get a service dog. There is a wait list, so it will be awhile.

The person I was talking to was like "well, they have devices to measure your sugar, you know."

Duh? I pointed out to him that I'd taken my glucose before the meal and gave myself a dose of insulin all while I was sitting at the table. (I've had type 1 for so long that it's pretty unnoticeable unless someone is watching me.)

I then explained hypo unawareness. However, I was just like, "WTF?" I always feel like people who don't have diabetes and don't know much about it have stuff to say.

(Honestly, I think it's worse if someone's related to someone with type 2 because they start talking about oral medication and other stuff that simply doesn't apply to me.)

Okay, lukewarm rant over, but the longer I have diabetes (it's been over 20 years now) the more I want to punch people who try to be smart about it around me. I didn't though. ;)

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haha, I love that. People are even nicer when they think you don't take care of yourself because you're on insulin. Good luck getting your service dog!

Thanks! I'm officially on the list as of a few weeks ago, so it will depend on how quickly they can get to me! Yeah!

"Well, it came down to buying a meter or a dog... so I went with the dog"

Lol. Hey, I've gotten the "you use insulin? in a little MACHINE?? You must have diabet-us BAD!! I would never let myself get that bad. My (insert family member) lost both legs and was blind and grew a horn out of their forehead and.. and.. and.. died!" more than once..

Its almost too much work to correct them..

And why is it that people think we want to hear stories of their family members dealing with compilations and dying???

I love that first reply!

Yeah, the folks with a dear aunt or uncle that lost all their limbs and went blind before dying a horrible death are the stories I really don't want to hear, so I'm just rude and cut them off. I then go on to explain the different types of diabetes.

In fact, today I posted this cute video in a forum where someone said something thoughtless like "well, I don't have to take insulin yet!".

...sigh... We do not have the same type of diabetes lady.

This is adorable and sad at the same time.

I'm sorry about your cat, Regina, I know how hard that is. And I'm so excited for you getting a service dog! Very very cool! I assume that they go through training at the organization. Will you get to be with her to get trained or do they give them to people already trained?

Oh, thanks. My dear Ms. Kitty died after accompanying me on my adventure through the end of undegrad, law school, while I was abroad, and when I moved back. Her old feline body gave out though a few weeks after I moved to NYC. I miss her a lot, but it was a wonderful 19 years. She was a great companion.

As for the dog, it is a lot of training. Right now, I'm on a list and I'm pretty sure the wait is awhile. There is screening and training, but I don't know the details of the program and what happens when you're matched with a dog yet.

I think it's just adorable. I don't feel sorry for her or for myself. If it's not diabetes it's something else, in most cases. I have a friend, a former roommate, who has been a type 1 diabetic since she was a child. Her life seems to be going 10x better than a lot of people I know that don't have diabetes. ;)

Regina, this video is adorable!! I wish I could carry it around with me and show people as needed. :)

Oh my goodness. That is the sweetest little girl I've ever seen. I wish I had her with me to explain diabetes to everyone who asks me about it.

Love that video!! Super cute.

And I hear you about dumb s*** clueless people say! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like punching people when they're being ignorant and rude!

The way this thread has blown up, yep, we're definitely not the only ones. ;)




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