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Hey Gang,

Sorry I wasnt real sure where to post this so it ended up here...

Let me start this off by saying Im a computer nerd and systems administrator (more computer nerd stuff), so if Im just over paranoid please let me know, but I know all information is retained and stored in the bits and binary world without exception.

So these threads we post in are open to view from the internet with no requirements username / password or otherwise. I see two sides to this.

1. it opens up the information we share to others who maybe searching the web for said information and we all seem to be about helping others. So thats great.

2. This is the adverse side. Any information we put up here (feelings, test results, complications, etc.) is openly and freely available to anyone who searches it out (ahh the paranoia just kicked in).  Im not quite sure how I feel about this and its a real double edge sword with no black and white solution. Not that Im the resolution provider here, mind you. What does this mean? Well, if my work wanted to know indepth about my current health status, come on down! If my insurance company wanted to drop me for some random reason other than the cronic disease, these threads might hold a good excuse. Etc., etc.

How do you all feel about this? Am I just being paranoid?

All input is greatly appreciated.

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to that I say "Crack is whack"
i don't use my real name or image.....although i'm sure i could be found out if someone really wanted the info.

i need support for this disease. its a trade-off. its worth it.
Boedica, dont get me wrong. Ive been wanting support like this for ages. I just wanted to get thoughts from others. And I guess to guage how nuts Im being. In the end, Im not running for the presidency, so Im not super worried. Although, I might change my info.
and just like that, Im gone.
Source....as in the source engine? As in the engine that powered games like Half Life 2 and Counter Strike Source......Whoah!!!! If not, my bad!!!
Interesting. This is probably the most supportive online community I've ever been to, so it felt really easy to post more personal information and actually use a picture of me for my profile (Or, is it?). I never thought about the ramifications.
accessing social information is beccoming common place these days. Like Solo posted regarding his perspective employer looking over his facebook. Its totally legal and quite usable for companies and the likes. Let me say this --

I would not ask anyone for a minute to post less or not be supportive of others due to my concerns over privacy.

From my limited experience, I think this is a fantasic forum. I just noticed everything I posted was widely available and frankly came on board feeling just like you FHM. Totally comforatble and the big D is something thats really personally mine and with me all the time. I wouldnt think to associate it with an alias.
I guess I'm paranoid. If you're like me, 20-something and looking for a job, or a new job, then maybe there's a risk associated with putting information out over the web via social networking sites. That being said I use relatively discreet pictures in my profile and use my first name... there are hundreds upon hundreds of Peters in the world... if not more. I blog, tweet, and use this site with my first name only.

For Facebook, I use my full name. Lately I have included info about my illness and triumphs over it- but I may scale that back as I start putting applications through again. It is ambiguous gray area. I certainly don't want to be excluded from the hiring process if I exclude the company I will work for from my Facebook page.
You are not being paranoid. Read the terms of reference. The contents of this board are public. Should you choose to post information about yourself, you lose control. The protections offerred by laws such as HIPAA are ambigous wrt to social media. And this stuff can live forever. Do you really think this is my real face?
Wait.. Your not the real Alfred E. Newman??? And as for paranoid... What, me worry?

OK, Exactly my point. Within my company when someone walks past the front door, they sign a non disclosure agreement. My Hard drive disposal practice fallows the State Dept., Although mine is a tad more analog.

With that said, this is a fantastic forum where you bring feeling and emotion right off the bat. Its not my first thought to seperate that from my real identity. Just the same as FHM put it. But this is something to think about and hopefully folks bear it in mind.
Glad I don't know much about this as you do. I mistakenly thought that a member using an alias, avatar & not listing their correct geographic location would provide privacy from prying eyes. Guess not.

I'm either naive or dumb (or both) because I use my photo & never thought about it. I'm not on Facebook & am surprised at the highly personal info people list there for public view. We do seem to live in a time of exhibitionism with Facebook & people blogging about their lives in painfully boring detail. It's the motherload for anyone looking to mine personal info.

TuD,is an incredibly caring & informative community. There wouldn't be the same level of support & comraderie if everyone concealed their identity & feared disclosing info. What would be point in a social network like this if we had to look over our shoulders constantly?
TuD,is an incredibly caring & informative community. There wouldn't be the same level of support & comraderie if everyone concealed their identity & feared disclosing info. What would be point in a social network like this if we had to look over our shoulders constantly?

Gerri, this is my thought as well. However,easily search-able (not so favorable) health information is what concerns me.

What if I have some sort of complication that I discuss with the TuD folks (because they are a great community for support and information). A long discussion ensues and said discussion is easily found and read by who ever googles my name (or handle) mixed with the word "diabetes" and the word "complication". Said thread (Im a poet!) would be easily found. According to bsc, the terms of reference state that "The contents of this board are public."

I dont mean to frighten anyone, but this is our personal information were writing typing out here. I just think folks should know its out there on the net for all to see. Also wanted to see what others thought on this topic.




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