So maybe I am a little late on this and everyone has already heard... but AnimasCo. has a new product: an insulin pump and CGM all in one! still 2sites but still, this is amazing!
Here is the full article for those who like me haven't heard of the this AMAZING new product yet:

and if you go on Animas website and change location to from 'US' to 'Europe' you will see that it is available there!
OMG! when is this coming to the US!?
Has everyone already heard of this new product? and what are your thoughts?

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There are several discussions on this under the Animas Group.

For US, it is pending FDA approval. The Dexcom G4 was FDA approved just last month in US, and now the integrated Vibe + Gen4 needs FDA approval for release in US. Some think this may happen in 2013.

Yeah, I figured it was still going through FDA approval... I just wish they would do it much faster!!!
Anyway, I hope to see it on the Animas website soon :)

Thank you MegaMinxX

I see your profile says you are using Animas Ping. Earlier this year, I met with a rep from Animas, and they mentioned there would likely be an upgrade available to Vibe once available in US. She also said the Vibe will definitely NOT have a meter-remote as with the Ping, so for those not wanting CGMS, the Ping will remain available.

I also suspect that current users of Dexcom G4 (and Ping), who would already have a Dexcom G4 transmitter and Dexcom receiver, would simply need to get the Vibe pump upgrade, while others would likely have to purchase the G4 transmitter separate from the upgrade.
Then they would have the choice of using the Vibe pump as their receiver, or the separate Dex G4 receiver.
For me that would be ideal, since I prefer to have CGMS as a separate device most of the time, but at times I really want only 1. So when my MM pump warranty is up in a couple years, I'll be considering a switch to Vibe.

MegaMinxX - I never though about having both the Vibe pump and a Dex G4 receiver display and alarm on Dex CGM data. I'm the one always pointing out in these threads that relying on a Vibe pump/Dex G4 receiver combo that's beep-beep-beeping a low BG under the blankets at night is a flawed concept.

Well, duh! Thanks for pointing out this obvious solution! I can only hope that Animas will allow their transmitter to talk to two receivers. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I switched to the OmniPod this year with the idea that their wireless PDM (pump controller) would double as the Dex G4 receiver when they integrate. After an unsuccessful OnmiPod trial, I thought that there was no possibility of getting a G4 receiver separate from the Animas Vibe pump. Well, if your suspicion holds true, I already have one. I hope the Animas engineers have already committed to this design. You've brightened my day!

My Dexcom 7+ transmitter will communicate with 2 receivers because I've tried it. In theory you could have as many receivers as you want because the settings for transmission are in the receiver not the transmitter.

Of course this has absolutely no bearing on the Gen4 or the Vibe.

Yes, I did the same thing with the 7+. I would run two receivers at night to improve my chances of getting an appropriate low alarm by at least one of the receivers.

Regarding the G4 Vibe transmitter, I am concerned that this transmitter may only "speak" Animas Vibe "CGMese" instead of standard G4 language. Medical device manufacturers have a bad habit of technically fencing off their private technology turf, common standards be damned! It would only make sense that a G4 transmitter would work with either an Animas Vibe or a G4 receiver or both. Common sense is uncommon!

Based on the Animas UK website, the Transmitter and Sensor still are 'dexcom', so I assume Dexcom continues to manufacture/sell the transmitters and sensors, either directly to Animas users, or via Animas.

I noticed on my Dex G4 Receiver, the transmitter ID has to be entered starting with a 6 or 7. So it's possible Dexcom will make separate transmitters for Vibe that will have id starting with 8 for example, and the Vibe is only 'enabled' for transmitter id starting with 8. I hope not, but that's how they might control it.

Maybe there is someone in UK that has both / or access to both Dexcom G4 receiver and Vibe pump + Transmitter and can verify how it works ???

I'd like to hope for the best. Perhaps Animas and Dexcom anticipates customers like us that want the utility to use the Vibe/CGM receiver during the day and both receivers at night. That type of usage will not cannibalize either business plan. We would still need to purchase both. In fact, it makes both of their systems more desirable.

Where we might run into difficulty is with our insurers who don't want to pay for overlapping technology.

I have an update to these issues. In research for my next insulin pump I talked with an Animas manager today. He told me that the Dex G4 transmitter will be compatible with both the US Animas Vibe and the Dex G4 receiver. When pressed about a US Vibe release timeline, he said it could happen as early as January '13 but more likely during Q1 2013.

He said if I bought a Ping today. I would be eligible for a $99 upgrade pathway to the Vibe, whenever it comes out -- even if a lengthy delay.

I also asked him if Animas had considered the reluctance of third party payers (insurance companies) to pay for both a Dex and a Vibe receiver function. He said that there was internal discussion on that point and that he didn't think there would be any ultimate difficulty with it.

So, in the foreseeable future, when I'm awake, I could use the Vibe to pump and receive/display/alert on CGM data and then add the Dex receiver at night (outside the blankets!) to wake me up when I'm low. That's one less piece of hardware to manage during the day and double the receivers at night.

I like this idea.

Terry - thanks for sharing your update from Dexcom ! Seems like this would also be helpful for parents with kids with CGMS. although Dexcom is not FDA approved yet for kids.

I'll take a serious look at Animas Vibe + Dex when the time comes up for a new pump.

As for insurance coverage, I think it may be a case of proving medical necessity. If you can't hear the alarms on the Vibe, then a separate receiver is medically necessary.




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