Hi everyone , my name is Crystal. I'm new here , so nice to meet ya'll!! I'm getting ready to go to a doctor's appointment , but I value more then one person's opinion. Umm , I was diagnosed with diabetes September 9 , 2011. Yeah I'm new to everything! Ever since I have become diabetic , I have pretty much became a hypochondriac , my husband's words , not mine. Every ache , pain , scratch , anything scares the living life out of me! But my doctor tells me I'm doing wonderful. I've lost a total of 51 pounds, and my sugar levels stay in the double digits mainly.
But here lately , I been having the most worst pain in my lower legs and feet. My feet get really cold , and turn white. My legs always are red unless I have them elevated. I work out as much as I can , and watch my diet closely. I've been reading about this 'Diabetic Neuropathy' , but to be honest with you , I can't understand how I could get it! And this scares me , I'm only 23 years old , I never imagined myself at 23 with such a serious disease. But I was pretty much going to get diabetes since it runs on both sides of my family. I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I'm just so frustrated and angry at myself , and wondering how I've ended up this way. I cry countless nights to myself , and my husband. I'm so scared and lost about all this! Can anyone please give me any advice before I drive my husband crazy?

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A person can develop neuropathy in any part of there body, it most times starts in the feet and then legs but all parts can be affected from higher bs than the norm.

I talked to my wife and she said any age can have a blood clot, I would have it checked out but do not panic I even thought I had them before but your describing pain that needs to be checked out.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I've decided that I will wait til my appointment this Friday , for my ultra sound on my legs. My doctor has seen my legs and felt them , I told him the pain , and he didn't act concerned. So I will just trust him , and just pray and believe in God. Which speaking of God , He has really given me strength through this. Some things that I thought that I couldn't do , I prayed and made it through. It has even felt at times that He has held me as I cried. I refuse to give up to this disease , I will go head on , and fight for my life. Can't do things anymore that I use to be able to , but I'm just glad I'm able to be alive , sitting here writing this. But yes , as I said , I have an appointment this Friday for an ultra sound on my legs. I try to keep myself occupied so I don't think about this problem. This maybe too much info , but my butt hurts so bad , cause I have taken an hour long bike ride. I've cleaned my house twice in one day , I've done all I could , just so I don't just sit here and freak out and worry. Thank you all for supporting me , you all have kind hearts. God bless you all , be safe.

I , TOO KNOW OF hIS WONDERFUL ARMS OF PROTECTION!! Keep the faith. You will be granted peace and protection.

God Bless,

And I was just wondering , do you guys think by any chance that these pains and aches are from my weight loss? I'm loosing a pound everyday , and lost 52lbs. since I was diagnosed in September of 2011.

Weight loss wouldn't cause pain. Very good to keep busy.

An extreme diet and significant weight loss might give you some disturbing symptoms. A pound a day seems like a lot. And 52 pounds since Sept? That is huge. You have to be proud.

But remember, most advice suggests that you lose a pound or two a week. If you have been on a severe calorie restricted diet, try to eat extra calories, particularly as protein or fat and see if that helps.

Yes! I am very proud , very shocked that I've lost so much weight , but I'm proud. I don't know why I loose a pound a day. They have me on Metaformin , and my doctor said that helps me loose weight , which I'm excited about. haha . I just mainly watch my carbs and sugars , sometimes my calories. I haven't even been worrying much about my total fats. But my counselor is wanting me to start that. I'm a bit frustrated at her , because I've worked so hard for that 52 lbs! I'm glad she gave me credit though.

I suppose if the weight loss (which is PHENOMENAL, by the way!!) came from extra-strenuous exercise, then it's possible; but that would be a muscle ache, and it sounds like that's not what you've got.

In any event, I'd ease off on the exercise a bit, or anything that really gets your heart rate up, until Friday's ultrasound. If there is something wrong, you don't want to push yourself to the breaking point without first knowing what's going on.

One thing I haven't seen answered (perhaps I missed it), is what kind of doctor you've been seeing? There are so many specialties, and many are reluctant, or not knowledgeable enough, to see things outside of their realm of expertise.

I'm just seeing my regular family doctor. Been with him since I was a child , he didn't diagnose me with diabetes though , the ER did. Got really sick and had an out of body experience and went there. As soon as they told me , I cried like a baby , couldn't stop. But my family doctor said something about circulation , and he's got that ultra sound of course. I can't afford all the fancy big doctors. My husband's insurance isn't the greatest , but I'm just thankful I have insurance!!

My experience is that family doctors tend to be a jack-of-all-trades,-master-of-none. If that's all that you can get insurance coverage for, then I suppose that's who you must see, but I'd strongly advise trying to find an endocrinologist (which, by the way, is all I see. I don't have a regular "family doctor"). The treatment you get from someone with lots of experience treating people with diabetes is far superior to what you get from someone who reads about diabetes in medical journals.

No , no one has asked that. But yes , they checked everything on me. Everything was great , except for my cholesterol. My good was down , and my bad was up. They are worried about something in my urine , but they are having me get some lab work done. They said they wanna keep an eye on Microalbumin , ahah , I don't even know what that is. Mine is at 80 , and normal range is 0-30. So , yeah , they're keeping an eye on that.




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