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Autoimmune reaction and type 2 diabetes linked in breakthrough study

This is HUGE!!

"Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto have showed that type 2 diabetes could derive from an autoimmune reaction from within the body. It is hoped the breakthrough will lead to new therapies for treating the condition."

One of the study authors stated:
"This work will change the way people think about obesity, and will likely impact medicine for years to come as physicians begin to switch their focus to immune-modulating treatments for type 2 diabetes."

I can't help but be amazed at how much we continue to learn about all types of diabetes...

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Yes Lila...medical professional as well.
Great research. My doctor told me T2 was linked to the lymphoma (blood based cancer) I had many years ago.
Ahh! You beat me to it! I was going to post this. It is amazing!
As I posted in Stardust31's discussion, I hope they make a link to ALL kinds of diabetes. But I bet that won't happen in my lifetime, though I hope I'm wrong.
I remain disappointed as my sense is that medical science is doing its best to work on a disiease that is a multi organ
degeneration disease all with different fariations of this degredation. I trully hope they have found something but my guess this may be just a narrow focused victory that does not get to the core difficulties.

My layman's read after 30years plus as type 2 ( whatever that really is ) and finally in the last 4 years seriously fighting this mess is asfollows:

1. Yes my pancreas insulation is off but after 30 years of the bloody pills and a CGMS, I actually see my body gut and pancrease working and releasing insulin. Ithought it was dead and gone - not so.

2. I am on lantus - 15 units once a day that appears to help the basil insulation greatly.

3. I use humalog lispro and shot of 4 units each meal and 1/2 unit at midnight. I typically take breakfast shot before breakfast and about 1 hour after lunch and dinner to give body chance to ramp up first then I add booster shot at end.

4. I take standard metformin - 500 mg pill 1hour before each meal. This stops all annoying liver dumps and has done so for a number of months.

5. My liver has faulty signalling that buggers its fifo action on glucose so my actions are to ensure that it does not get asked to add glucose. WHen no metformin up to strength , liver will dump BG to 258 to 311 wrecking my averages.

6. At 10 and 12 midnight i take a 500 mg pill at each time. This stops any liver dawn effect add till 5:30 am when I awake.

7. the breakfast 4 units of humilog and a metforming breakfast pill keep liver in cage. I start at midnight with BG at 140 to 150 and take a charge of 1/2 to 1 unit of humalog lispro that enables BG to hang out at 122 to 130 while I am asllep.

8. I watch carbohydrates like hawk and keep meals to 300 to 400 calories, min snacks.Some carbs needed to keep BG starving out and crashing my BG. MKediterranena diet is best.

9. Heraty exercise of walking 1 to 2 miles crucial to keep glucose marching out of body and not backing up.

10. Prior to this I was on Actos and blood glucose was at 238 in am each day and lucky to get BG down under 185. A1c was 13.3. A1c under this is now 6.9 and falling. My BG now slowly travels like slow waves on a placid lake from 122 to 170 and back after each meal. Prior to this it was 30 years with numbers all over the map and hopless to make any sense of. A cgms is critical to smoke out the crap and adjust pills, insulin, diet, exercise to snake the mess down.

11. I am fed up with this Holy Grail; search for the unified Field answer to Type 2 Diabetes ( whatever that is), the total focus on insulin ( part of solution - but not whole answer)

12. The explosion in this problem clearly suggests we are not pursuing a fuller and complete response to a multi organ failure as well as not controlling input and getting sufficient exercise. Yes I agree many of us are stuck with old hunter gatherer gene sets designed for bad/poor nutrient food while we work on the Pharoh's stone edifices.

13.gettig fact is not necessarily a persons fault if your damm liver is constantly in make sugar mode loading up your body irregardless where the BG is really at. Horrendous exercise and insulin are needed if metformin not used to flush the excess over the side rather than stuffing pounds on. I know. I could not get my weight and body damage down and stopped till liver told to sit down and shut up.

I am tired of listening to all the chatter of all the flat earth societies while this problem explodes. To be clear, I have always had excellent caring Doctor's and this is not a diatribe against any one of them. It's just we are not solving the problem.
Jims: Thanks so much for posting this. It does make sense. Those 30 plus years must have been so frustrating. As Type 2 seems to have a genetic link, it seems that it would make more sense to study families or individuals to see what is triggering the diabetes. I mean just which organ(S) are at fault. I too just discovered that my pancreas is still producing insulin and I'm not sure what to do with this info. Thanks so much for the benefit of your experience. The information just posted by Manny may help some Type 2's. Let's hope it does!

Thank you for your kind comments and time reading my comments and experience. Key point is that if you do not understand something - like BG numbers all over the place - one needs to flush that out and get to bottom of and not wait 30 years till a stroke to sort out. I was too busy chasing my life, job etc. Today there is more knowledge and great sites like tudiabetes offering opportunity to chat, read, and research. Back in the 80's all there was - was the military platform network of its day.

There is more to tell but would overwhelm these comments.

Best wishes and good luck.


You are asking most difficult question. As I am not doctor/medical person; the issues you raise really require some expertise.

Having used said instrument and struggling with my own condition, the present available tool I used was the Dexcom. My Doctor and I actually caught the actual liver mis-behaviour using caveman machine and 30 strips a day before cgms. The cgms with its data logging confirmed the suspicions as well as providing greater glues to digestive process and timing. One cannot get trend direction on a single caveman strip but requires a number of the caveman strips in a row.

At the present costs of strips, sensors and the cgms; costs are a key concern.

Can you afford that? on a daily basis.

Bloggers I have watched and read seem in my mind struggling with its high cost versus benefit especially on a long term basis.

If money no issue - get one - otherwise you will want to tread carefully.

Whether it can help your specific case; many suggestions I have heard and would seem to be helpful is to get the temporary short range cost limited test review and see if you can get sufficient data to help you sufficiently so you can go back to caveman machine knowing the trends of your body. The only problem with that is the up to speed experience and training to get climatized to the CGMS and its pecularities - a couple of weeks.

More advanced test gear can always surface more detailed data that might assist in your particular case looking at trends, real time fast issues, eating, liver activity so your Doctor/endo can better isolate cure steps, diet, meds that may provide the best hope for stabalizing your issues.

If there was a unit for $ 200, sensors lasted a year - cost of sensor for year was $ 80- and price of test strips was under 20 cents a strip. You bet get one. I prefer having a live gas meter data logger watching me every 5 minutes 24/7 so I can quickly see what my body is doing alomg with the real time gronks and police body tighter allowing me to predict early and prempt problems by a early warning trend system

As to whether you are missing anything, more advanced tools and data logging will always provide more data than one can get on single prick caveman machines - but at what cost impact and value of extra data. This is issue that can only be wrung out with doctors and other specialists. A1c readings will be a gating item as to quality/capability of present diabetes control.

Best wishes. My goal and hope is that we can get costs of the cgms and sensors down to more reasonable high volume PC style of manufacture so they become more available to more people wishing to have better visibilty of glucose trends and body control of their diabetes.

A wake up call eh!!! How many of us type 2 have nothing to do whatsoever with obesity...or any weight issue for that matter!!
Today we are seeing an explosion in type 2 Diabetes. I have had type 2 type Diabetes for over 30 years and the last 4 years cleaning up the mess and getting under control after a 4 year serious fight after a stroke on December 2007. The results after monitoring my disease first on over 30 finger pricks a day on a hand held glucose meter and finally a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for 6 months have gotten me to a daily average of 140 on BG and an A1C of 6.4 In order to arrive at these results , I ended up having to achieve tight glucose control, regular hearty exercise, getting off actos and going on to accurate insulin injection boost assist and control rather than starlix, and fixing a leaky liver using metformin.
The data and experience doing this have been extremely revealing. In addition, I consider myself to have the old hunter-gather gene set useful for eating and surviving on the food of years ago that would consist of low-nutrient food, game, fish and assorted leaves requiring lots of exercise just to rustle up that food to survive.
Today, we have witnessed the great enlightenment of the United States where after the Second world war saw an enormous development in medical science, agriculture, computers, automation and of course home computers, 3D wide screens in the home, game boys and assorted other couch potato – low exercise entertainment and work.
The concern I have is that at same time that enormous genetic and plant improvements were being made to improve grains, corn and rice growing and nutrient quality and nutrient content; tools and products that convert us to couch potatoes have been introduced reducing over all exercise and energy burn by the human body. Furthermore, if one has the old hunter gather gene set, there will be an explosion in the volume of glucose generated by such bodies from ingesting the modern high nutrient grains and carbohydrates which upon reduced exercise can lead to the condition of excess glucose in Blood – raised BG.
The body uses glucose for energy generation, adding to fat stores and if the supply of glucose exceeds the cells need and ability to dispose or store ends up overloading the cells and backing up in the blood stream . My direct experience reveals that if there is insufficient exercise to burn off the glucose generated, one initially gets fatter and then failing that the cells begin to refuse to absorb any more glucose and then one has a condition known as insulin resistance. In conclusion, the body’s defense against too much glucose it cannot regulate is to ignore insulin – insulin resistance.
Through my experience, I found I could stop that resistance by heavily exercising, stopping all excess insulin production due to diet choices, fixing medical conditions from leaky liver dumping in excess glucose and hearty exercise to literally burn down the glucose. It must be pointed out that only thru energy burn by body in running its processes, making heat and locomotion is it possible to clear out the excess glucose so that body cells can take on more. Insulin is simply a transfer enabling hormone that enables the cell to take on glucose assuming it is capable and able to take on more glucose otherwise it goes deaf.
One thing I noted about the drug Actos is that it does enable the cells to take on more glucose when the cells have gone deaf on insulin presence in blood stream.
My experience was very clear on this due to a leaky liver that would load up my body while I was asleep doing the dawn effect and hammering blood sugar up to 240 every am. During this time I would take 26 units of 75/25 Humalog in am when I wake up and watch it do nothing. I would then walk for 2 miles and then I would see BG drop back to 100. It wasn’t till most of excess glucose marched out by walking , I would finally see the insulin power from am injection kick in and work helping to push BG down faster. Prior to walking, the lowest I could get my BG down to was 185 and that was Actos doing it by itself too.
This went on every morning for a year till I found power and timing of metformin doses to shut off errant liver.
Today, I now watch the portion size and calorie content of all carbs I eat to ensure that bread, rice, grains, pasta, cookies, buns and cakes are literally cut back to small 100 calorie portions and eat larger portions of vegetables, cheese, yogurt, etc. It’s not that I cannot eat the carbohydrates , but I have to cut back portion size back very small. The other aspect of this is to consider your energy needs versus your age, job, activity very carefully. The body can only regulate glucose so far and so much. Exceed that balance and you will see insulin resistance and the BG climb out of control.
The other important point lost in this fracas is that there are a number of organs from the gut, liver, pancreas, kidneys and brain all involved in a complex dance to regulate ones glucose level typically in non diabetic working system to 90 to 100. Depending upon any medical diseases, aging and degeneration, ones BG can be adversely affected and will require medical assistance to correct.
To be clear; Type 2 Diabetes stated in its simplest indicates that your blood sugar is too high and out of recognized bounds for a normal operating body. Beyond that, it can caused by poor carbohydrate control, lack of hearty exercise, medical issues of one or more of the key organs from a simple problem to a complex issue where all organs are off slightly along with insufficient exercise and loose carbohydrate control.
In summary and most importantly, the point of this essay is that we have in America improved the nutrient value of the foods, reduced the exercise with couch potato tools and entertainment and for the most of us are packing an old Hunter gatherer gene set optimized for the days of meager food and low nutrient value food and as such those of us on this old gene set have not seen our gene sets modified to match the new high test fuels and low exercise and as a result type 2 diabetes is exploding. For those of us aging and our key organ systems are degenerating face a critical regimene of carbohydrate reduction control, hearty exercise, medical attention and drug assists ( insulin and hormone boosts, metformin etc). In addition, in order to stop the “disease”, one needs to scale back all sorts of excessive glucose generation from diet issues and due to old gene sets, correct medical problems acerbating this issue from leaky livers on down and get strong hearty exercise of which 1 to 2 miles walking is an example will march out excess glucose and filter out completion products from the chemical process of cracking glucose.
Most interesting after being on this regimene for over 6 month, I found my body start using my own insulin and causing excessive hypoglycemic lows requiring the removal of starlix/glyburide pills, actos and the potent 75/25 humalog insulin. After doing that and going onto reduced volumes of liquid Humalog Lispro standard insulin, I found my body working very nicely with the BG slowly moving like waves on placid lake as BG slowly moving up and down in response to gut output from 130 to 170. In fact, the weekly average appears to be gradually dropping lower. All on a 1200 calorie diet with grains and carbs carefully restricted and medical fixes. In the past during excessive glucose generation, adding extra insulin on top of the body’s insulin while genetically different from the body’s own release provides some temporary relief but does not solve the problem as the body is not fooled long and learns to throw up an insulin resistance to the new comer during the interval of excessive glucose generation overall.
Today, I found Basil Insulin of Lantus – 15 units once a day and Humalog Lispro – 4 units at each meal and ½ unit at midnight most helpful in boosting body’s reduced insulin production most helpful. This is after years of blasting body on starlix pills and 75/25 liquid Insulin and now cut off. No, my pancreas and islets were not worn out or killed off.
Folks, I am not interesting in assessing blame or silly conclusions. From current research, I would humbly offer that all the work to date is critical and examination of all edge cases of black box system operation critical to achieving a tool kit of medicines to solve the medical edge cases necessary to solving the huge variant of medical short comings leading to excessive blood stream glucose loading and hopefully we will arrive at a more complete overall medical assessment and proposed overall holistic better solutions to this vexing and difficult disease.
I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1992. For the next 15 years, I had been told I was borderline diabetic. I was finally diagnosed as diabetic in 2007. However, it seemed that my blood sugar and blood pressure were mostly out of whack when my lupus had flared up...
I've always wondered which was the chicken, which the egg...
Did the lupus cause the diabetes & high blood pressure, or vice versa...
I have lupus as well as type 1 and hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have many serious derangements with my blood and have a rare acquired hemophilia from it. My kidneys are involved as well! I'm getting chemotherapy for it right now. Girl, we need to talk!




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