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I am never blissful or joyous about diabetes.  Are you?


Like my heart, or my lungs my diabetes dragon is always doing something in the background. Is exhaustion, or diabetes "burnout" certain at some point you think... or is "bliss" around the corner, and I have not found it yet (Silly me).


So I ask, are you blissful about your diabetes??? Have you ever been?


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Happy New year, Stu.. Am blissful about diabetes? No. Am I at peace with it?  Most of the time,  YES,I am. Do I get burned out and tired of the almost OCD component of diabetes management? Sure : Sometimes  I ignore the test t est test and just bolus  for a  meal/.snack or correct a hypo without one finger prick or use of the CGMS.. Of course I do that  from time to time, but not regularly 
Sometimes I need a break from the  tedium and almost OCD' ness that diabetes management requires.I do return to the management routitnes, it because I HAVE to., When I wan to have energy, and a clear  mind , and a happy spiriti I need to manage my diabets as best as I can so I can do all the wonderful things that my life has to offer,and spend qulaity time with my loved ones.  Am I blissful,, No Stuart , Honey, NOT Blissful about diabetes.


 I am content and at peace with  my life?. MOST DEFINITELY, or as my younger cousins and comrades would say, " MOS DEF"!!!


God Bless,


I'm with Brunetta on this (as I am on many things, Happy New Year to you, Brunetta!) Mostly at peace. "Almost OCD? I think it's pretty much there, lol, but fortunately so is my personality so we work well together! I haven't experienced burnout yet (3 1/2 years total, almost 2 with my correct diagnosis and on insulin), but every once in awhile I think/feel "that was interesting, but I'm over it". Yeah, right. Not an option.


Bliss? Not a word I'd use. I do experience feelings of satisfaction when the numbers fall in place. Closest I'd say I've come to real joy is my feeling of connection with my new Type 1 Women's Group and my current excitement about my brand new Ping I am going to start next week.

We ARE on the same page a lot, ms. Zoe. Hope you are having a wonderful beginning of the year!!!

God bless,


Hello Brunetta:

Very happy new year to you dear lady... always!

Is blissful POSSIBLE (re: this beast we share) ? Pondering many things for the new year and been trying to remember a time when "bliss" or even simple contentment existed specific to this cranky dragon. Tried and tried, could not remember any time.

Was our childhood better than now you think?
I think so Stu. No awareness of what our blood sugars were at any time. just pee on the strip when you felt bad, which wasn't often for me. Now was ignorance bliss? Maybe for me it was in a way. I remember only thinking about diabetes whenn it was morning shot time ( I was on one a day for over 25 years) and i knew not to eat simple carbs like cake, candies and cookies and deserts, mainly because they made me feel bad and I would not have energy to live my active life.( Actually, I would occasionally eat a Dunkin cake donut when I was going to college in Atlanta and walked to the bus and caught the trains and on my feet moving all day.. No bolus or carb-counting., I just did it and ran to the bus stop at the Five points station). I discovered that as long as I was active and took my shots, i did not have negative symptoms of diabetes.I also never had pass-out lows until I started on MDI and synthetic insulins. I had lows , but not almost every other day, now that I have "tighter' ( less than 7.0 A1c control).

SometimesI wonder, too, if all this info is too much info.
(somewhat like heresy to say that on this forum, sorry folks).
Now I do not have any major league complications, some neuropathy/pain/tingles from spinal stenosis and random eye-crossing from no body knows why reasons. Yet as I age, I want to keep as healthy as I can. So I cannot advocate this for anyone else....but I do turn off the CGMs as sometimes I just do not want to know. It can be TMI and OCD, but I do it...almost all the time. But not ALL THE TIME.
God BLess,
No, how could anyone be blissful about a chronic health condition? Certainly not I. Mostly, I treat it and then keep living my life. I.e. if it's in control, I don't think about it. When it's annoying me, I suffer. But that's my lot, so I carry on. Ugh.

No, bliss is not around the corner, but there will be hllls and valleys of frustration, burnout, acceptance, dis-acceptance, etc.

Mentally/psychologically I've been at far far worse points than I am now. At its worst I managed to take care of my diabetes but had little time or effort for anything else in the world. I'm not claiming that everything is perfectly balanced at the moment... but it's not as bad as it has been a couple times in my life.

So while I'm sure that bliss isn't around the corner, that doesn't mean that psychologically things won't improve. Overall I think they do improve. And most often they improve not by worrying about diabetes more, but by finding other things to displace the diabetes from the forefront of the cares and worries.

I kinda feels like you are dragging a 200 lb cross not fun and not fun even under the best circumstances.


I wonder if the Buddha could have turned it around to bliss?

Hello Anthony:

If I meet a Buddha... I'll let you know ; ) As for bliss... naaah. Enlightenment hopefully. Contentment with ones suffering certainly. Bliss not likely. Last I checked it was one of those emotion things. As you know... they lead to suffering. Perfer contentment but yet to achieve it... with diabetes or otherwise.
Bliss??? Not a word I would use to describe my feelings in 36 years.  However as mentioned above, I'm mostly at peace with it, frustrated with at times and yes there are times I just wing it.  Try not let that get out of hand for more than one day as that is a slippery slope.  Did that back in '09 and ended up in the hospital.
Blissful about diabetes? No, but I will tell you what I am blissful about -- coping with this condition and realizing that it didn't turn out so bad after all! I was diagnosed in the late seventies, a teenager who recognized what my symptoms were (had a cousin with it) and I tried to keep it a secret from my parents and actually hoped it would kill me before they realized I had diabetes, whew! I was horribly terrified but I got over that fear and found out how strong I am -- how strong we all are. Yep, there are some really dark days still, I guess that's something we deserve to do every once in a while, but I am proud of myself that I conquered my greatest fear. That might be blissful!

I wish you bliss (if not from diabetes -- understandable-- then from something)!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hello Robin:

Thank you for taking part... which fear (asked respectfully) did you conquer? I have mastered few, but worst among them I can name would be the ghosts of diabetes past. The ghosts of diabetes future I do not understand sufficently, too many and too vast. What might become is too difficult to grasp for me.

I find few answers, but seek contentment not yet achieved. Thanks for the good wishes...




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