I have been using one touch products since I was dx in 2002. I was given a new Freestyle Lite and I tried it out right after the one touch. I noticed that the one touch was about 20mg/dl lower than the Freestyle. This morning I went to the endo and I tested with the one touch right before they tested me with their accucheck and again it was about 20mg/dl lower. Has anyone else had problems with lower readings from one touch meters?

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Wouldn't it be nice if they passed on the cost-saving to us--HA!

Here is a more recent study between One Touch Ultra and Freestyle Flash


I recently purchased the One Touch Ultra 2 and am surprised to see that its results are lower than the Accuchek Active I've been using for years. For instance, the former says 197 mg/dl when the latter shows 225 mg/dl... One Touch was suggested by my diabetologist and now I'm wondering what the heck??? Does it mean that when Accuchek says 34 mg/dl (and I'm still able to walk around) the One Touch will be posting a too low message (below 20 mg/dl). It is annoying not to be able to trust glucometers.... what to do? Stick with the Accuchek???
I tested several meters against a lab test. Accu Chek Aviva was the highest reading & closest to the lab reading, but all the meters weren't that far apart. 20%+- isn't an acceptable error range & we need to get vocal about demanding better accuracy.

Some healthcare people prefer certain brands because that pharm rep visits them frequently.Marketing.
Thanks Gerri.

Accuchek sounds the more reliable to me, but I was wondering if by any chance someone knows which brands of Accuchek are marketed in Canada, and whether Lifescan glucometers are more widespread there? Thanks in advance.
Here's the Canadian AccuChek site http://www.accu-chek.ca/ca/
Thanks. I'm mostly wondering what is like out there.
Liking the "which Accuchek meter is best for you" test and you end up with all three meters available on their website! Accuchek Aviva seems similar to the One Touch Ultra 2, isn't it?
One last question, has anyone checked the difference between lab and glucometer test results? If so, how big of a gap have you noticed (are lab test reults higher or the other way round)?
It is unpredictable where you will be higher or lower than the lab. I have had a one touch be within 1% of the lab but that was just fluke or a good batch of test strips. Most of the time it is a least 10% off and sometimes 20% and unpredictably high or low. Accucheck aviva is no better. The problem is caused by the too short 5 second measurement time. When I had a 60 second bayer meter it was always 5 % below the lab amazing accuracy. The companies do not give a s--t since the endos don't care my endo said with a straight face that his diagnosis and prescribing insulin would be the same regardless of accuracy. I asked him how about control ? well i guess if A1c of 7 are fine then control is not needed also.

Buy the cheapest meter the accuracy is all bad.
I really think if they went back to a longer test time, a lot of these meters would improve in accuracy... I know 5 second test time has become convienent, but why not slide the time up, starting at 15 seconds, then 30, trying to see if we can regain a bit of accuracy..

Or if the glucose is lower than X, or higher than Y, take extra processing time on the sample, similar to how if your high, many meters take a bit longer to register the number..but id like to see this on the low end of the scale too (I know the original freestyle did this, and so does my Wavesense Jazz)

The other thing is with the smaller sample sizes and people not washing their hands or using sanitizer can completely fubar the reading...Same thing.. im thinking 0.5ml should be the lowest, not the 0.3 of the Freestyle.. leaving a bit of room for a larger sample, yet still being convienent..

A recent comparison study about 27 different blood glucose meters:

(a pdf file)

Some meters did very bad, check page number 10.


More than 40% of the evaluated BG monitoring systems did not fulfill the minimum accuracy
requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2003

I really love my Glucocard X-meter mini plus- meter. Arkray (the manufacturer
of X-meter) market it as +-15% accuracy, not the regular +-20%.

If that meter wouldn't be available, my next-in-the-line meter would be Accu-chek Aviva Nano.

No way I would use 1.0µl meters from Onetouch, I love the 0.3µl modern meters.

It is also true that the blood sample volume has decreased a lot so it is very important to wash hands and wipe them in a clean paper towel.




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