I just had my A1C done and was looking over the blood work. My fasting BG was 139 then off to the side it gives normal range of 65 - 99. I have always been told that if your under 140 it is good but the lab work says I'm high.

For the A1C I am at 6.9 and off to the side it says normal is 5.7 or less. And again I have always been told I need to keep it below 7.0 and that is good.

I am wondering if the lab is right in there range or the doctors I see? Now I know why I stay confused all the time.

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My doctor has used the fructosamine when my A1c seemed repeatedly "off." There have been fewer studies to establish what a good range is and how the frutosamine maps to average blood sugar.

paliminovet - I got better advice about diabetes from my cat vet than I ever have from a doctor. The vet assumes that I will take care of my animal if I have correct information and good instruction. Why can't my doctor give me the same credit for having a brain, and at least some reliable information about taking care of myself?

A very good question indeed. It's almost like "If you were dumb enough to get this disease, then you can't possibly be smart enough to understand what I should tell you Let alone take care of your health." I know that is how several professionals came off to me.

I hope you never went back to them, that's the wrong attitude for them to have. :/

I don't know the right answer to that..

But for me personally, if I ever see a doctor that doesn't take my concerns or me seriously.. then I won't be seeing that doctor again, period. I'm not afraid to ask questions.

Honestly, this happened with a medical resident that I was seeing initially. When I came in for recheck 3 days after being in the emergency room, he basically could not answer any of my questions though he seemed interested in my case.

In his defense, he set an appointment up for me to meet with one of the older physicians in the practice who knew a lot more.

But I wouldn't have run my follow-up appointment the way the resident ran it...

Those ranges given are "normal" ranges. What normal levels would be in a non-diabetic. So for your bg management your numbers may be considered good by your endo, however they are still going to fall outside of what is considered a normal lab value for someone who isnt diabetic.

It's always amusing when you lab results say "at risk for diabetes"!

Or Dr. Bernstein...

What, you don't bow down to Dr. Bernstein??? :O

I certainly respect his considerable achievements and ability to steer a different and successful path. I believe he's said something to the effect that people with diabetes deserve to have normal blood sugars. I'd agree with that although I'm not quite on his "solution"?

Eh, it's just that I checked into his books after people recommended them... and honestly, even just reading the previews, I didn't feel that his recommendations were very well founded. Too many changes and advances in insulin therapy during his lifetime to use him as a model for how to live with T1.. IMHO.

Of course when someone restrict carbs to an insanely low degree they'll get better BG control.. but to each his own.

Yes, Dr. Bernstein isn't for everyone. I respect him, even though I don't low carb (I call myself low/moderate - under 100)

Much of it didn't interest me and at least the version I have (updated 2003) seemed dated in some ways. But what I do feel he was a "diabetes revolutionary" and dared to fly in the face of the medical establishment and the ADA which right there brings my respect. I think we all choose what to do for our blood sugar levels, and some of us have it chosen for us by a more difficult management ("the luck of the draw"). But the idea that we can have "good" A1C's defined as less that the standard <7.0 - is radical and I agree. For me, perhaps I most like his "principal of small numbers". In an "you can eat whatever you want and bolus for it world" he says that less carbs = less insulin = less chance to miscalculate and go too high or too low. That makes lots of sense to me. I do very much like




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