I'm a fairly new Type 1 Diabetic, and just started taking a college yoga class. When I have to check my glucose level, I feel a little worried as to what people will think about me. I'm fine checking it at work..etc, but checking it in a room full of strangers makes me feel uncomfortable. Should I just not care what people think?

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I don't care what people think about it. I had a guy at work, new guy to our office but older, could have retired but moved to our location due to personal reasons, etc. Really cool guy but he was like "I don't know if I could do that" and was like "well, it's better than the alternative" which is what Dmitri Shostakovich said to a western journalist who asked him "how could you live under communism for so long?". I studied Tae Kwon Do for like 5 years and tested my BG before, after and, if I felt loopy, during classes. I also ran the Chicago Marathon last year and lugged my meter along on the longer training runs and, with a couple miles to go, checked in the middle of Michigan Avenue, just to make sure the CGM was in the ballpark. Nobody asked me there but if they did, I'd probably have laughed at them?

Hi lafashionaddict: I have practiced yoga for many years, and I frequently get all my yoga stuff set up, sit down, and test my blood sugar. No one has ever said anything to me. It is so important to test before class, and to be cautious because yoga can really drop your blood sugar. I just pretend to myself that everyone else is so involved with their own stuff that they don't notice me (and maybe it is not pretending!). We have to take care of ourselves.

It's true, we do have to take care of ourselves. :)

I agree - it's so true that people don't pay half as much attention to people around them as they do to what's going on with themselves. Everyone is self involved and not paying attention to me - ya know.

I've done it in public before and nobody notices! My glucometer is so quick and small. I take it out, put it in my lap (you can sit cross-legged on the floor), test and stick it back in my bag. Even if someone sees, they won't say anything. That's been my experience.

Yoga's one of those things that drops me like a stone--the sustained intensity makes the low creep up on me. In fact, my record low was a 27 during a yoga tape at home. It's one of those things (like shopping or doing inventory) that you should be testing regularly as you work out.

Your health is worth any staring that you get. And honestly, most people don't even notice. Now that I have a meter, I notice other people's meters/people testing all the time--before dx I hadn't ever registered seeing one. I have yet to have anyone at a different table at a restaurant even notice (except for kids--and they're just fascinated) including the servers.

I do care to a point. I try to be considerate of others since it does upset a few. If I can test in private I try to. But if it's necessary I have no problem testing in public. If my testing in public upsets someone then so be it.

Gary S

I don't care in the least. I've noticed throughout my travels in classes, workouts an even on the subway that people are too involved with their own lives to realize you're making yourself bleed.

Once in a while I get a courageous person who despite the rules of etiquette decides to stare with the expression of how babies stare at you. I feel like I can tell when people are watching me take care of my diabetes (diabeticradar) so I usually find the person and stare right back at them. It really doesn't do the situation any good but I get a wee chuckle out of it.

I guess my point is that a teeny amount will notice and it's usually because they're interested in what your doing. It's not everyday you get to see such medical technology in action,I guess. I've never had anyone say "Oh my gosh, that's disturbing do it out of my sight" but I ever come across that person I will tell them "I'm just keeping myself alive, similar to you breathing to keep yourself alive. Can you breathe out of my sight because I find it disturbing" I've heard stories though.

So stock up on snappy comebacks and whip out your meter. No shame!

OMGosh...I JUST HAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME! Of ALL ppl, it was my Small Group leader in church... we were at a function where I needed to test and bolus. I set my meter and test strip up on the table and pricked my finger in my lap... then brought the meter to my lap for testing and laid it back on the table to put away the lancing device and bottle of test strips. He FLIPPED OUT! I had TWO ppl in between us and he just put his arm up on the table and turned his head, I thought he was going to vomit! He was like "do you have to do that here, isn't there anywhere else you can go?" I thought he was joking but when I realized he was serious I said "oh, by the way, I'll have to bolus too and if you keep acting like that I'll do it right here at the table..." to which I did...but I had a little girl who was watching my every move and she was in his line of sight when I did the shot.

I realize it's not everybody's cup of tea and I DID NOT make it to where I could be seen...I didn't put myself on parade! Oh well, I'll handle it differently next time! FO SHO!

Checking your blood sugar is now part of your life! Don't ever let yourself feel worried or concerned about what others think. Are you embarrassed to eat in front of other people? Would an asthmatic be embarrassed to use their enhalor in public?!

I also take yoga classes, as well as ballet, African dance, etc. I straight up keep my glucometer right next to me and check freely as much as is necessary for me to be able to relax and enjoy the class.

Also, in my experience, as someone else pointed out, people are generally so caught up in their own experiences, that they won't even notice you doing anything out of the ordinary! We are such pros at checking our blood sugar, we can do it in the blink of an eye!

Take care of yourself.

I do it all the time with strangers in a room.
I never care what people think. I'm educating them by my actions.

I took a yoga class this morning, did go low but I started out too low..so, make sure you test. don't ever be concerned about checking your blood sugars in public or anywhere. i too used to be nervous about it, but I don't care anymore either. i just keep it kinda tucked in my bag and do it....!




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