I just starting counting my carbs yesterday. Phew!! It's killing me already. I did a low carb diet WAY back b4 I had any health problems.....maybe in my 20's? I did 60 carbs a day and I now have NO idea how I did that!! Unless I was doing it improperly but I did lose a good amount of weight. I'm one of those people who has always been "chunky" since I was 5 and had my tonsils out. Then I had a wonderful Mom who lived thru the depression era and cooked with bacon grease and we had a 3 (at least) course meal for every meal. Lots of butter, ice cream sundaes on Sunday....shrimp/french fries on Friday nights....ok, I will stop there! lol How many carbs is a person supposed to have? I read where someone had posted an article that doctor's say "we" shouldn't have a low-carb diet. ??? I saw an old chart of how to figure it on the net but a rocket scientist I am not!! haha Help me out here friends. :)

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Actually, since sugar is so addictive, Pam, it doesn't really work that way "cheating once in awhile with a tiny bit of something to take that craving away" just makes the craving worse. If you can go for 30 days with no sugar at all, you will find your cravings dramatically reduced. With carbs in general, obviously you can't do that.

Most people do find that they need bolus insulin as well as basal. If you are having high blood sugars two hours after meals on a regular basis, that is showing you that is needed.

Hi Zoe, I have read and agree with the fact that you cannot or should not totally deny yourself of the things loved most. If you are able to do that then kudos to you. :) I don't see where having one Hershey's kiss to satisfy a craving is going to hurt anything.....instead of denying yourself and then one day end up eating a whole bag of them. The same with fruit or anything else. There are different fruits that have more sugar in them than other's. For me, I don't care for fruit anyway....most are too acidic for me.....I try to eat yellow apples....they say the lighter the less sugar. They are about the only fruit I can tolerate. I also have gastrointestinal issues as well. I appreciate your help and comments though. Happy New Year!!

I sympathize with your desire/fear of changing your eating. I have dealt with this in so many ways since my dx 18 mos. ago. I found it so hard just to follow the ADA guidelines (ie 3 carb exchanges per meal), which is not that low! I got (sort of) comfortable eating like that, and recently am cutting down to 2 or 2.5 exchanges per meal.
You write "I love rice, cereal, potatoes (most of all), bread (in the morning mostly) and the list goes on."
For me, the key is building a meal around a bounty of very low carb veggies: greens, salad, cabbage. Then a substantial protein source. And the carb is just a small part of the meal. I.e, scrambled eggs or frittata with lotza vegetables. I keep trying out new veggies, experimenting.
When I cook a pot of brown rice or quinoa, I freeze several single servings (1/3 C)--easy to portion control this way.

Hi Deborah. I guess what it comes down to is that we have to do what works for "us". As other's have said on here.....everyone is different and what might work for me may not work for you and vice versa. I have never been in this position before......I did low carbs way earlier in my life because I "wanted" to....not because I felt I "had" to do something!! It is the easiest thing for me to do at this point rather than do "nothing!". I have so many health issues that it's very hard for me to put together a meal....as you mentioned scrambled eggs....I LOVE them.....but I can't have REAL eggs because of the cholesterol....I have to use egg substitute which is expensive.....and I have to admit they just are not like a REAL egg!! I've tried brown rice and I hated it. lol My stomach won't tolerate a lot of salad or veggies for more than a couple days in a row....so as you can see, I'm kinda stuck. I'm tired of going through life with an upset stomach.....plus I am developing some IBS issues now as well. It should be funny but it's not. I am not a breakfast person, never have been, so it's a cup of decaf coffee in the morning with a piece of toast or english muffin, etc. and that's it.

It's nice to meet you and it certainly sounds like you have "your plan" together for you. :) I wish you the best with it. Happy New Year.

Hi Pam, whenever I hear something about IBS issues and stomach aches, I automatically think, Have you considered the possibility of Celiac Disease? If that's the problem or part of the problem, it's easily corrected simply by going gluten free.

Hi Trudy, I kind of doubt that.....I think it's a family trait and is due to nerves. I have a friend who got very sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her until somehow she realized that she was gluten intolerant so now she has to be on a gluten-free diet.

Let's not give me another illness to deal with!! LOLOL :P hehe J/K Thank you for your input. ;)

I DEF know how hard it is!! I commend you for making that choice yourself to do "something"! Good for you. It's really difficult to turn down the foods that you love the most when other people are sitting around eating anything they want and never gain an ounce and don't have to worry about their blood sugar......somehow it just doesn't seem fair does it? I hope I can come back one day and say that I've lost 30+ pounds!!

Bless your heart. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

What's the deal with tonsils? I was a very healthy, skinny child until I had my tonsils out at 5, for no apparent reason other than it was the "thing to do" in 1952. In a few months I was chubby and have had to fight obesity ever since.

Hi Jan......I would love to know because that is when my problems started!! I say I think they did something to my thyroid as well but it's been checked so many times that I can't even count! I had mine out when I was 5 also in '57.....yes, the thing to do. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I was always "chubby" and picked on all of the time in school. I never knew what it was like to be a "normal" sized kid.

It's nice to meet you Jan. Thanks for your comment. Happy New Year! :)

Good luck with your carb reduction. I had nothing sweet, real or artificial, for four months, and never lost my sweet tooth. We are all different but for me reducing carbs slowly works better.

I should probably clarify what I wrote about sugar/carb addiction. Like any addiction, it has both a psychological and a physiological component. The physiological component should be gone in about 30 days, but the psychological component takes work. For those of us for whom sugar is a problem we need to get the physical addiction out of the way then work on the psychological aspects. For others, it's not as important. Just having a "sweet tooth" and being able to enjoy sweets occasionally is a very different thing from those of us for whom its truly addictive. I'm really grateful I got my addiction under control 13 years before I was diagnosed with diabetes!

Hi Kathyann......thank you very much. Any sort of diet or change in eating habits is very hard. I hate to say diet because it needs to be a lifestyle change. We sure are all different.

Happy New Year! :)




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