Hi all,
My doctor suggested for me to go on Crestor 10mg to control my cholestorol levels. I would welcome people's experience with this medication - results, side effects, etc. Thank you.

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Not familiar with Crestor but I'm having success on Welchol oral suspension in regard to both lowering cholesterol (LDL-C), and improving glycemic control. (Welchol is kinda expensive as 30 packets cost me a $25 insurance copayment per month.) My treatment plan also consists of Metformin 1,000mg 2Xday plus low carb diet and regular exercise, mainly walking daily.
No side effects to date with Welchol although I'm anticipating a problem with vitamin K or fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies. So have you started Crestor? Anyone else try Welchol? Please share result.
I am not a fan of statins and Crestor is about the harshest statin you can find. Although many doctors will tell you that side effects are rare, most studies and peoples experiences suggest that statin side effects occur at a high rate. When I looked into the studies and science behind the dietary fat - cholesterol - heart disease myth I was quite dissapppointed. The studies seem to suggest that if you have had a heart attack, then there may be some benefit from a statin, otherwise you are more likely to be harmed by a statin.
Crestor was the devil for me. I experienced weakness, leg pains, head aches. I took it for two months and stopped. I have issues with statins. I take 20 mg of lipitor and I feel the statins sometimes. Ever since I started the statins I have had bad sinus problems that are never ending. Also I developed issues with body temperature. I started to push back on the statin treatments. I had two tests to see how aggressive they should treat cholesterol. I had one to measure the thickness of the neck arteries and one to measure the size of my cholesterol particles. Those test helped us to determine that high doses of statins were not required. From my research it seems crestor is a more harsh drug for the body than others. If you have more questions send me a message.
I was put on pravastatin two or three months back and just tried to cut them in half and take 10 mg a day, even though prescribed 20. I have fibromyalgia, and am not wanting further muscle pain issues.
So tonight I have the weirdest migraine type headache, not like my usual ones.
And with the fibro, who could even tell what my muscles are doing.
My Endo is not budging on this. My LDL is 115, nothing else elevated and he wont budge.
I dont know frankly what to do.
My appointment is tomorrow.
First of all he doesnt know I cut them in half (my arthritis doctor strongly suggested it) and second, do I have any other options I can discuss with him? We never tried diet modification. I dont eat much, am underweight and have no history of heart trouble in the family.
The way I got my endo to back off was with the additional tests. I am still border line high but I tried crestor,high dose lipitor, and zetia. They all caused muscle weakness and sinus problems. Once we got the berkley lab they determined that I had more large cholesterol particles which have a less risk to clog the arteries. I also experience migranes so I really had to push back. I told them if the drugs are going to make me foggy then I will get fired from my job ands then I won't take anything cause I won't be able to afford them.
I just flat out refused to take them now. My endo is not happy, but she doesn't push the issue much now. I just tell her i'm thinking about it and take her advice seriously, that's usually enough to get them to back off. Tell them you value their opinion, it's what most of them want to hear. They had me on lipitor for long time, it gave me a world of problems including memory loss that I still suffer from. Which now that I think about it, helped make my case to stop taking them for her, she mentioned that i seemed so "lost" when i first saw her, meaning mentally out in left field. Which also happened to coincide with when i finally stopped taking lipitor. Several months later, it's like i'm a whole different person to her now. The more I research, the more disappointed I get, like bsc said. I started reading Dr Bernstein's book recently and there's actually a small section in there about how elevated ldl is normal or expected for a short time after dx and during process of normalizing blood sugars. I don't have book with me today or i'd try to look it up again. Another good idea is to increase your omega3 intake, almonds, fishies, n stuff like that. My recommendation is to not take it.
Well, I'm 41 years post diagnosis, but still not happy with this drug.
On my way this morning to his office.
I may try your suggestions..........
Well, my LDL went to a normal number on 10 mg, and I wasnt even taking one every day.
I wonder if it is safe to take one every other day or not?
I found out lots of things today at the Endo's including I was way overmedicated on thyroid meds.
Thank God I am an advocate for myself!

I am NOT getting on the statin bandwagon, and my endo for "me" sees no need for me to be on one, my cholesterol levels are all excellent. My BP is good. Also I refuse to take the Ace inhibitors too. I'm not taking something "just because". If I stat developing risk factors maybe I'll reconsider. But luckily my endo given my numbers and lack of risk factors isn't pushing it.

What are your lipids numbers? My LDL is way higher than my doc likes but I have refused a statin because my trigs and HDL are fine. I give some of my reasons here: Cholesterol, Fats, Carbs, Statins and Exercise


Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
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Hi Alan, the link that you posted is not accessible, please resend it.

Sorry, it's too late to edit so try this one: Cholesterol, Fats, Carbs, Statins and Exercise

I should test those when I post them.




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