I'm a stressed college student. There aren't a lot of people that understand what I'm going through. I'm not a huge person but I want to get back down to the weight that I want to be at and it's hard because when I make a dedication to do it, I end up having to eat more than I want because of lows(constantly moving around so it's hard to stabilize). I've never really had a love life or too many good friends...or even people that care enough to understand me. I have my family, but sometimes I don't like to tell them because my mom already worries a lot about me, she doesn't need the stress. Few other things that are making me feel this way but I don't want to get into...
But i've heard of Diabetic depression and I feel that I suffer from it and can't seem to slip out of it... i'm not one to have people make over me so i'm usually quiet about the issue, but i'm depressed and lonely and I honestly wouldn't care if God took me home tomorrow...and sometimes I find myself begging him that he would. I feel that I need a counselor or a support group or something, but i'm pretty sure that there isn't one around.. I just wish there was someone that understood what I go through to talk to a lot, or that I had a really good friend that would try to understand.. I just don't know what to do and I can't take a lot of breaks for anything because I have to stay focused with school and the fast pace...
Been trying to save for a car I know I'd be happier if I wasn't depending on public transportation all of the time (volunteering/furthering my career) so I was hoping that would help with the depression maybe?...because I just don't know what else to do to make me happy :(
Was wondering if anyone has had my experience or even diabetic depression... any advice on how to get happy? I'm trying I really don't want to feel this way!
Friends have just said, "well don't be depressed then Brea"!... Umm it's not that easy, people act like depressed people want to feel this way... it's frustrating...

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Hi Brea,

Sorry you're having such a hard time. Does your school have a health service where you could see a therapist? Depression is a difficult disease and there are things that you can do to improve your situation by yourself and people have given you lots of good advice in that area but sometimes you need to treat the disease itself. A good therapist can help you overcome the despair and hopelessness which makes it so much harder to live life.

Take care,

Thank you :) & We have therapists here, I will have to check them out... some days are great.. .but some I just feel really low...
I agree with still young at heart. There are actually therapists trained to assist people with chronic illness. I saw one for a while 5 or 6 years ago when the D was really getting to me. I have never really believed in therapy but was desperate. She really did help me.

Also, the support groups may help you. Like here, you may get some great ideas, tips, etc. to help. And you would be with people who understand without all the detaisl.

(The worst low I ever had was in college. Got up, tested, drank a little juice, took my morning dose of insulin and went back to bed without eating breakfast. Was completely out of it. Did not wake up until I was in the emergency room. Remember that you are not sleeping alone, if you have room mates. Educate them a little, so they can help you if you need assistance.)

Good luck, Brea!
Thank you :) Also, if you don't mind me asking, what did the therapist say to you that really did help you? I'm similar to your feelings before in that I just don't know if a therapist could help me :/ I feel better today, but some days I just feel really low :/


Check these out. Listen to them with your soul. I listen to them both several times a day. I have a wife and kids and yes they make me happy but like you said people come and go. I lost my daughter a few years ago. It was during a relationship that I had before my wife. I was in that relationship for 4 years. Right at 5 months she went into labor. Our daughter was born and she was alive for a little over an hour and a half. We held and played with her like nothing was wrong until she passed. I didn't have time to grieve because I had to keep the girlfriend from falling completely apart. And a few months after she got it together she left and then I had time to grieve and then some all alone.

For the next year I had to find my way back to GOD (my Joy!) since my happiness was gone. I believe the Lord waited until I put my trust and faith back in Him before he decided to reveal my wife to me. Because He didn't do it until I was perfectly content with it just being me and Him for the rest of my life.

But with all that being said, you have the right idea.....don't look for happiness in another person, thing, or place. Rebuild your relationship with GOD and receive your joy.
True! & I love Tye Tribbet and those songs... I will download them ^_^
Thank you for your post and advice ^_^
Hey Brea,
I want you to know that you are not alone. I suffer from severe depression because of my diabetes. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and its been so hard for me. You feel like no one is there for you and that you are all alone. I am the same way when it xcomes to talking to my parents about it. I actually go to therapy with my parents so they can better understand what I am going through. I have all of these horrible, painful symptoms and no doctor can figure out whats going on.

I am here for you if you EVER need anyone to talk to or just vent to. I undersyand what you are going through. I work and go to school. It's a little overwhelming at times. Especially when I'm trying to control my bg levels and my depressiong. That alone is a full time job!

Well send me a message if you need anything. Stay strong and don't give up hope!!

Thank you SO much girl it feels great to know that someone is so similar to me! I actually kind of don't want my mom to know how I feel all the way though because I can tell him makes her so upset. What kind of horrible painful symptoms are they? Also thanks for being there I will definitely contact you! You do the same and contact me if you need to because I also understand :)
Hey Brea,

I have always had a fight with depression my entire life. Depression is very seductive and it makes you feel alone, it makes you go into a shell and not share or open up. It makes you not want to live, not necessarily wanting to commit suicide but just not wanting to live. Two different things I know. The thing is life is hard, college is hard and diabetes is hard and none of them are really ever going to change so you have to come with a new game plan. For me I decided one day I was going to try as hard as I could to change my depression. I started going to church more, when I dont have time to go I watch clips on tv and online. I started exercising, I love to watch movies that make me laugh when I feel down, I listen to music that makes me want to dance and I do. I read books that are inspirational, Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant is a daily inspiration book thats good for a quick pick-me-up read. I took a step back and evaluated who I talk to and what about. See one thing I know for sure is its NOT good to keep things inside but it is also NOT good to share your struggles with just anyone. Sometimes people will make you feel worst for feeling the way you do for many different reasons but you have to catch that and know not to share your inner most self with that person. Once a while back I went to see a psychologist and I was a little embarrassed to tell anyone, I knew my family would take it the wrong way so I didnt tell them. I did however share with some friends at work and what I found was I was the sanest one out of the bunch, lol. Some of them had been seeing someone for years and take anti-depressants, I was happy because I felt like I was amongst my people who were crazy like me, lol. At that moment I realized three things:

1. Everyone is secretly going through something....everyone

2. That there are other people who are way worst off than me so I shouldnt feel so alone

3. It only makes things worst keeping it in, even if I have to tell a complete stranger I have to let it out

Brea these are not permanent fixes, you are probably going to find yourself in and out of depression throughout your life, like I said its just how it is sometimes...BUT if you change your thoughts and direct them more towards something positive it will make all the difference. Writing in a journal is also helpful, and if you do not feel like you have anyone to talk to, talk to me...I will be here to listen to your problems. I've been where you are...
Thank you so much, I will definitely be reading over what you said to apply it to my life and wow everyone that you said is so true about now telling everyone your inner most feelings. I'm not one to share everything but sometimes I feel that people are entitled to know certain things about me because of their place in my life and yes it's true I just can't share things with everyone. Some of my friends really DON'T understand what i'm going through so at times it's best to just not tell them... I'll have to talk to people that can empathize more. Thanks for your words and your availability to talk to me I appreciate it... I won't bug you too much because I hate feeling like i'm bugging someone or overstaying my welcome... but thanks so much ^_^

I can relate to a lot of what you are experiencing. It is extremely hard to balance school and college life WITHOUT diabetes but to throw that in the mix can just make it darn near impossible.

Some of the things that have really helped me have to do with communication. Let your instructors know what you are going through and don't be afraid to ask for extra help. People are generally genuinely nice and willing to assist you. My instructors understand how hard it is to balance all these things and while they still hold me accountable, they understand the stress of t1 diabetes in college.

Some days I don't even want to get out of bed I am so overwhelmed with the worries of lows or highs, the constant monitoring and never-ending injections. It really helps though, to remember that we are not alone in this and there is support out there.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.




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