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I have had a horrible experience with the dexcom seven and I feel the company could care less. I never really felt the system worked. I had sensor failing problems and constant calibration problems from the very first session. My calls to customer service were brushed off and the onus was always put back on me - send us your data; calibrate more often; don't sleep on your stomach. I used the system only a few times because it was so much of a hassle and the benefits were next to none as the system was horribly inaccurate. Jump ahead six months and I find myself preggo (only lasted a few weeks :( ). So I get back on the system with as much aggravation as ever. At the Dr.'s office I complain about the dexcom and he is surprised that I have so many complaints. We try to download the info and it doesn't work. Oh, and I should mention that this is all out of pocket for me - $400 receiver, $60 sensors and $.67 test strips. He urges me to call and try to get a new one. I play by all the rules and do all of the suggestions and still no resolutions. My Dr. lends me one from his office and it actually works! I was amazed - I really just thought dexcom had bribed to FDA to get approval. I give my system one last shot and it is a total and utter mess. I get tough with dexcom and they brush me off with a "sorry you are out of warranty." I am so frustrated!!! How do they expect to make money? I would have happily shelled out $3000+ per year for a functioning system. I don't really understand how not replacing my nonfunctioning receiver can make any business sense.
I would love to hear if anyone has had any luck with getting something done at dexcom. One of the reasons I am out of warranty is because they gave me the run around for months and my warranty expired during this time. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

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Thank you for responding.

Issue on liver emcompasses more issues than - you must be sick.

With human livers - there are variousenzyme varients having to do with genetics. I was told that there are identified so far 75 different varients sets of emzymes identified so far that affect everything the liver does from digestion, pill ingestion time and pill stripping out of bloodstream. This is also why everything from fruit fly to elephant can procress ethyl alcohol but wood - methyl is deadly poiisoness as liver has no clue how to breakdown a man made alcohol.

In my case, my system boots out the stuff unabsorbed very well and trips off test equipment. Obviously this is an issue - not just me as Dexcom added chemical filters on their test elements to block miss readings from this situation. I checked into this before I bought Dexcom 7.

Free style lyte test strips are human glucose target sensitive and resistant to other sugars. That is wy my readings track so well on working Dexcom unit.

You are lucky you are in set that does not do this. I suspect genetic set with this is small or the hue and cry would be immediate and loud.

Is it disease issue for me - so far all lab tests over last 4 years from bad to good on body health do not reflect any issue here including kidney as that have been stabalizing and healing after dropping A1c to 6.9.

In the case of the 13 folks who died were on dialysis and given fluid with these alternate sugars that registered extremely high numbers on a PQQ-GDH handhelds and resulting in huge insulin doses given that were deadly.

In the past; I would test on Accucheck, Nova Max and One touch which all use the initial Oxidayse test strips and not the FAD-GDH and those non FAD-GDH units all catch the wrong sugars while the FAD-GDH strips stay steady on target for me.

As previously stated many times - when the Dexcom is working correctly and not distracted by overheating and Crap on the RF Link, the data and numbers have been tracking my handheld most faithfully within 0 to 10 points.

I have identified how to make my unit work 24/7 and keep on track. There are no other choices right now as Abbot is blocked off market.

As for my body; the blood keeps recirculating thru liver and eventually alternate sugars get sweeped out at a much lower priority on my liver - where Booze is number one and there down the list.
Thank you for clarifying and illuminating the confusion.
Re liver and alternate sugars - one more detail:

Watching with Accucheck unit I can watch after meal whereby Accucheck tracks well with a FAD-GDH strip meter for abot 1 to 2 hours into digestion when the simple sugar to glucose digestion takes place. After that time is when the alternate sugars show up skewing the accucheck of track and lasting about 3 or 4 hours as liver processes these alternate man made sugars on lower priority. Fats to glucose take 6 hours to do.

Jim Snell
very interesting
I'll "flesh out" two special economic issues which apply to Dexcom, and apply in almost no other manufacturing business:

(1) When they "improve" a product, THEY CAN'T SELL IT. It has to obtain FDA approval first. This creates additional "Product Development" expenses, and also creates enormous delays before Sales Availability. (The delay is basically more money, in the form of opportunity cost.)

(2) Dexcom has been running with operating losses FOREVER, and therefore finds such costs to be "extra, extra" painful.
excellent points and the reason to do thorough testing and eval at engineering stage. Onc e out in field it is hopeless, time consuming and difficult to fix anything.

Having managed design teams in very tough environments for Telephony and fiber to home in unheated cabs in minnasota winters and arizona deserts - been there done that.

I now drive Honda's as well having had a 1990 with 300k miles on it that I sold off.

Prior to that I had volvo, GM and Dodge. Night mares the lot. I remember replacing the galvanized valley gasget on manifolds and cooling every 2 years on my GM 1980 Custom Cruiser Gas I bought in peak of gas crisis quite cheaply new.

anyhoo most kind thanks for response, guidance and comments.
I had hoped this was a site for brief comments and CGM experiences.
In my opinion some are using way to much ink..
There are more appropriate venues.
Yes, I've gone way OT about FDA approval methadology and possibly unwanted side effects of "product input" from us users. Thanks for the reminder! I'll STFU :))




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