I am wondering if anyone has ever tried these 2 products or if yet again the miracle cures are all scams as usual
Thanks Renz

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Scams & snake oil. Funny how these sites promising miracle cures look similar. They scroll on forever before even stating the ingredients or cost. One company must own & design all these sites hawking crap. Daiberex is particularly bad with the photo of the amputated leg & scare tactic stats. If the word miracle is used, run.

None of these alleged cures or treatments have clinical trials to back up their wild claims. They're preying on people's fears. Save your money.
I have Type 2 Diabetes.

I have been taking Melabic now for 7months, and I am happy to say that its working well for me.

I read the Free Ebooks that came with the Supplement and have been following the advice given.

I lost 9lbs, down from 200 lbs in the first 3 weeks. My sugar tests daily have dropped from 0ver 300 down to between 118 and 150.

I couldn’t be happier that I decided to give Melabic a try. I was wary of being scammed too, but as they offer a 100% money back guarantee I felt I really had nothing to lose.
What other medications do you use IssyBella?
Hi IssyBella,

Curious what advice was given in the Ebooks. Like Kristin, I'm wondering what meds you take & the dosage. Your home page doesn't mention this or your current A1c. What was your previous A1c before using Melabic?
Will & Issybella your post seem abit to vague please post as much info back as you such as Ac1's before and after meds your on and sugar reading and how often Thanks Renz
Hi Renz,

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes about a month ago. What prompted me to go was the pain in my hands and feet. Never mind the mood swings, low energy, and the haze I have been walking around with for years but was too afraid to find out why. I guess de nile is not only in Egypt as they say.

To me this was like a kick in the (nads) when my doctor told me about the diabetes! My doctor started me on metformin 500 mg. In the beginning my blood sugar barely fell below a 220 to 270 was my average with the medication. My highest fasting before the medication was 389. I am always looking for a better way or alternative to taking drugs. So I started looking on line. I found Metabolic! I ordered the least amount possible just to try it.

I received my order on Monday Oct 4, 2010. I started it on Tuesday One pill 30 to 40 min before each meal three times per day. I check my blood once before breakfast and once after dinner. On Wednesday 10/06/10 in the morning my blood sugar was at 141 . On Thursday morning it 10/07/10 it was at 151. That is just the second day of taking the pill. I am not a doctor but the proof is in the pudding and test don't lie.

Now I would never recommend anyone to stop taking medication as I am still taking mine as a precaution but so far it is working and I will keep everyone posted. Also I want everyone to know that I have a genetic predisposition to this disease as it runs on both sides of my family. I only found this out after I got the disease.

Also the pain in my hands and feet have completely gone away. This alone was making my life miserable. (Neromyopathy) I know I spelled this wrong but you get the idea.

As stated, this supplement is snake oil.

Your doctor may not have explained to you that Metformin takes a while to start working. The benefits you're attributing to this useless supplement is due to Metformin.

I hope you're exercising, limiting your carbs & following your doctor's recommendations on how to best control diabetes. Metformin doses can be increased & there are other meds as well.

To much of a coincidence and too sudden a drop 80 points with in a day of taking the pill. I am all for following my doctors advice and I will continue to do so. Just as an FYI I weigh 166 LBS and I work out at leased 4 times per week. I have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

With that said my doctor said it would take a year or so to even get my sugar back into the low hundreds taking my med's. Only time will tell. Also Metformin will not take the pain away from your hands and feet it only drops your sugar level.

The medical profession wants to dose that problem with another type of medicine . So snake oil? The jury is still out on that one! Know one can tell me what and how I feel I can only relate what my limited experience has been taking Metabolic. As time goes on I will continue to let everyone know how it is going on a day to day basis.
Sorry, Louie, I'm not buying that a supplement dropped BG by 80 pts.

What your doctor told you is absurd, so I hope you find another one pronto. It absolutely does not take a year or longer to get BG into the low hundreds.

Please go to an endo to have the appropriate tests to determine if you are really Type 2. Too many doctors assume Type 2 based on age. If you are LADA, it's important to get the correct treatment & know what to expect.

Diabetic neuropathy is directly related to high BG. So, yes, getting numbers normalized & lowered by Metformin would ease the pain, not a couple of supplement pills.

Thanks for all of the sound advice. I will continue to monitor the results and let forum know what happens. In the mean time I will continue to follow my doctors orders, exercise, eat right with my diabetic cook books and recipes and check my blood twice a day.

But really! you don't have to be sorry at all. I am not trying to convince of you of anything. You or anyone cannot tell me how I feel and what my blood sugar readings are. I am going to take it one day at a time. Monitor the results and draw my own conclusion. Time and results or lack there of will be the real truth teller. Unless you going to tell me Sorry Louie the sky is not blue and water is not wet, LOL...

One thing I've noticed about supplements that offer you the moon and the stars is that they always ask you to go on a "diet, and exercise plan," usually of their own choosing. It creates a sort of placebo effect of feelings that this supplement is really going to work and produce wonders for people. I found in that site that this supplement was no exception. It clearly says on there ...

"Also, don't think for a second this product will work if you do not participate in a healthy diet and exercise.

If you sit on your couch and continue to eat large portions f the wrong food, this product will do nothing for you adn we don't want your order."

This, to me, is code word for IT DOESN'T WORK. Even those who don't watch their diet very well who take Metmorfin or another med, or insulin, have it work for them, without them doing much of anything, to some degree... (or until they degenerate even more.)

In my humble opinion, people who buy a supplement and suddenly get "militant" about their diet and exercise regime, doing as the supplement tells them to do, are merely just controlling their sugars with diet and exercise (ie, controlled carbohydrates), not with the supplement. It's simple. And yes, one can reduce blood sugar almost instantly, with cutting back on carbs. I went from a 10.5 A1C to a 5.5 A1C in 3 months. It sure wasn't thanks to cinnamon, or some fruit extract... and NO, no diabetic should take a cocktail of fruit juices in the morning like that site says! "Many diabetic patients take the juice of about four or five fruits every morning on an empty stomach to fight Diabetes. " Oh, really? I guess it helps the Diabetes EVOLVE even more, cus it certainly doesn't help US any better gorging on juice in the morning, when we are the most insulin resistant and reactive... Good God! It's insanity. Might as well have a chocolate Sunday, instead... or a can of soda. They have the same sugar, and will spike you just as fast.

The solution to Diabetes control is overcoming ignorance. Not buying supplements. Do not just beware of Big Pharma, but also of Big Supplement. Big Supplement is not even regulated, and often these companies put dangerous ingredients in there, sometimes even drugs! that cause a whole lotta trouble for a lot of people. It is sooooo easy to exploit people with supplements and the placebo effect.

Wow! Ignorant, exploitive! That was harsh. I think we are getting off topic here. The person who theorized radio waves that later became the premise for cell phones was institutionalized as being crazy. He was later released because he was able to prove his theory.

No so long ago people were burned at the stake for not following the prescribed religious doctrine of the day. I will continue to keep an open mind to all of the possibilities taking a holistic approach along with modern medicine. Once again no one is going to tell me how I feel and what my results are.

We don't have to get insulting or demeaning just because I gave my personal experience. Sorry but I don't buy the insults and what is totally traditional. I know one thing for sure the money is not in the cure.. Even if there was one the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies would do everything in it's power to squash it.




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