Hello Everyone,

Im very new to this site. But I wonder if anyone here has any issues with depression in relation to their diabetes and life in general. I will be honest with all of you, I am a 24 year old non compliant type 1 diabetic. I have been non compliant for 6 years, I have been a diabetic for 12 years. I think that if I dont take blood sugars or insulin then I will eventually die slowly.......which takes longer than I expected. Anyway I am in graduate school (one more year before completion), I live alone, I have no friends where I live, and no family lives where I live. All I do is go to work and go to school. I dont know what my future plans are. Im not passionate about anything......I have no boyfriend, no career, no children.....I having nothing to look forward to anymore. All of you seem to be so positive.....I wish you all the best.

Until next time......

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Im not worried about the boyfriend.....I could care less.....most men are jerks anyway. But I have already volunteered with the ADA here in florida ( I volunteered about 6 months), and doing that did not make me feel any better about helping others who have diabetes, or my struggles with diabetes. Thanks for the input. Hope all is well
!!!!! *throws penalty flag*
There ain't no way in hell Cutler has the same diabetes I do. If he felt like me I'd bet all his money he'd retire. How bout them Ravens...... Wow!
Yeah Gary, they spanked the Steelers, my Old SKool favorite team from the '70s and beyond.. And Cutler and the Bears put a whoopin' on my Homeboys ( Iam from GA), the Falcons. Do not know if I can support either of the Ohio teams this year..( I am living in the Buckeye state).. but I do like the Philadelphia Eagles...
Guys I guess I like those football "Birds".
Now Annette, darlin'. How are you feeling now?. I am like Laura, there has to be SOMETHING you like. You a dressed so nicely in your profile picture; and your makeup is awesome, Ms. Fashionista.. Do you like Clothes and Beauty? I do, and I am an old girl at 56 ( lol)..

I also agree with Miss Binky,,No boyfriends needed at the moment. YOU need to learn to LOVE YOU first. But all Men are NOT jerks.. I have met a few ( well more than a few) that I actually like. ( lol).
How are your blood glucoses doing today.? Did you check? You say you have not left the house.in two days. R U going to work and/or class tommorrow?.. If you are, what can you do "different" on Monday that you did not do on Friday? Walk or drive a different route..Smile at the secetary or custodaian that you may not have noticed before. Check your blood sugar at least once today.;and look at it as just anumber not a judgement of WHO you are; or a personal rating. It is JUST A NUMBER!! It is up to you to decide if you want to do anything with it. You say you do not have plans. Well,I consider my blood sugar readings.Particularly the morning one, as a" plan of action" for what I need to do, and I do it. Maybe you can start with just the morning pre-breakfast reading.. could you just look at it and then the next day, take it and decide what to do with it...Those small things can make a difference dear... You are so smart.. However, if you continue to repeat the same behaviors, you will reap the same negative mindset challenges....Take care, Ms. Annette, and sleep well.

God Bless,
Hi Brunetta, sadly Im still feeling the same......depressed, and alone. im really not interested in fashion, I took those pictures for my best friend becuase she is starting her own makeup artist company and she needed to try out a few looks on someone and I just happened to be there........Im glad that evryone likes the pictures but its not my passion.......How do you learn to love yourself??...since Im having such a hard time LOVING myself. My blood sugars are still high as usual. I admire your positive outlook on life and your positive perspective on diabetes, you should be a motivational speaker (if its something you ever wanted to try i think you would be good at it)...........HOW DO I BREAK MY NEGATIVE PATTERNS?.....

Hope all is well.......

Thank you Samantha, for your compliments , I am an encourager and want so much for others to see how they are wonderfully madePlease begin toto realize that the little internal musings and statements that tell you that you are NOT a valuable person; that tell you that your diabetes is uncontrollable;that tell you that the things that you do with your studies and your life will not be sucessful are all LIES!!! >Do not allow yourself to dwell on them.

. I used to think so negatively about myself when I was younger: Honey, I was even hospitalized for major depression when I was in my 20's, because I believed the internal lies!.. How did I stop believing the lies?.. I had to start to MAKE myself repeat a positive affirmations or a Bible verses, aloud, EVERYtime I heard the negative mantras. Did I believe the positive statements? Of course not, at first.. But I became aware of how often I thought negatively about myself or my situation and it was very often, a smuch as 30- 40 times a day!!. I kept a list of positive self- affirmations in my purse, posted around my house and at my desk, so I could read them silently when others were around me. I STILL keep positive affirmations and verses posted in my home . I find them to be a source of great inspiration and comfort. During those depressed periods I also did a round of anti-depressants paired with several counselors a couple of psychiatrists, psychologists, socia lworkers etc. Some ( both personnel and medications) were better than others; but wer for the mos tpart beneficial....But it was not until two things happened to change my self-image : #1)I iooked at myself through God's eyes and saw a wonderful woman. #2 Through my affiliation with a group of loving, caring friends at my church ,and in my life, who shared their love with me unconditionally and told me they loved me in spite of my flaws ( which I saw as innumerable), that I began to feel like I was worthy of loving myself.

Dear, I am not suggesting that you do anything that I did to feel better.. I am just saying j. Please T ry JUST ONE of the Many behaviors that I and other people have suggested. And try it more than once!!! You have on posted that you are studying to become a Mental Health/ Marriage couselor..Do you not think that your chosen profession of counseling will work for YOU? Please do not listen to the negativity LIES that tell you, " Well I tried it one time and it did not work"

You say your blood sugars are high.. It is a negative perspective to contend that this is an inevitability of Life with type one diabetes.. I do not subscribe to that. Is our chronic condition difficult to manage?.. Yes, sometimes it is. Nevertheless, we can have periods of normal blood sugars. You can have periods of normal blood sugars . I really do feel so much more energetic ( and for me, cheerful), when I am in range.. Can you do ANYTHING we have suggested to you, ON THIS DISCUSSION THREAD, for your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness?...We are pulling for you sweet girl , but you have to do it yourself....Remember that your negative patterns are not here to BREAK YOU, you have to BREAK THEM!!! YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THE PATTERN OF LIES!! Thr truth about the beautiful , giving woman named Samantha, within WILL prevail..

God Bless,

Honestly Brunetta.....I dont really know if my profession will work for me. My life as a whole is affecting my diabetes ( and I knoe it sounds like Im playing the blame game). IM SO LOST....I know this sounds crazy, but my external life greatly affects me internally. Before I moved to florida I was managing my diabetes more than I am now (actually about 75%), but I was making a better effort to stay healthy. I know that I shouldnt let external factors affect my health this greatly.....but the past three years have been so miserable.

Hope all is well....

I don't mean to speak for Brunetta, Annette but I think what she meant about your chosen profession working for you is don't you think Counseling for what you are currently going through would be useful?

Many years ago I had people ask me that question as well so I recognize it. Choosing to be a mental health professional is believing that people really can change and can benefit from some knowledgeable and caring help to do so!
Hey Annette, I was just reading your post and some of your comments..Let me first start off by saying I'm 26 years old and have been type 1 diabetic since I was 6 so thats 20 years, NO having diabetes is not fun but guess what it's managable you can live a healthy and happy life if YOU choose to.. I read you mentioned you don't have a boyfriend, friends...etc don't look to those things to give you joy or something to look forward to. You first need to seek for inter joy and everything else will follow... I reccently got married 2 years ago and had my first baby 6 months ago ALL WITH HAVING DIABETES but in order to live a healthy life you must first need to start doing what it takes to keep yourself happy..No i don't think it's fashionable to have to stick my finger 12 times a day but becuase i WANT to live and be happy not only for my family BUT FOR MYSELF i do what i have to do..I can't talk about the depression part cause io haven't been there as i mentioned before i don't care for diabetes either but instead of hatng myself, I embrace it..it's not a death sentence if you don't allow it to be... I hope you seek help so you can live a healthy, vibrant life..

Congradualtions on your new baby and your positive outlook on life. I dont know what your life has been like having to live with diabetes, but Im sure that my life and yours have been very different......yes you have lived with diabetes longer, but our expereinces with diabetes have been very different. Because you have not experienced depression, I dont think you can relate to what Im going through.......depression plus diabetes is a dangerous combination. Thank you for yor advice........Hope all is well
How are you today Samantha? Hope and pray you are feeling better, my dear. we care about you here.

God bless,
Hi Brunetta, Im okay.....Im doing as good as I can hope for right now. Still in school, still working, just the same ole thing. This depression is really keeping me down, I was never depressed in college....although I still was not taking care of myself then...but I was happy, I had friends that were around me. I dont have any friends or family here in florida. How have you been? Hope all is well

I want to feel better I just dont know where to start




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