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I'm wondering if T2 diabetics feel like people think it's their fault they got the disease? Is there more "sympathy" for people with T1? I am a type 2 (fairly) newly diagnosed, and sometimes I do feel like people around me think I gave it to myself. I DON'T think the people on this site discriminate, that's why I'm here!! I've seen the "discrimination" first hand in my profession too, from people who just don't know any better, it stinks! I personally feel like numbers don't matter, it's just a terrible disease!
Any thoughts?

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Hi delilahjed,

6'-0" and weight 154lbs (20.9 BMI). I'm the first in my family with D. I've always eaten healthy and exercised for the last 20 years of my life. I walk a lot after each meal and this is the only way I can keep numbers below 200 at 1 hour. I am on a very limited carb diet and its hard sometimes living in a family of 4 who can eat what they want :(

Take care, Paul

I agree with you that Type 2 is seen as preventable, but I feel the discrimination is spread across both Type 1 and Type 2. I always get frustrated when I see those commercials that offer benefits on diabetic supplies, but only to patients with Type 2. We could all use extra benefits on our supplies.

The problem, Jewels, is that the definition of T1 is very strict and limited, and everyone who doesn't fit that definition is thrown into the garbage can of T2. There is no acknowledgment whatsoever that T2 is NOT a single entity, and that there are a whole lot of things that can go wrong with the body's carbohydrate metabolism, and the fact that a person has diabetes that MUST be defined as T2 because it doesn't fit T1 standards doesn't say a thing about what's causing it, nor what the best way to treat it is. T2 diabetes is as YMMV as it can possibly get, and it's a great disservice to people with what *I* would call non-T1 diabetes to treat them all alike and then point the finger of blame at them.

Also, have you ever actually called any of those places that offer diabetes supplies? I have honestly never seen any that restrict their services to T2 -- but a lot of them mention Medicare, and their advertising models tend to be the older people who comprise the Medicare market. But it's a mistake to assume that all the ads featuring older people are aimed at T2, while all the ads featuring cute children or attractive young people are aimed at T1. Nowadays, there are plenty of older people with T1, and they ARE receiving Medicare, and they are entitled to the services of any company that works with Medicare. So, no, I don't see any discrimination against T1. I just hope that you survive in good health, and that Medicare is still there when you arrive at that age!

There is a misconception about Type 2 Diabetics, the medical proffesion consider's it a fat people desease. That only obese people get it. Not true my mom weighs 140 lbs. and has it and she's not obese. Everyone gets discriminated at some point.

As a type one, I think some of us just have a chip on our shoulder because we were "unlucky," but over time I think most of us get over it. We're all in this together, and it's more of how society discriminates against our or two.

Stay strong fam!

+1 !

Most of these comments we get I think are brought on by the media. There is so much said about type 2 and all of it seems to be saying that if we were thin we wouldn't be diabetic. Most people only hear the word diabetec and are ignorant to what may be the underlying cause. I have been told maybe if I changed my diet I could "fix" it. I am a type 1 and then have to explain that it is not "fixable"

You're absolutely right. And the sad part is that it's only SOMETIMES fixable for T2's. NO ONE seems to acknowledge that T2 is simply a garbage-can diagnosis for those who don't fit the criteria for T1, and because there are so many things that could be going wrong, it's a MUCH more difficult disease to treat appropriately.

The other thing no one seems to acknowledge is that we live in a pretty unhealthy environment, and while it probably does exacerbate T2, it DOESN'T cause T2 -- neither the obesity, "bad" food habits, "laziness" or anything else. They seem not to notice that the vast majority of obese, sedentary people do NOT have T2 and never will. People who do develop T2 have a genetic propensity, and while diet and exercise can help, they will never "cure" T2 diabetes, because these people have it in their genes. It would be much better to acknowledge that these people never wanted to get diabetes, but that they were genetically susceptible, and to treat them with caring and empathy, not use the "army drill instructor" approach. Always try to help, just as you would try to help anyone, but without judgment or criticism.

Always try to help, just as you would try to help anyone, but without judgment or criticism.
Boy, if we could do exactly that in more aspects of our lives....*sigh*

So true

I wouldn't say its a garbage can really, T1 if you don't make insulin your there, if you do your a T2, but I get what yo are trying to say.

I think its bad that today you turn on the TV and the media makes T2 a fat persons issue, and has made it seem like that is the only way you can get it. I have been under weight my entire life, and am resistant to any (the little that my body does make) of the insulin that I have.

I think there needs to be a shift in this country and others, to understand that yes if you are obese or have extra weight you up your risk and can get it, however this isn't the only way for you to get it. I know I am not the only one but sometimes I actually am ashamed of saying i have diabetes and am T2 because people look at me like I did it to myself. Yes folks I love stabbing my fingers every few hours and giving myself shots, and having to watch everything I eat and figure out what will affect me.

The other thing I hate is when people think they know whats best for me. Like at work people tell me I can't eat something because it has sugar in it. Or when I get a small piece of cake I am bashed because I have diabetes. People really need to get educated on this stuff. I am on a pump so I guess I could really eat what I want to eat if I account for it in a way, but I don't. And I don't need people telling me what I can and can't do. If you're a friend or family member (and know about diabetes) and are concerned I am all for it, may snap at you but I know you just care.

I get so upset that I can't get life insurance or health insurance either with out paying so much or being denied just because of it... at least in the US the discrimination seems to continue to grow!

Sorry to rant =)

I feel hurt by the nasty comments toward T2, and I don't even have it!




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