I've been pumping for 18 of the 41 years I've been t1. The scar tissue is everywhere and I must change my set at least every other day now. I've got a lot of places I just can't go anymore, and I try not to go near a site within at least a month. I am short and not too big so there's not much available real estate. I was just wondering if you have a system and how it's working for you.

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I do this as well. No scar tissue under the skin and I have been pumping for 11 years in the abdomen only.

Not to say it looks pretty- I have small bruises sometimes and some light scarring on the surface of the skin.

Oh well.
Why do you have to change it every other day? is the absorption that bad? I don't REALLY take note of where i put my sites. i don't have any scar tissue... I only did stomach injections for 4 months, and i've been on a pump for 2 months.
I did exactly like Dave for about 16 years. Then I noticed getting a lot of unexplained highs, "pump bumps", and site soreness or itching after 1 day. The endo said I had to lay off the abdomen, and rotate to areas not previously used for pumping, and change every other day. I frequently notice blood or insulin coming out of a site I have just taken the set. We had a discussion about long time pumping and scar tissue last year - here - it is a subject of great interest to me since I cannot find any answers. I'd love to find someone who's been pumping as long as I have.
Humalog. the endo didn't think it would matter if I went to Apidra. I think it has to do with being an older woman.....you know....
I have no system, but now that you mention it, I should! Thanks for the tip Marie!
I cannot use my stomach right now. I used/abused it for 8 years. ( I hated changing my sites, so there were times that I didn't change it until day 5 or so.) I use an OmniPod pump, and I use the back side of my arms for sites now. I just go from right arm to left arm and rotate the pod... like this right arm/cannula up; left arm/cannula up; right arm/cannula down; left arm/cannula down. Then start back over. This is working for me right now until I can start using other places. I tried my back, but it seemed to want to pull away after sleeping on it, and I haven't tried my thigh because I never got good absorption with shots or standard pumps, so I just steer clear of it. (Not to mention I used to almost always rip out the site pulling my pants up when changing or using the restroom!)

I am not trying to be rude or graphic here, but when you list your rotation for your "butt", where is it exactly? Like on the curvature, the side, or on top right below the belt line? I was "blessed" with one unfortunately, so I'm sure I could get SOME absorption there, just haven't known where to put it!
LillyBell, I'm in the same situation. I used to leave my sets in for 5-6 days to save money. I always preferred my sites on my butt and I exhausted it after 4 years. I'm on a very long break from from infusion sites on my butt.

To answer your question, butt for me means anywhere below where my belt line is and any spot that is vertical when I sit down. I used to sit down and put my infusion set in to make sure that I would not put it so low that I would sit on it. I loved it there because I would never notice it was there (for 6 days!). Some (like my doctor) say this is a bad site cause I move every time that I sit down and it could rub against my pants, but it always worked the best for me! I hope that the scar tissue some how "disappears" (didn't think that was possible). I miss my butt infusion sites.

Now I'm using my "love handles" just above the waist line on my back.
Thanks for the tip, Kristin! I changed my pod this morning and put it right below the belt line. I just hope I don't almost rip it off when going to the restroom! That will be the next test. Maybe I need to get some big tegaderm patches to put over it? We'll see how it goes. I'm interested in seeing how the absorption is there too!
OK Marie, now I'm curious: where is the low, front part of your butt? I can't imagine :)
if you put the heel of your hand on your hipbone, and spread your hand out, where the hand is spread out is where I call "butt" I count about 9 general areas to poke there, 3 vertically called low/med/high, and 3 horizontally, left/mid/right. gosh, I wish I had more skin. I remember Doris Ann and I used to talk about the torsos of the swimmers in the Olympics and how we envied their long abdomen areas!
I've been pumping for two years and use areas all around my waist. Looking down from overhead and starting at my navel as 12 o'clock, I use from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock, in this order: 8,4,9,3,10,2,11,1. Additionally at 8 and 4 (and occasionally other locations) I will do a low and high so I get two sites before moving on. Using this rotation, it is easy to keep track of where's next.
Wow! What a system! :)




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