I keep apple juice everywhere--car, office, frig, and bedside. Hate it. Had to buy a new "sippy cup" for bedside today. How do you handle, especially, night time lows? Jelly beans, skittles just take too long.

Been a tough week-really high (201) and really low (38). Just today...hmmm...

Going to retire 4/13 and am starting to freak out a little.. Maybe that's the problem?!?

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I use glucose tabs. Endo nurse suggested Glucose Liquid Shots because they act faster. Haven't tried one yet. Apple juice is no doubt the most tasty option.

Why not get gels or like Alice said glucose tabs. If you must have juice why not buy juice boxes. Wouldn't your juice go bad after a few days in your "sippy cups"? Dont they get mouldy?

I refresh and wash them a lot. Digesting glucose tabs often takes WAY too long. I have juice boxes in the car and office--and the frig at home. I put the cup in the dishwaher regularly.

Apple juice just works a lot faster and more predictably than the newer options. I know how much, and when to stop before I overdo the sugar!!

To speed up glucose tabs I drink a glass of water right after I chew the tabs. It seems to work as fast as anything else I've tried.

Glucose/Dextrose is by far the fastest because the molecule does not have to go through any changes to be used by the cells, unlike fructose. Lots of water gets it past the stomach, even with gastroporesis, so it gets to the intestine where it can enter the blood stream faster.

I've found the cheapest way is to buy powdered dextrose and mix it with water and keep it in a sports water bottle. Powdered glucose is available through some baking outlets or sports supplement stores. I buy a 10 lb. tub for $18.76 online and it'll last me for a year or more, Dex4 (4gmC) tabs cost close to $5/100tabs. Powdered has 10C/tablespoon.
I've found that it seems a little faster than chewing the tablets followed by water but not much.
I've also found that when severely low I'll chew up a glucose tab and pack the paste under my tongue and gums. where the glucose can enter the blood directly.

Congrats on your upcoming retirement!

I hate apple juice. I use glucose tabs or milk or orange juice. Milk (lactose)is supposed to work faster than orange juice (fructose). At least that's what my previous endo told me. And I seem to get the best results from milk. But to each his own, whatever works for you.

Orange juice was my standard go to for YEARS, but the acid in it started to make me sick when I drank it, so I switched.

whatever is on hand, depending on the low...if it's not too bad, jelly beans - glucose tabs, if i'm dropping fast with lots of IOB I'll drink something, coke, juice, etc...

200 is high but not REALLY HIGH, that's a bad low though..how come, have you figured out why it's happening. Sometimes there are things we can do to figure out, in a sense, why our numbers are all over the place.

I use Jelly Beans or Skittles. I also use Regular Pepsi....fast and dosent upset my stomach like juice. I bought the Gel, but havent used it yet....on my nightstand I keep skittles. If really low, I cannot chew, so that is when the Pepsi comes in very handy.

Jelly beans. Sometimes beer. I've had a bunch of horrid days lately, late junky dinners that don't deploy so I'm low at bedtime, eat and then it spikes when the correction food and dinner seem to hit at the same time.

oh, sorry to hear, AR. hope you get it figured out soon.

I so HATE when everything goes wonky. I think now that it MIGHT be warming up again I've been finally able to decrease my basal's but as fast as that resistence came on, it's gone away. Hate when meals hit weird. I've found I can't eat late at night, Im all over the place if I do. LOL going to pay for it tonight, but I was hungry. LOL.




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