I've always been a pretty healthy eater, low fat, whole grains etc... but once in a while (every couple months) I want fast food, or Dairy Queen or just junk food in general. My question to everyone is, do you still indulge once in a while? knowing you have to take a bunch more insulin to cover your indulgence. I'm curios to know because I really want a blizzard with the temperature being so high. (43 C tomorrow 104f)

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Its my motto...People always ask how do I stay so discipline against the major no-no foods and I simply say its because when I REALLY want it to the point its almost a need, I eat it...If its just a small craving then I can over power it when I substitute....For example today is my mother's bday and I didnt have a great need for cake but later I had a sweet tooth so I had a spoon of Nutella...

104??? Yeah I would go for it
LOL, sounds like I ought to try a Blizzard, but I really prefer affogato coffee with a serve of Baileys over the icecream for my indulgence.
I definitely indulge sometimes. How can you not, especially when you live in a country with junk food everywhere you go?
I don't indulge in junk food, my indulgences are more upmarket! My son is a chef and I know too many of the dodgy food practices that go into making junk food. Why would you eat sub standard food?
Ditto, pastelpainter. After all they call it "junk food" for a reason! Though when I was younger and said I didn't eat junk food people would always think I was so disciplined and health conscious, when really I just thought the stuff was tasteless at best. The closest I ever came to fast food were things like pizza and burritos.(though I was pretty picky about where I'd get those too) Well now those days are gone too.

I see the ad for those blizzards on tv, it's interesting how large they photograph it, not trying to appeal to sugar cravings are they! I used to like fresh fruit smoothies all frosty with chopped ice. It amazes me now that I could just cut up a whole basket of strawberries, bananas, mangos, etc, toss them in the blender and drink them down!
Right there with ya! Given the overwhelming awareness that junk food isnt actually food, it's kind of hard to go down that road of breaking wisdom these days. For me, there is no adventure in eating those foods. We all know what a given donut tastes like, and we all know what it does after eating it. I don't see any reason to put much more energy into than knowing that.
Now as far as indulging goes...the body should be treated with such things for happiness and enjoyment! So, I guess one person's fine meal is another's Blizzard.
I second jrtpup's "Heck yeah!"
Skor Blizzard!!!! A naughty treat to be added to my list for my trip back home along with Poutine!!!! If you don't occassionally indulge in a few naughty treats than the diabetes has taken the simple joys from your life. The most beautiful thing about going on the pump last year has been learning how to properly extend a bolus so I can enjoy some of my indulgences without feeling like crap.;o)
Guilty today....BIG splurge. And BS is GREAT!! Ahhhhh, one Happy Woman :)
Simple joys in life don't necessarily have to be sugar! The world is full of carb free pleasures. Just saying. :)
I'm a die hard carb whore......pardon the expression but I am what I am. I do lots of baking with almond flour, agave nectar and use skinny pasta & Shirataki noodles but sometime I got to have the nasty sugar blasting stuff. ;o)
Well, my friend Woodfairy told me it's a product of Dairy Queen, and I know EXACTLY where one is, but I HAVEN'T gone there. YET!




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