Just to preface this: I know some people truly base their outlook on life on science and reason. I'm not one of those people. I believe I was "given" this disease because God, or a higher power of some kind believes I can handle it. I think that I was diagnosed with diabetes (T1) so I could "spread the word", and do something beneficial for our community. Is this just me who thinks this, or do you guys, somewhere in the back of your mind believe the same thing?

Please tell me if I'm crazy :)

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Our beliefs are our own, not to be judged~~~

I said the other day, if God was listening to me, I would be healed or some kind of comfort, right? I don't think God hands out illness to see if we will suffer or be strong. I have done both.. and I still have them.

I got Diabetes from a Strep infection left to rot my Organs. My Mother didn't listen to me, when I said day after day for 14 days I WAS HOT in the Middle of winter, and my Throat hurt so bad. Money was the reason, not much of it. So I was one sick little girl, I remember the dr screaming at my mother," her organs are damaged"!. My Heart and later to be found my Pancreas. I think it knocked my body off so bad, then yrs later My Left Adrenal Gland got a Tumor IN it, and it shut down..and I begged God to heal me. I did live, but life hasn't been Health wise very Pretty.

So as I plug along, I think if I am a lesson to learn from, not many are listening. I can only do what I know to do, keep on fighting the Bulls of Illness.
I like what DWQ said, a few pages back, that we are all given things that we cannot handle so that we turn out control over to G-d- I absolutely believe that S/he has helped me to be able to "handle" my diabetes- I would not be able to handle it without Her.
However, I still believe that it was a gift- it has been my greatest teacher, so far, in this life.
Amy Lou, I was doing a lot of drugs and partying, too, when I got diagnosed with Type 1 about 4 years ago. I was also just living an overall unhealthy lifestyle. I wasn't sleeping more than 5 hours a night, I was eating a ton of fast food, drinking, drugging, partying, smoking 1-2 packs of Marlboro Reds a day, and hopelessly addicted to my super-stressful job. (I should mention I was 25 when I was diagnosed with Type1.)

About a year before I got diagnosed, I decided I wanted to get healthier and loose weight. I lost about 70 pounds, healthfully, in that year. Then it started speeding up, I got strep throat that wouldn't go away, lost another 30 pounds in less than a months, and ended up in DKA and getting diagnosed with Type1.

I still don't have it totally together. I am coming up on 4 years this March. I am learning though. I thank g-d every day that I started trying to get healthy BEFORE the diabetes, because I fell like it was something I wanted to do anyway, and the diabetes just helps me to do it better. I honestly believe that having T1 has been a great teacher. I am learning to take better care of myself because of it, in a more complete way than I ever would have if I hadn't gotten T1. I am finally completely drug free, stopped smoking, stopped drinking, I am a vegan (mostly raw), I run 4-5 times a week, do yoga almost everyday, and sleep on a schedule. I listen to my body, and my soul, and give both the rest and care they deserve. These things would have NEVER happened for me without diabetes, so as much as I hate it, and living with it does absolutely f*cking suck sometimes, I think in the long run I will be healthier with it than I would have been without it (I know that sounds nuts, but I totally believe it to be true). I still have moments of total despair and mind-numbing fear, but, again, because of diabetes, I am learning to be a more courageous person, and walk through the fear, and live more healthfully, more honestly, and just learning to live more.
I do believe that everything happens for a reason – even the bad stuff that happens. Sometimes we figure out the why and other times, we never figure out why. I also don’t believe that it is because I am stronger than someone else. I believe in God but I also know bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.
I like the way you worded this response. Very well said I must say!
Thank you!
No. I don't believe diabetes is a gift or some kind of 'cross' to bear, nor has it been "given" to her for any kind of higher reason. Also don't buy the "you get what you can handle" concept.

I hope my daughter will be able to pull some positive from her experiences of being a person with diabetes. Certainly having diabetes will shape some of who she becomes. I think my daughter will be a stronger and more disciplined person than she might have been without diabetes but I know that it has stolen from her a bit of childhood innocence and tasked her with weighty responsibility at a young age.
I find this entire discussion infuriating and stupid. I think it explains why Americans are slipping farther and farther down the ranks in education and science and just intelligence in general compared with the rest of the world.

When a cure for diabetes is discovered, if you think God gave you the disease, do everyone a favor and don't take the cure. That would be disrespectful of you.
If God gives someone a disease, He can also provide a cure to that same person. How is that being disrespectful when someone believes in the power of God?
At the very least it's being disrespectful to the power of intelligence.
I show my respect to God and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.
Right on, Kelly! Intelligence would not exist without g-d, Frances. It seems like you think they are mutually exclusive.
I would really rather not get into a belief/non-belief in god argument. It's a very private issue. In this beautiful country of USA, we have the right to freedom of religion AND freedom from religion, so let's let everyone believe as they wish. If you think god gave you diabetes, that's your own spirit telling you that, and you deal with it. If you believe it was a lousy stroke of genetic/environmental luck, that's OK. If you don't believe in god at all, that's your own right, too. Nobody needs to tell you you're wrong, because it's your own business. You need to make peace with the world and yourself in the way that feels right to you, regardless of what anyone else believes.

We are the first and only country founded on the right of religious freedom, and by and large, we have managed to coexist peacefully in a more and more multi-cultural, multi-religious society. Let's keep it that way.




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