Does anyone else have a rushing, vibrating or pulsating feeling in their body?

Ok, I am going to take a stab at explaining this. Per my discussion title: I often get a few seconds worth of a vibrating, pulsating and rushing feeling in body. Not my whole body, just different areas or parts and at various times through out the day. It is not like a head rush - not that strong.


It isn't a tinging or numbling and not constant at all. It honestly feels like my body is "adjusting" itself (maybe my blood/blood sugar - I don't think it is my nerves though). It doesn't hurt - just feels weird and is that various degrees of strength


For example, if I get it in my fingers or finger tips. It will maybe start with a pulse and perhaps move through the entire length of the fingers (not always - just an example) like rushing through but feels like a vibration in a away. The whole thing lasts about two seconds and it is gone.


I noticed this sort of thing started happening to me several months before I was diagnosed - if it was happening before than I can't remember it or maybe it was more mild.


After I started on Met, it seems like it went away for a while but has been back. It seems like it occurs more frequently through the day now. Although sometimes it won't happen for most of the day. Or it is so light I don't notice it.


I am probably stabbing at straws here. I havent mentioned it to my doctor yet because I was too preoccupied with getting diagnosed plus it went away for a while. I will mention it next time but it so hard to describe that I am here he would think me crazy! But this is the best way I can describe it.


I know we are all not doctors here but I was wondering if anyone else experiences this because I am wondering if it is related to my D.


I looked online but came up with nothing - probably because it is hard to describe! LOL.


Anyone familiar with this?

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I get these in my legs, hips and glutes. It feels like my pump or cell phone is on silent and is vibrating. My CDE says she get's them too. We call them "the phantom cell phone" because she tells me she knows non-diabetics who get them also.

No idea what causes them. My theory is that it actually IS a phantom cell phone.

that's funny I get this too and think it's my phone guess I've been calling you two from phantom phone - sorry.
Hehe! Phantom Phone - yes, very well could be. Too bad I can't answer it! :)

Thanks for the responses - Now, I don't think I am crazy. I was worried it was D related and maybe a complication? Cardiovascular maybe?

Terry did your CDE say what she think its is (blood, nerves etc). - I guess maybe she asked a doctor about it and it is nothing to get concerned about. I mostly notice mine if I am sitting down and not moving. Otherwise I don't notice it. I thought maybe it was a circulation problem than. To me, I think it is my blood doing something but what it is doing or why I dont know.
I have Restless Leg and while the symptoms don't sound overly similar (you did a great job describing yours, by the way,) there might be a connection of some sort.....a nerve issue somehow, that we PWD are prone to.
i'm new here - but i have this feeling sometimes. to me it feels like energy or something electric - and it can be uncomfortable!

a while back i started thinking that it was adrenaline! and i was having anxiety attacks - so when i would get this feeling - like pulsing waves of electricity coming through me i would take a cold shower!

it worked for me - and after the shower i completely forgot about it...

but other than that - perhaps your nerves are starting to heal?

for me it feels like a rushing and/or a vibrating...

Thanks Elaine and ratgirldjh for your replies.

Elaine, I know what restless leg is and I know I don't have that - that keeps people up at night right? Mine doesn't keep me up - when I am awake I notice it if I am sitting still and quiet so I will notice it before I fall asleep if it happens but it is usually on the lighter side in the degrees of strength so it doesn't keep me from falling asleep or wake me up or anything. It is just sort of "there" quietly. I normally don't get it in my legs or feet - although I have. It is so odd. So you think it is a nerve related thing? What is PWD?

ratgirldjh - Yes, "electrical" might be a good way of describing it! Thanks! Adrenaline? Hmm, that would be interesting. Lots of diabetes have problems with adrenaline raising numbers - I know I do. I hate that stuff! So I wonder if that could be adrenaline rushing through my body - but funny how it skips parts. As I writing this, I just had a pulse - lasted two second and gone. In my upper arms, thighs and toes - all at the same time but very light and quick. Mine isn't uncomfortable really, well, it feels weird but it is more annoying than anything else.

I didn't have any nerve damage than I know of so I don't think there is anything to heal - but hopefully it isn't the opposite - going into nerve damage!

I wish there was a way to predict it so when I went to the doctor I be hooked up to something and see if it records (haha! Sounds like I looking for phantoms!)
i feel mine in pretty much my whole body - but esp. my stomach and upper thighs!!! i'm pretty sure with me it was the adrenaline brought on by anxiety causing it - because the cold showers immediately took it away! and as long as i'm not stressing out about anything i don't have it... of course you can be have anxiety about something and not know it too - sigh :D
PWD...peeps with diabetes. My Restless leg doesn't keep me awake, luckily, but it does hit when I go to bed or sit in the evening, usually after alcohol. I call it the jumpies....sometimes it feels like a current but it always makes me want to jiggle or stretch my legs.

Are you still getting this?
Have you checked your BG when you experience the pulsating feeling?




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