Does anyone heard or knew somebody getting cured of Diabetes II?

I am just curious if anybody heard or personally knew of anyone getting cured by diabetes 2?I attended last year a free seminar about natural way of healing and one a lady gave her testimony of getting cured by becoming a vegetarian and using the natural herb being sold by one Dr. Tam Mateo. Their office address is in Pasig city.
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Do you recommend a book or website with a meal plan or diet that follows your beliefs in diet? (Maybe you've answered this a million times) I am new to the site and I am reading all I can while waiting to see an Endo in April.

When people with Diabetes Type II start to eat well--by well, I mean whole, natural foods and avoiding sugar, any form of corn syrup, white flour (which is one step away from sugar), trans fats, and too many saturated fats--their weight drops, their general health increases dramatically, and the problem with insulin diminishes. When you then add a stretching (e.g. yoga) and aeroblic exercise plan to these peoples lives, their diabetes practically disappears. WHY DO WE HAVE TO VIEW Diabetes Type II AS A DISEASE CORRECTABLE ONLY BY DRUGS??

I suggest you contact Life Extension Foundation. They compile medical, scientific, and nutritional research done all over the world; they are state of the art in their knowledge of degenerative diseases. Talk to one of their 25 health advisors--preferably a doctor or naturopath.

I was diagnosed with low kidney function 4 years ago and told by a nephrologist that I had "2 years to dialysis." She handed me a many-times xeroxed copy of how many grams of protein I should have, but neglected to have me see a dietician or nutritionist. When I later went to a dietician, the woman told me I could get Vitamin B12 from potatoes (which is impossible!!). At that point I started supplementing with pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals, changed from diet from "standard American" to organic whole foods, started yoga and exercise and meditation.

Today my kidney function has not worsened. Kidneys don't regenerate, but look what I did WITHOUT DOCTORS, WITHOUT MEDICATION, without having to go the tortuous route of dialysis. I feel and look 100 times better than prior to 4 years ago. Go to Oprah's website; she and Dr. Oz are devoted to helping the American public get healthy this year.

There's no need for much of the doctor's advice and medications that we Americans have been hooked and scared into taking.

Thank you people, I realize that this site have greatly improve my knowledge about Diabetes. Honestly speaking, i thought i already know what it is all about it.

I don't see where relegion comes in anywhere if my eating. Accept maybe if I eat something I love, I'm in Heaven! :-)

I'm just glad that I am allergic to soy protein. I don't understand a lot about chemical things, all I know is what has been passed on down to me from dieticians and other smaller pamphlets that may have have been given to me. I try to avoid a lot of soy, but, as you can see from food labels, it is in SCORES of things in varying levels. It's kind of hard to avoid that. And, like I said, I don't really know about a vegetarian diet. I eat cheese and eggs in moderation, but I also have a reaction to too much of them by way of colon problems. If I've had too much, I KNOW it! For me, even a moderae vegetarian diet is impossible to follow.

In other words, I GIVE UP!! I'm througn arging dietary things that I know nothing about except in a religious sense. I can only take so much bashing about and them it's all over for me.

Signing out on nutrition,

Lois La Rose
My Lord people,,Now you all have me confused again!,,,,,,,,Am I to blame for me having diabetes,,,,Is being overweight the cause,,,,,,cause I sure didnt mean to do that,,,,,,I worked long hard hours in the medical profession up till my botched knee surgery 2 years ago,,,,,,I never sat down for more than 30 mins in a 13 to 16 hour day,,,I ran halls and stairs to codes,,deliveries,,, etc,,,(Respiratory Therapist) and did that for 20 years straight not to mention the on call etc...the pounds kept packing on,,,a little at a time,,,,then when the thirst,,the peeing,,,and blurred vision hit,,,I asked a doc friend if it could be,,,,,,oh no,the dreaded,,,he sent me for all the tests and bingo,,,of course strong family background on mothers side,,,if you read my help help help dicussion then you can catch up on me,,,,all these years i proably didnt eat more than i ate,,,,i find that lots on here especially type 1's think we t2's are to blame,,,,excuse me now as i go crawl back into my hole with shame once again!
Debbie - a friend of mine who is a chain smoker always told me that he always read in the newspaper about the bad effect of smoking but he can't quit smoking.So what he did is he stop-reading the newspaper. My friend is a funny guy. Maybe you could also follow his style. No, I am only making you smile. Life must go on.No matter how hard it is,let us live our life to the fullest.
Halle berry the actress said she did but think its was confused from type one and two.

You're right walshdon! The Halle Berry saga was very much a big hype, but type1 or type2 matters not....neither are curable. In fact NO diabetes is curable!

Yes, I agree that they are not curable. But before throwing out the baby with the bath water; under proper fixing if certain medical issues ( Insulin, metformin) and other new hormones, with a rational diet reducing carbs and sufficient exercise to achieve lower glucose levels in blood stream ( under 7 a1c); it is possible to stop/reduce the damage and rot. That is not a cure/reversing diabetes but it is managing the issue better.

Latest data and experience of myself and some thers; that if one gets stress off pancreas - fix diet, exercise and somei nsulin, Pancreas can and does recover some of the islets. Thinking now is suggesting that under severe stress, pancreas islets revert to some pre-form not responding and producing insulin.

See work done at University of Newcastle upon Tyne - re: Dr/Professor Roy Taylor at their MRI spectromety work watching type 2 diabetics having their insulin production recover on tight diets. Those on bariatric surgery also show similar results.




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