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Does anyone heard or knew somebody getting cured of Diabetes II?

I am just curious if anybody heard or personally knew of anyone getting cured by diabetes 2?I attended last year a free seminar about natural way of healing and one a lady gave her testimony of getting cured by becoming a vegetarian and using the natural herb being sold by one Dr. Tam Mateo. Their office address is in Pasig city.
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I have developed hypochondria since my diagnosis, and every time something hurts, I automatically think it is because of the diabetes. I need to get over it and live my life as I want to live it, not how the diabetes wants me to live it. I've read so many posts here about people, even with the harshest of situations, who live long, happy, healthy lives with diabetes. Like you, I felt my world crumble beneath me, but, with the support I get here, I am making myself think positive and trying not to worry so much. I guess since it is so new to me (October 2008), I am still learning and coping.
Renee, I have wished the same thing. I began gaining weight and getting this apple shape--while eating healthy and exercising!--25 years ago. I sincerely, now, believe, that if I had gotten metformin at that time I would not have gained the weight in the first place and might not now have diabetes. The underlying problem is insulin resistance. Metformin treats insulin resistance. Of course, most people still don't accept this today, they still preach that you get fat and that gives you diabetes, so 25 years ago no one would have given me metformin. But...if they would have made a huge difference in my life.
Not a chance the good sources are wrong. I lost 85 lb and kept it off and exercised 1 hour every day. Not only did I not get cured the BG never got down to normal and started to creep up after a few years.

Maybe "losing the weight" works for some people, but it's not a cure. You're still diabetic. Non-diabetics have good blood glucose control regardless of how much they weigh. A diabetic may be able to help by losing weight, but that's not "cured."

And it doesn't work for everyone. The most I have ever been overweight in my life is 20 pounds. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was not overweight at all. I cook for a hobby, and have always eaten relatively healthy - fresh vegetables, lean meats, don't drink non-diet soda, don't eat fast food except very occasionally, etc. I'd also bought a new bicycle and had been biking 5-10 hours a week all summer.

I thought I was in the best shape of my life when I went for a routine physical that came back with a blood glucose of 316.

If everyone was able to "cure" Type 2 diabetes through diet & exercise, I'd have never been diagnosed in the first place. The CDE looked at what I'd been eating & exercising and told me I didn't need to change anything.

I sure wish I could control it by losing some weight or changing my lifestyle, but I can't. I can't eat fewer carbs than the 20 or 30/day I tried right after diagnosis. I can't exercise more than an hour a day for the rest of my life.

What I can do is take advantage of modern medicine and get my blood glucose in control. I didn't bring this disease on myself, and I'm not going to think for one minute that for some reason I shouldn't take Metformin and Insulin and anything else that can help. It sucks to be diabetic, but it sucked a lot worse even 30 years ago, before we had all these options.
I visited the philippines when I went to see my 6 foot 6" Tall,10 minute younger Twin Brother get married to a woman from Batangus in 1995. (I'm a Jvnl onset [age 8] Type 1 insulin depend diabetic for 36 years now) Thank goodness my diabetes stunted my growth to a reasonable height of almost 5' 8".
I know your medical system is not close to what we have here in the States but I was also told I shouldn't ask your Police for directions should I have become seperated from my Tee Tah(?) Auntie family guide or somehow "Lost while visiting in your Country". I Love your People and enjoyed your countryside but your economy is based off how many Emergency Days Reserve of Rice you have to feed your population from reading your newspapers when I was there.. Your not (hopefully) betting your life on his questionable credentails or worse yet, a Loved one of yours?
I had a Beloved 'Grandma' read my palm while I was there, she was very accurate, but I didn't get medical advise from her, I did however see a doctor for an ear infection that started soon after my 16 hours of flight time it took to get there, for basically $3 dollars american money. I hope you find somebody else to drum up business for Real Quick, than this Pisig City guy with Corrigated Metal Hut doctor's office? I don't read email from Nigerian Embassy Officals looking to give me Money and don't you believe them either, IT's also a SCAM you should never begin to believe !
Naebug2u, Maybe the name of the province is Batangas.A City famous for making bladed weapon called "Balisong".
my mothers friend cured herself, she is 55 years old and walks 2 hours everyday in rain or shine - shes officially off all meds
Is she really cured though? What if she stopped walking?

she controls not cured


Except for things like lentil, potatoes, corn, peas, etc., I find that the carb counts for a lot of the most common vegetables are fairly low if not LOW. I don't know what a real "vegetarian diet" consisits of but I find that my handy dandy carb book shows the proof that a LOT of vegetables are NOT high in carbs. I would think that concentrating your diet on any one type of food can't be too good for you either.

Your knowledge of the fancy chemicals I never heard of but have probably been eating is remarkable. I almost afraid of eating anything. As we are to blame!! Polluting our planet and food source is bound to come back and bite us on the butts!!

I didn't exactly mean to say that eating CAUSED the diabetes but it certainly is a contributing factor to those who are predisposed to diabetes and, probably, being heavy. I LOOK at a picture of a piece of pie and gain!!

Like I said before, you can find an expert to testify to anything. Like that group that spouts Protein Power. Little did I know that that kind of diet is too high in protein for diabetics! Whatever the right answer is, I bet that MODERATION is part of it. Each body is different and responds to different things in different manners. Diversity!

I'll check out that publication but you can be assured that I won't use it as an excuse for overeating .... I have enough excuses!!

Lois La Rose

The problem with the vegetarian diet is not the vegetables. It is that it is almost impossible to get enough protein that isn't soy-based to eat a lower carb diet safely. Overeating soy is very unhealthy. Read the book, "The Whole Soy Story" by Dr. Kaayla Daniel to learn the extent to which huge food processing companies have lied and skewed the data about soy to give the public the idea it is a health food. She also documents the damage soy does to our bodies, including making allergic reactions to other foods much more likely.

Also, most vegetable oils are high in Omega 6 and that turns out to slow the thyroid.

If a person will eat cheese and eggs, a healthy low carb vegetarian diet is possible. But I live in an area full of Vegans, and that diet is not a healthy one.

Your post sounds like it is more based on religion than knowledge. It is always easier to parrot the authorities, but you might want to look at who funds the organizations putting out most of the diet advice that "everyone knows" is right. The junk food companies are huge contributors to the American Heart Association, The American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society. They have influenced nutritional recommendations for generations.

I don't, personally, care what you eat. I just want to make sure that other people with diabetes whose minds are open to what science has learned about metabolism have access to useful information. Doing so may make it possible for them to live for decades without ever developing diabetic complications. I'm at 10 years post diagnosis with no neuropathy, retinopathy or kidney changes. I'd like that to be true for all of us.
I've always had allergies problems, but they worsened substantially 2 years ago. At this time I was having vegetarian friends over for supper on a weekly basis. I cooked soy for them, and ended up eating the leftovers at least once a week in addition. Because of these allergies, I was given cortisone which gave me diabetes. I think I'll avoid soy like the plague from now on!




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