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Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if there are any Type 1's who have successfully managed their control with Dr. Bernstein's program? I have always been in pretty good control, but have been having a much harder time this past year. I seem to have to give myself far more insulin than I ever have to keep my BG down, and therefore have gained an unwanted 30lbs in 8 months!! I watch my carbs and walk 5 miles a day, which is what I have always done, but now I have cut my calories as well to see if that would help me lose some weight. I have gone from a size 4 to a size 12 in such a short time. It's extremely depressing because I have always been thin and just can't seem to be able to enjoy myself as much now. It's just really hard to get used to. I don't feel confident anymore and I really can't afford a new wardrobe right now!

I have been a Type 1 for 21 years. I currently take 20 units of Lantus in the AM and PM. I probably average around 25 units of Humalog a day. This time last year I was doing 8 units of Lantus in the AM and PM and probably averaged around 8 units of Humalog a day. My A1C was 6.4 last July and is now an 8. I have been hypothyroid since I was 13 and my TSH levels were always normal after being on medication, but back in January my TSH was slightly high, so my doctor put me on a higher dose, but also changed my meds from Levo to Synthroid. The TSH level is back to normal again, but do you think it's possible that I have gained all this weight from changing the brand of medication?

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has been in a similar situation and what you have done to help yourself, or maybe even what you are doing to TRY and help yourself!

I'm very new to the Tudiabetes family and must say it's by far the most educational and supportive diabetes website I have ever experienced! Thanks!!!


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Welcome Patty! It's nice to know I have someone to travel on this journey with. I can't wait to see if I notice a difference after some time on the plan. I usually walk 5 miles a day, so I'm hoping the diet gives me enough energy to keep up with that. I tend to get down without exercise. It's the best anti-depressant there is!!

Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime if you need support or just someone to talk with....;)

Thanks for the welcome. Im learning so much just from the responses on this thread. I just need to learn to have the right balance. I have not been weighing or measuring my veggies. I have been on weight watchers for 4 years and am so use to being able to eat as much veggies as I wanted to. So many changes at once is hard. I have just gave up on diet sodas too so I look all the time for new drinks as well. I am on the pump now for 11 years and have reduced my basil insulin to only 15 units a day. and am bolusing around 1 unit per meal. I was doing 3 to 7. Huge difference, I'd say.I get blood work done end of July so if I see big drop in my a1c then I will continue. If not, then I will go back to the carbs, just not as much. Well I think I will just keep reading and learning. Hope this works for us.
Wow, Patty. That's a great reduction in insulin.
Welcome Patty! It's nice to know I have someone to travel on this journey with. I can't wait to see if I notice a difference after some time on the plan. I usually walk 5 miles a day, so I'm hoping the diet gives me enough energy to keep up with that. I tend to get down without exercise. It's the best anti-depressant there is!!

Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime if you need support or just someone to talk with....;)

Not sure if you realize it is there, but here is a link to the group Hypothyroid Diabetics.

Someone there might be able to answer the medication question. Sorry, but I cannot help with the other questions.
Yup, I realized this right after I posted! Better late than never....;)

I've been following Dr. Bernstein's recommendations for a little over two years. I had to increase protein because I lost too much weight. I've been thin my whole life until I ate according to ADA guidelines. Only time I gained weight.

I'm hypothyroid also--Hashimoto's. Thyroid supplementation increased my insulin needs. This is common, but I don't think changing brands is the cause. Having an increased thyroid dose may be the reason for needing more insulin.

Does your endo test for free T3 & free T4 in addition to TSH? TSH isn't enough.
Hey! Thanks for the reply!

My endo seems to be anti-T3, T4 theory. I am more than willing to change my endo for this very reason. It seems like every person I know with Hashimoto's agrees with you about the T3 and T4. I'm wondering if I would feel much better if it was added. What medication do you take for your Hashimoto's?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, did your insulin dosage go way down being on the Bernstein plan? When you have the time, I would REALLLLLY appreciate more details about your "Bernstein Journey." It's motivating to know that it has done well for someone with both Type 1 and Hashimoto's. I'm willing to do anything HEALTHY to get my BG's and weight down!

I disagree with your endo about free T3 & free T4 testing. I take levo, like you. Some people do need added T3, which is not in levo. Synthroid & levo are the same. Synthroid is a brand name.

There's a hypothyroid group on Tu D you might want to join,

Oh yes, my insulin doses went down significantly eating low carb according to Dr. B. But, thyroid supplementation does increase insulin needs. When diagnosed, I was taking 35 units of Lantus & I only weighed 96 lbs at the time. I take 12 units now & weigh 105 lbs. I've since changed to Levemir, but the doses are the same.

I'm happy to share my journey, but not sure there's that much to tell. I simply started eating low carb & changed my doses on my own. Ask anything you'd like to know.
I have not been diagnosed as a T1, but I have followed low carb and Dr. B for a number of years. There is a specific Dr. B forum on his site (www.diabetes-book.com). It would be seem to be obvious that your total dose would go down since you total daily glucose load is so much smaller and you bolus levels would become very small, but most people also report some drop in the basal insulin requirements. I've never been really clear why this occurrs.

Since this is already a thyroid challenged population you should also understand that there is some belief that a low carb diet, whether Atkins or Dr. B over the long term can cause low thyroid (see http://diabetesupdate.blogspot.com/2009/11/effect-of-atkins-diet-lo...). I've been fortunate and not experienced any problems after about 5 years of low carb.

ps. I follow an adapted Dr. B plan. The majority of people that follow his teachings modify his diet targets but directly follow his ideas (i.e. "law of small numbers").
Bernstein's recommendations got me in target when the book came out. I don't stick with 6 carbs in the a.m., but sometimes I go a couple weeks with only 6. Sometimes 10 grams.
My lunch and evening include Healthy Life bread sandwich (5 grams each slice). Otherwise veggies, about 10 grams, and meat for a meal. Low on tomatoes. Almost no fruit - oh yes, when I'm serving strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, grapes to my husband, I'll have one. I eat 4 meals a day, not 3. Keeps my weight up since I'm an active person. My Lantus is 8 u/day in divided doses. My Humalog is on a 1:5 basis. One unit drops me 45-60.
Bernstein's a way to get centered. I'm at 5.4-5.9 on A1c for several years now. I do eat a pizza slice at 8 grams and double dose for it. I eat Dreamfields and again have to double dose.
Since I'm forever driving somewhere or on the go, I use cereal bars, too, but less than 22 grams at a time.
So I call it modified Bernstein.
My niece has Hashis and endo will only prescribe Synthroid now as her endo told us she feels the generic, Levothyrox. does not work as well. Taking Synthroid, she needs more insulin than if she did not have to take Synthroid. Seems like about ten to fifteen percent more insulin needed when taking thyroid meds (this was true with Levothyrox. as well; she has used both drugs). If thyroid is not regulated properly with the Synthroid, you can gain weight. The weight gain is related to hypothyroidism or Hashimotos, symptoms of that. She uses quite a bit of insulin as she is a young teen, just through puberty. I have noticed weight gain but only going from super thin to slender; and I thought due to increased appetite that comes during the teen years. I did buy Bernstein's book about a year into her dx years ago. I believe the Bernstein diet would work at normalizing blood sugars and losing weight, but there is radical carb restriction, 6 grams breakfast, 12 grams lunch and dinner. I doubt if my niece would choose to follow such a restrictive diet even as an adult, so not for her. But many adults do restrict carbs, maybe to a lesser degree, with much success. If it were me, I would probably try something like the South Beach diet instead. But if you want to try Bernstein, go for it.




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