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Has this ever happened to anyone? After asking if something is unsweetened, aka, has no added sugar in it, and are told that no, it hasn't been sweetened, and so you take a big gulp of it, only to learn two seconds later that yep, there's 7Up and apple juice in there! Are you kidding me? How is that NOT sweetened? I wrote a blog post on it. Here's the link: http://princessofpavement.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/mrs-raspberrys-d...

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I can usually tell and just get a new one. I have drank so much Diet Coke that the real thing sort of jumps out of the glass @ me.
My husband is my official drink tester. It's just one of may dubious honors that comes with being married to me. When I'm not with him and don't have a stand in drink tester handy -- I stay away from anything other than water or things I can buy sealed in a bottle.
I would say it is an honor, period.

I have a few designated 'carb assistants' whose role is to help me finish carb on my plate. That way I get to have a small taste of tasty carb without my BG going crazy. People are very happy to help finish up French fries!

I love fish and chips but can only have them when I am eating with a carb assistant. However the other day I found a place that does children's portions. I asked if I could order one and they said no problem. It was a perfect size and I was thrilled with my PP numbers.
I did that once in a hotel, ordering from the children's menu during a cat show, and since the restaurant was so bad, a whole lot of other people started doing it too, because the stuff on the kid's menu was more palatable. So the hotel firmly put a stop to it!! LOL!!
Went to McDonald's and requested a diet Dr. Pepper (yeah McDonald's!!!..... you are about the only restaurant that serves anything other than Diet Coke.). One hour later looked at my Dexcom and I was at 180 with two up errors. That was no Diet Dr.Pepper. I'm just more careful now making sure I verify that I get diet.
I did restaurant work when I was in my 20's and found out that when they are attaching the hoses from a new tank of soda to the dispenser, they're not always real careful to be sure that the hoses are connected where they should be for diet or regular. Sticking to water or iced tea in a restaurant or a stadium is a good idea. (I can't tell the taste difference easily, either).
Since I don't drink either Reg or Diet soda, I usually drink water with double lemon and have an unsweetened lemonade. Or you could add artificial sweetener if you like it sweet. I don't.
I also carry a supply of diastix to test for soda. It seems hard to tell the difference between diet and regular soda with fountain drinks,especially. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not, but testing with diastix has saved me many times. I can't tell you the number of times before I caught on to using diastix that I wondered why my blood sugar leaped up when I ate out and ate nothing to make it leap sky-high. What's amazing is how quickly restaurants will replace soda with no questions asked when you tell them it's not diet. Seems to me it's done more than you want to know - and they know it, too. One time a waiter even came to tell me they had checked the cord connections and found it was to the wrong drink.
I worked in the dining hall in college. I got a diet coke from the fountain and tasted and it was WAY too sweet. I checked it, i think at the time with my monitor and lo and behold it was real coke.

Since I worked in the dining hall I went in back and told them they had the fountain hooked up wrong. The guy actually said, " I know we are out of diet and you girls worry about your weight too much, real coke won't kill you."

I nearly fell over and then had to try to CALMLY explain that it was a VERY bad idea to do that
You can use your meter strips to test also.
I lived in Guatemala for 2 years and Guatemalans love their sugar! Unless I expressly asked for something to be sin azucar (without sugar) they would sweeten it. One taste and I'd be apologizing and requesting a replacement like the ugly american I am!

I have a funny story. For many years (before diabetes) I drank Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze which was soda and juice with no sugar added. I liked it because it was just fruit juice sweetened, no artificial crap. Then one day I got some at work and my coworker commented and said it had sugar in it. I said "no way" and bet her $5. We went and got the bottle from the recycling and sure enough it had sugar! I was really p***ed off and fired off an e-mail to the company telling them I'd been drinking it for years because it was the only good soda without sugar - either real or artificial. Ironically I also said, "what if a diabetic drank it, not knowing the formula had been changed". (I of course didn't know that juice is also bad for diabetics). It turns out they'd gotten many such e-mails and were in the process of creating two versions of the product clearly marked as "with sugar" and "without sugar". They even sent me a coupon for $5, making up the $5 I'd lost on the bet! Nice when a corporation responds to public opinion!
I too have my husband as a taste tester. Although if it really is not diet I can usually tell for sure. I usually ask him to check when it actually is diet but the mix was off (too much syrup/carbonation/etc) Although he has a lot of trouble telling coke zero or diet dr pepper from their real counterparts.




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