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Right we all have a eating diet and i would like to know the everyday diet that you use to maintain your sugar levels and keeping healthy?

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Breakfast is often poached eggs over quinoa tabouleh or over left over veggies from the frig. My sugar levels handle quinoa and barley really well, rice not so much. I eat swiss plain yogurt (no fruit, sweetened with stevia) for breakfast or snack. I also mix protein powder with unsweetened vanilla-flavored almond milk to start out my day.
I sometimes used a sprouted whole wheat bread. It's made by Alvarado St. Bakery. Essential Flax Seed Bread. There are 18 g. carbs and 5 g. fiber in TWO slices! Great for sandwiches or with the eggs.
I love quesadillas, but most tortillas are out for me. I found a Low Carb, High Fiber tortilla which has 3 net carbs each. So now I can make myself a really delicious quesadilla with cheese, pinto beans, chicken and salsa. Really delicious and easy to make.
I eat a lot of salads and vegies. Hummus is a good dip for raw veggies, or to use on a roll-up with turkey. (Spread the hummus on a slice of turkey, roll it up, yum.)
I eat some fruit but have to limit the kind and quantities or my numbers go up too high. A few apple slices, a handful of berries, and I'm good.
I eat almonds, pistachios and other nuts and seeds for snacks.
I try to include a good amount of protein in every meal, preferably at the beginning of the meal.
Oh, by the way, I'm a Type 2 diabetic, and take 500 mg. Metformin twice a day, and 1 mg. Amaryl (Glimepiride) once a day.
Perhaps easier & shorter to list what I don't eat. Since I follow low carb to maintain BG control, I avoid all grains (bread, crackers, chips, cereal, pasta & whole grains), fruit juice, most fruit & starchy vegetables. I eat protein (fish, meat, poultry, cheese, nuts) & lots of low carb vegetables.
I follow a regimen similar to Gerri's but also eat plain Greek yogurt, add a tablespoon of milk in my morning cup of coffee, and eat small amounts of fruit every day. Very happy with this diet and find there's plenty of variety :)
Me too. I do eat berries, and lots of spinach, my favorite snack is peanut butter (just unsalted peanuts) on celery. For breakfast I love a low carb flaxseed meal muffin. This keeps my blood sugar under control, but I still have to count calories or I'll gain weight.
Very similar to Gerri. I stick to 30-40 carbs per day. I love my low carb tortillas (5g net carbs each) and lavash with protein and greens, maybe some cream cheese or hummus or some such. Heavy cream in my coffee. Cheese sticks and peanut butter or nuts for muchies.
Similar to Gerri also, but add eggs. Like Low Carb Dietitian, I find plenty of variety eating this way. I'm T2 and eat about 30 to 50 grams of carbs per day.
How did I leave eggs off my food list! Duh. I eat a lot of eggs & am fortunate to have a source for fresh eggs from beautifully cared for happy chickens.
Oh, yeah -- how could I forget eggs? Love them -- in fact, a Spanish omelet is on the menu for tonight :)
Ha ha Lo Carb - a diabetic moment?
meat. fat. non-starchy veggies. raw cheeses & grass-fed heavy whipping cream in my coffee.
Hey James,

Breakfast - Some type of scramble with veggies, salsa, and sometimes cheese. I used to make a breakfast burrito, but even those low carb tortillas with 11g fiber and 5-7 grams net carbs spike my bg, so now I just don't use the tortilla. I was doing better with oatmeal. I will sometimes have some berries for a little carbs, but I always keep my net carbs below 5 before 11am.

Lunch - Salad with meat and veggies. I either have about 7-10 grams of fruit carbs or I have nuts instead of meat (the nuts take care of the carbs).

Dinner - Meat and veggies. I eat a lot of broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower.

There are some great ideas atthis website.

I made the apple flax muffins the other day and they were pretty good. Free to me because each one has like 2 grams of carbs.

I used to not be so strict. I am trying the low carb diet now, but I used to keep my carbs below 15 for breakfast and below 45 for lunch and below 30 for dinner. I was able to keep pretty good control with those numbers, but this lower carb is better for me.
That is impossible to say as we all have different likes and dislikes, allergies etc.

I have been told basically to avoid or limit severely foods that contain ingredients with the letters "ose" on the end of them - fructose, lactose, sucrose etc as they are all different forms of sugar. Honey is maybe less sweet than processed sugar but the fact that there is less fluid in honey, it is more concentrate.

I always aim to have some form of slow release carbohydrate at each meal - potatoes, bread, rice, cous cous, pasta (all the "brown" or wholegrain variety.) These not only fill you up but release their energy slower and thereby keep your levels steady. Contrary to popular belief these themselves are not fattening - it is what you put on them that can be - creamy sauces, butter etc. Also some form of protein - meat, fish, eggs, cheese (lower fat variety) are all good as they keep you fuller for longer.

When making your own food avoid sweetening with sugar and the other "ose". If you want a pudding or cake, replace the sugar with a sweetener, but be careful that you do not have too much or you will end up spending more time in the toilet - it can cause stomach cramps and diaohhreah (spelling?).

Eat regularly so that you do not go low. Lows tend to cause us to "over treat" since one of the symptoms are ravenous hunger!

Keep drinking plenty of water or low sugar squashes or diluted fruit juices etc.

Vegetables you can eat without worries. Another good filler. Do not overcook them.

These are just my thoughts. Of course, we are all individuals.

Taking some form of small snack for between meals is also good.




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