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February's question for consideration (and blogging, and discussion, and videos...) is:

Imagine that the extra day in February that comes around every leap year was a day without diabetes. What would you do?

I find it almost impossible to imagine, and I'm sure I couldn't stop worrying about my blood sugar, no matter what.  But it's still interesting to ponder... I think I'd wake up and laugh, then cry, and laugh, and cry .... And then I'd go to a restaurant and have waffles with butter and syrup.  And then .... I don't know

What would you do?  Write your thoughts below, or write a blog about it and post the link in the discussion feed below!

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I'd probably get up and measure my breakfast, test, and just in time recall that I wouldn't have diabetes. Then I'd eat whatever I want. "How about some fruit. Well, it's most likely about fifteen grams of CHO, so that's about a unit or so...WAIT! I DON'T HAVE TO BOLUS FOR IT!! WOHOOO!!!"

Then I'd wrestle with my brother and dad, since I'd have no pump to smash and no tubing to snag. I'd eat a cake, and mindlessly snack on something. I'd also shower without having to worry about making the site start to fall off. And I'd feed all the glucose tablets in my pocket to my brother and sister, since I wouldn't need the tabs for that day. Finally, I'd go to someone's house and eat a meal without testing or guesstimating about the carbs.

Funny, how the first thing we all seem to think about is "to eat" normal food. (Me too, but I really haven't cut out, just way back, although I might buy a quart of genuine maple syrup and guzzle it out of the bottle. Can't say that I would go ape on great ice cream.)

I think I would be so thrown, I would still check my BG and take my medicine. I would probably forego the injectable Victoza for the day IF I was guaranteed it would have no ill effect.

Ya know I never deprive myself of anything. I think with good control, we can all eat whatever we want only in moderation, taking into consideration the amount of carbs and covering them with insulin, why not? Am I missing something here? If we never eat "maple syrup" because of D, ofcourse we will feel deprived. If we have a small amount occasionally...I guess after 30+ years with D, I'm so used to not looking outside the box, I'm just inside and given up.

Suz - I didn't say I didn't eat genuine maple syrup (it's a treat when we are camping)! But the thought of guzzling it really appeals to me without consequences.

I always tell my diabetic and non-D friends that moderation is the key. No one said that you couldn't have this or that, but let's not go overboard. Between my late insulin-dependent parents and me, I feel like I have spent my entire life WATCHING what is eaten.

Took a trip to the British Islands and went snorkeling for a week straight but found it very frustrating that I could only swim for hour intervals before my blood sugar would drop. SO if I had a diabetes free day....I'd snorkel the whole day long...worry free. Followed by a lobster dinner and a six pack of beer.

I wouldn't eat anything different. I'm very intolerant of carbohydrates, and diabetes is just another effect of that. In my mind, those foods are so evil I wouldn't eat them even for one day. It would be sooo nice though to wake up with feet and legs that actually work well, so I could take a nice long walk again, or no autonomic neuropathy that makes my blood pressure too low at the most inopportune times. And if I had my sense of balance back I could ride my horse or my bicycle. Most of my frustration with this disease comes from not being able to mooooove because of nerve damage.

A day without diabetes… There is a good possibility that I would NOT EAT ANYTHING!! I could fast the ENTIRE DAY! Enjoying every second that I do not have to rely on food to survive each minute and give ZERO attention to what I put into my mouth!!
Or maybe I would do all my favorite outdoor activities that usually require so much blood testing, basal increasing, and carb loading to enjoy them???
Oh, the possibilities are endless!!!

You know what? I Can no longer conceive of a day without diabetes. It's my hobby. It's my obsession. It's my life. And if you want to talk about a day without all these difficulties, you have to add: a day without celiac. Without both diabetes and celiac, maybe I'd have some wheat, a lot of wheat, maybe. And a little bit of sugar, maybe. Never mind, I can't really conceive of a day without these restrictions. Still, I can have a nice glass of wine any day.

I have both diabetes and celiac as well. We need to start a group on TuDiabetes for Celiacs with diabetes.

I have celiac as well Johanna, there is a group on here but it is not very active:

I'd be happy to talk to other celiacs on this group -- just don't want to talk to myself!

After 54 years as a Type 1, this question brings back memories of before the age of 22. Living for me continues to be enjoyable. I was and still am determined to not allow diabetes to run my life.

I guess that a day without diabetes would mean an extra hour to do more of the activities I enjoy ie as an artist, gardening, entertaining, wildlife naturalist and travel.

My daily meal plans and snacks have become healthier and I am not denied the food choices I most enjoy. The world is filled with alternatives food choices more than ever which allows me to experiment and create food that my family, and friends also enjoy.




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