Had a rough week of vacation with kennedy having highs 200 to 300 not comi g down except with a shot, changed pump out , then again on a second day with highs, then after a third pod change we considered diabetes the culprit and increased her basals, with overnight drops wakiing up 52, at this point Nottingham trusting pod at all  and giving shots for meals to be sure she's not going to 300,  wondering g if we
Should go back to shots,  hate having a pump that seems to work about 80 percent of the time... Kinks mainly... 

Kennedy had a terrible week, missed out of lots because of her highs and lows, and she's freaking hungry!!' spending so much time with highs we are waiting for her bs to come down missing out on fruits even, to control her sugars... 

My husband and I are at each others throats... Our marriage is shot...  Our other kids are so neglected, and sad... 

Is there any hope in sight ?? 

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thanks, we are tweaking and things seem to be falling in line with a 5% basal increase and carb ration changes... she is definitely getting into preteen hormones, she is almost 12... so I hate to blame so much on the pump because we just are not really sure. We did figure out about 1.5 units with the pod change seems to help that come out about right, and we are testing .55 unit an hour basals now that we are back home. I wish we had been better prepared... we did not bring our scales as we use at home for carb counting, so having that off and eating more desserts make it hard. We happened to visit an old friend who also has kids, so you know how it is, when the other kids want to have iced cream all the time, it is so hard to let your kid be the only one not having it...

my daughter francesca who is 5 says.. "Mommie, I hate diabetes"

She'll say, " Remember before Kennedy had diabetes? We used to do blah blah" you can fill in the blanks..

she likes to help with things, because it's practically the only time I'm spending with her...
thanks for being there, as I read back through my post, it is a horrible rant, I'm better now, now that we're home.

dont worry about the rant! in the heat of the moment it is really hard to handle and see the big picture.. i thought of two more variables which you may have thought of also, but restaurant food .. so hard to estimate and the fat bites you in the but later, we have been thrown some serious curve balls on vaca due to sausage and icecream shakes! we try to let him have what he wants and work around it best we can.. also excitement the first time we went to a movie after D jacob was over 400! band concert same thing.. stress good and bad effects bs's disney world lots of stimulation.. i cant image dealing with all those comments from your little ones, mason is 11 and is a good fit into our D family pretty tolerant and laid back.. life is way to hard sometimes.. i hope you can find some sanity in there for yourself, hang in there natalie we all walk the walk here and feel your pain, here's hoping for better days and maybe some alone time for mom! amy


I replied to the original poster's thread first. I replied to Gary's slight diversion and I mentioned the problems with irregularity and NPH are similar to problems with the omnipod? Gary has been around for a while and I can't resist discussing some of his issues in these threads and thought that it was germane to attempt to present a counter to his suggestion that shots are easier and better and there's no way to get a handle on diabetes as I didn't feel that was appropriate to the context of the thread as there wasn't quite enough info to interpret the orginal poster's problems? I don't think that was "wrong" or "incorrect"?

If there weren't some sub-threads, it wouldn't be TuD LOL

I don't see a problem with side tracking a bit ,if that's what it is called , unless Natalie feel we are heading of topic ??
In my mind Natalie is covering several tough concerns ?

How are you defining "hi-jacked"? I don't think it's "defined" or "prohibited"? I understand your concern, which is why I stopped answering Gary, however I think that accuracy, whether it's 53% for NPH "peaks" or 80% for pods working well, would be of concern to anyone? I'm also glad to have replied to the thread to have kept it on the front page where more specific answers were provided?

It's polite to the OP stay on topic. While Tu is closely monitored, not every comment can be read in an active community of this size.

I hadn't run into the OP and felt it important to present a case refuting Gary's on topic suggestion that "you should go back to shot's, it's easier and cheaper". I don't see our dialogue as having been that far afield. The "main question" of the OP is "should I go back to shots" and "is there any hope", nothing about pods, insulin, vacations, counselling, families or anything else most of the other posts are talking about so, under tht definition, the other posts are as impolite as my post, if we want to start thowing yellow flags around??

Mine was a general statement. It's not directed at anyone. My comment isn't indented under yours as a reply to you. It shows up under yours because that's what happens after a while when there are numerous replies to comments.

You are right! after having some time to think and reflect, ( and increase basals and carb ratios) get home, back to normal diet and exercise ( kennedy is a 12 hour a week competitive dancer, which she was NOT doing last week) I realize it was NOT the pods! EVEN my stressed relationship with my husband is to blame. ( I ASSUMED he took crappy care of her when I was out of town and blamed HIM, with high blood sugars when I SHOULD NOT HAVE!)

thanks, you never know where these discussions will head, but for me the SUPPORT and tips have been very emotionally helpful!




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