Yeah, I know people are supposed to do this when they're around 20, but hey -- I didn't know any better!! LOL!! Actually, my wisdom teeth came in perfectly, and did their job for about 44 years, but I was starting to develop some gum disease and bone loss, and I've read in many places that diabetics need to be extra careful to take care of their mouths.

So, out they came. Now, what is the AVERAGE diabetic supposed to do with a procedure like that? Go high, maybe? NOOO! Just as soon as the dentists started giving me the anesthetic shots, I started to tremble -- my CGM showed 63 with a down arrow, and my meter showed 97. Then the dentist told me that there was epinephrine (adrenaline) in the shot, but knowing what was coming, I decided not to take the risk, and popped a couple of glucose tablets. I figured better safe than sorry. And adrenaline is supposed to RAISE BG, not lower it, right????

The procedure itself was weird -- my whole lower jaw was numb, and although my upper lip felt normal, the back of my upper must have been anesthetized pretty well, too. So I felt some wiggling and pressure, and then POP! out came the tooth. That's what really took me by surprise -- I almost jumped out of the chair. Repeat for 2 more teeth, and then the last one came out smooth as jelly.

Then, while I was waiting for a few minutes to make sure I was OK to go home, I checked my BG -- 149, well, OK. When I got home, checked it again, 76, and I couldn't get it over 100 for the rest of the day or night. Twice I went down into the 60's; that's OK, because that level is easily treatable -- but I'm mystified as to why, in spite of the epinephrine in the shot, and the fact that I WAS eating -- mostly milk tea and Greek yogurt, both of which ALWAYS raise me, my BG didn't act ANYTHING like I expected it to!

Hang on to your hats; Type Weird strikes again! :-)

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I always tend to go low at the dentist too, even though it is the most stress inducing thing EVER. We're talking someone who gets so stressed I almost need an ativan for a teeth cleaning. I dont know I guess maybe its one of those things, you get an opposite reaction. Overall it sounds like you did really good. I had mine cut out when I was 15 or 16. Had chipmunk cheeks for MONTHS after, lol but other than that it wasnt too bad of an experience.

I hope they gave you some pain meds! It sounds like you did the right thing w/ the glucose tabs. You should probably have someone bring you a quart of ice cream, just to be on the safe side?

OK, honesty demands. I went out and bought some ice cream today, because he said to stay on soft foods for a couple of days. And managed to get up to 194, but immediately started plunging down again. Low yesterday 69, low today 63. I'm thinking about setting a temporary basal about 20% lower until I get back to normal eating, normal pain level (meaning not needing painkillers), and normal activity. Or do you think that's too much? I've never really used a temp basal before.

If I'm running low a lot, but in the 60s, I'd try 15% and see what happens for maybe a couple of hours? Now might not be the best time though. I'd also take the painkillers and have a couple of vodkas and launch the Spacemen! Maybe not this late though, I don't like to waste it?

Natalie, Glad you made it through a challenging day!!

God bless,

Looks like you handled it great. I do like Acid's idea about the ice cream. I'm not so sure about his choice of music. I know Natalie's generations choice of music(cause I'm a member) and think a little bit of classic rock would be better. It was a good song though.
Gary S.

Ok, ok, the Jordi Savall "Turkish" recording?

An hour or two of this stuff w/ the right blend of Christmas lights and medication would make me feel much better!

I can see how that would set someone free but I was thinking something a little more mainstream classic rock. I need to reconnect to my son hard drive he has a very large collection of classic rock and not so classic rock tunes I'm sure I could find something appropriate.

Well, Jordi Savall is just about the BEST in my chosen musical field, although I haven't gotten into Turkish music (although I heard a few Spanish words in there, so the song may be Sefardic).


I don't know how to embed music, but here's a try -- a Ladino song from Turkey, sung by a lady I actually know, Lisle Kuhlbach. Let's see if it works:

But if it doesn't, you know how to find it! :-)

Natalie, feeling better tonight -- and BGs coming up to prove it! :-)

Very nice! I was alluding to a relatively new release from Jordi, Hesperion, et. al called "The Sublime Porte" of music in a Turkish vein that's very good!

I've had stress send me both high & low. Can't figure that out not knowing which to expect to prevent it. I'm like Christy & need anti-anxiety meds for a cleaning. When stress sends me low, takes a lot to bring it up. Same thing with stress induced highs. They keep rising. Maybe you're not so much a type weird as you think.

Glad your procedure was quick. I was knocked out cold on sodium pentathol when I had mine out in my early 20's. All four were impacted, so had to be cut out of my jaw. Grateful I wasn't conscious. I was swollen & black & blue for a week. Lots of pain killers & all I could eat was soup. Looked like I'd been battered & got sympathy glances from strangers.

Be diligent about syringing out the holes to avoid dry sockets.




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