Girls...what diabetes supplies do you carry in your purse for emergencies? Boys...feel free to respond on what you carry as well.

I feel like my purse weights 15lbs. I wonder if I'm too prepared or not???

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You want a back-up battery for everything. My meter died when I was working 35 miles from home and had a high-pressure meeting in ten minutes -- and I felt low-ish. Not good. More glucose would be good, and maybe something to support a low post-treatment, e.g. a power bar? I don't know about pump-related stuff, but a back-up of everything sounds prudent.

The low post-treatment plan sounds like a good idea. I should've thought of that before I guess. As for the battery, already stacked some B)

I second the battery back-up. My meter died at work one day right before lunch. Luckily was able to find one person in our building who had spare batteries of the sort I needed. You can always bet that you'll run out when it's the worst time possible.

I can't tell you how many times I've used the last test strip in a drum when checking for a low. I usually pack enough glucose to treat a stubborn low day... for when you have to treat multiple times in the same day.

I agree about enough glucose to treat multiple lows. On bad days I've sometimes had to treat 4-5 lows while I'm out and about, and there's been a few times I've found myself at bus stops or on the bus with quite low blood sugar (i.e., high 1s low 2s mmol/L, 30-40 mg/dl) with no treatment because I'd eaten it all already, which is extremely scary. I check my Ziplock bag of Skittles each evening and replenish if necessary.

OK, since we're showing our pretty photos:

Meter case and door one of the MEDPort:

Door two of the MEDPort (with stuff unpacked):

I love this. Has a place for everything.

I would soooo love to be able to carry the cute little purses that I see everywhere! But for me, having a back up plan with me at all times is peace of mind. So I carry a medicool pack (with all the supplies everyone's listed) that drops inside my big purses... believe it or not, my heavy purse has given my aging body shoulder and neck pains. Anybody else have that problem? Solving one problem created another!

Because I'm over-cautious, I also keep a small backpack in my car with extra supplies above and beyond what I carry in my purse just in case I get stranded somewhere. I also keep extra gatorade and juice boxes in my car. But then I'm way over prepared..but once again, that's peace of mind for me.

That shoulder and neck pain is why I switched to using a day pack. When I'm shopping and walking long distances, I just put it on and the weight is distributed evenly across both shoulders and my back. Being stylish shouldn't result in permanent injury! LOL

You're right. :) I really need to find a day pack that I like. That needs to move up on my list of priorities - that and a new medic alert. That's originally why I got the backpack in my car but it's sort of an awkward size and I found it uncomfortable. I'd appreciate if anyone else uses a day pack if they would post a picture and link please!

Well, there are lots of options out there, but this is the one that I use:

I got mine from REI. They're good people:

This pack is not cheap ($89), but it has good padding (to prevent my music binders from poking me in the back) and lots of room for my girl gear, my dadgumbeetes gear, my guitarist gear (tuner, capo, nail files and clippers, spare strings, etc.) and my geek gear (iPhone, headset, ear-plugs to help me tune out any insane co-workers, laptop if I need it, thumb drive, etc.)

However, the pack-before-last I got for approx. $7 at Value Village. It pays to keep your eyes open if you like to hit the second-hand stores. I've found some stunning deals on day packs at second-hand stores, but then again I am in the Pacific Northwest and we go hiking any time the sun peeks out from behind a cloud for ten minutes.

Oooo thanks so much for the link! I like!

"dadgumbeetes" :)

I'm pretty sure I just made that up.

'pparently I'm a poet. Heh.




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