Giving myself a big public pat on the back...come in here and celebrate your recent accomplishments!

I just needed to come on here and give myself a big pat on the back. Since Sept 2011, I've finally decided to get back on course after having T1 and pumping for almost 10 years. Until about 2007 I was doing great with A1Cs in the 7s, but from 2007 until now I let my numbers slip all the way up to the high 9s.

Went to the Endo two weeks ago as a followup to my Sept 2011 visit and my A1c went from 9.3 to 8.5! I haven't changed too much, maybe just some more testing (well...a lot more testing) and some small adjustment to basal rates. Every day lately I look at my numbers and am amazed that almost all of them are below 180! I used to go days before seeing a number below 200 and now it's more unusual to see myself get that high unless I test right after a big meal.

My next goals are getting back to the gym and getting away from some of the higher glycemic index foods that I eat.

Have you accomplished anything you're proud of lately? Do you have any changes you're hoping to get established? I'm excited to hear what you all are doing as motiviation to keep at it!

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Well, I got up and made it to the

Nothing special for me Kelly. But may I just say congratulations on makeing hte decision to get back in control. Just keep working at it and always remember...YOU CAN DO IT!!

Good job improving your A1C and planning to take stuff to the next level or just try and focus!

I haven't done that much lately. The weather has been sketchy, a sort of sloppy snowstorm messed up the sidewalks for a while so my weekly distance running is way down. At the same time, I've been weightlifting more regularly and adding in some elliptical after the lifting so I hope I'm getting stronger.

I do this ab thing I got an "" FB thing about before I lift too, very short and sweet. It doesn't seem super challenging but each exercise seems to target a different area and feels pretty good, corewise:

I think it's gonna be pretty nice tomorrow and I don't have much in the way of "chores" on my menu so I think that I'll try to get out and go for a nice run. The 10 mile route I like is on a lot of limestone that turns into sludgecrete when it thaws like it's been doing lately so maybe I'll wander some new way and see how it goes? I signed up for a 1/2 marathon and the Chicago Marathon signup is in a week. That's all on my radar too. I'm also watching what I eat with this app called Lose It! that's sort of amusing and tracks calories and other stuff. It's not "engaged" with my pump/ CGM and all that stuff but it's interesting to see what I eat and find opportunities to cut carbs out and that seems to be going ok. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose like I used to but am always interested in sort of tweaking stuff and eating smartly?

Just trying to keep my A1C around a 6, for me that is priceless! Work on not obsessing w/food but try to limit huge amounts of carbs, and stay motivated to stay active and prevent the pounds from returning!
Congratulations on working on making a change in your health! If I can do it, anyone can!

Hi Kelly

Way to go! I've been silently doing the same for myself and your comments resonated with me. So if you don't mind, I will share my story.

I've been T1 D for over 35 years (no pump yet) and am currently going through a period of "getting back on track". I can do this because I'm currently between jobs and my first child has gone off to uni. It's a great time to "re-tool". So here are my accomplishments in the last month:

1. Walking 1/2 hr every week day - tried that and my hip joints didn't like it so I've altered the routine to skip Wednesdays and that seems to work better.
2. Doing stretching and weights at home and sometimes treadmill on the non walking days. I would love to lose say 20-30 lbs to get to about 145, but expect that will come in time.
3. Planning for catarct surgery - and how exciting it is to consider all the different new lenses out there! No retinopathy as yet...yay!!!
4. Appointment with new endo coming up - haven't seen one for about 9 years because I moved to a smaller rural community with no specialist. My GP puts my A1c at 8.6 and I've not really been below 8.0 over the last 9 years.
5. Researching a pump and CGMS - last time I started going up the learning curve about this 8 years ago, the silly diabetes support nurse said she didn't think I was ready! I know she thought my life was too busy (2 young kids, a job and a husband). Now life is not quite so hectic, I figure if not now, then when? I truly regret taking her advice, but I'm hoping advances in technology will work in my favor!
6. Oh yah, on the food front - putting up food in the freezer to avoid processed goods and trying some new vegetables - to add variety and help with general nutrition. I'm trying to work through all the issues about supplements these days and find it to be an absolute minefield of self serving hocus pocus. Maybe the endo will have some tips!

As a teen and all through my 20's and pregnancy in my 30's, I think I was as well controlled as the therapies could permit. Unfortunately, I've had mediocre care and control over the last decade and I've decided that's not good enough. I do feel like a bit of a hypochondriac because I'm listening so much more to my body and trying to tweak so many things at once. However, I'm quite excited about the medical technology advancements and am looking forward to the benefits they will bring!

Let us know how the gym routine works out! I think the personal pats on the back are the best motivators because in the end you have to ask - what have I done for myself today? There have been too many days when I was looking after my kids needs or my employer's needs and putting my own at the bottom of the list and yet there are so many areas where we can help ourselves. Your more frequent testing seems to be pretty important for your success, so keep it up and take baby steps to use as positive reinforcement!

Congrats, Kelly. All action is good action. You are on the way!

My job was posted on Friday. I am retiring. AND my proudest thing: I have lived successfully for 50 years with D!

I am super jealous!! Congratulations on escaping job and surviving the big 5-0!!

I just ate cookies (chips ahoy) for the first time in years (???) and really enjoyed them.
I just quit my dead-end job.
I have been eating super-healthy for months now (well, except the cookies) and feel pretty awesome (moderately low-carb with mostly lean protein and veggies).
Every day I am one step closer to being a Nurse and am really loving my decision for a career change more and more the further I get into it.

My next steps are to maintain, go to the gym 4 days a week (now that my work schedule's opened up), and to BE HAPPY!!

It's never too late to get in control of your life and your D. Congrats on your accomplishments!

That is great! Keep up the good work and stay motivated.

that's great! when you see your numbers coming into range more of the time, it's very motivating. We're just continuing with the little things, like walking almost every day. and I've got myself 100% off French Fries. now if my husband would please stop buying potato chips....

Besides my hike that I blogged about, I have also started exercising a bit again - usually don't bother at all during winter, it gets too much.

I lowered my A1C 1% in 2 months! I love my CGM, I hope it gets better now that I am on humalog, I hated apidra in my pump.

After years and years of being skinny enough to slip through a keyhole, I finally made 140.0 lbs!!!!




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