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Okay, I'm not trying to sound all vain and stuff, but I've been experiencing some serious hair loss over the past six months. It seemed to coincide with a change in my shampoo, but I'm wondering if it's also hormonal or maybe a reaction to a switch in insulins?

I was using a Pantene product for about 2 months when the hair loss started to clog the drain during a shower every single day. I figured it was the shampoo, so I switched and the hair loss has slowed, but it has not stopped.

I have had the same diabetes care and control over the past two or three years- nothing new there as far as control.

I was on Apidra for only 3 months or so earlier this year. The hair loss started happening about 2 weeks after I switched back to Humalog. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

My diet has not changed.

My entire family blood line has a nice, thick, wavy hair.

At this point, my hair reaches my waist, but it's no longer strong. When I put it into a ponytail, it is now limp and thin. I would say that the entire diameter of my hair pulled together would be no bigger than a dime, where it used to be well over a half dollar.

I'm growing frustrated because (again this sounds vain), but I put a lot of care into my hair and to lose it is very scary to me. I have a lumpy head!

Has anyone else experienced hair loss from diabetes and/or new medications? Can this be a side effect?

Thanks and sorry for complaining about something so stupid. I'm just freaking out.

EDIT: forgot to mention that my hair is growing back in, so I'm assuming that it isn't permenant hair loss which means it can't be genetic (I don't think?) So, I"m guessing it was some kind of reaction to something.

EDIT: I have been experiencing random weight loss, but nothing huge. About 10 pounds in the past 3 months.

I've been reading up on Celiacs and trying to self diagnose (because I'm chickensh*t and don't want to go through a biopsy right now) I will be talking with my Endo in January during my regular check up.

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That is most helpful BSC. I do actually have a very strict caloric intake- meaning I very rarely eat. Just don't have an appetite. On an average day, I eat about 600-800 calories- IF THAT. Some days I will take a walk to McDonalds and eat a Big Mac- I'm not afraid to eat, but typically I only eat a few hundred calories per day and that's enough to keep me energized and going.

I will research more about this. Thanks!
The net keeps saying "shock loss" or "natural shock loss" is only for people w hair transplants?
I experienced hair loss because of what I believe was due to school this semester. I would recommend CHI Ionic Power Plus Hair Kit. I have been using it for a while and I have seen a huge differece... no more baby hairs sticking straight up! My hair is also starting to get a bit thicker. A bit pricey for the little bottles but deffinately worth it.
ugh, i hate those baby hairs- now that my hair is finally growing back in, that's all i've got out front is the stupid little hairs growing back... wait,not stupid- they're good little soldiers! Glad to see them back!
Have you any experience w Pantene and/ or John Frieda cleansers?
I'm leery of switching brands of shampoo because I had such a hard time these past few months.
Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it. See if I can find some reviews to compare? :)
Hi Marps,

I know this probably isn't relevant for you, but hair loss on your feet and legs is a sign of poor circulation.

I participated in a diabetic foot study, and one of the things that they checked was for healthy hair growth on our feet. I guess one of the first things to suffer from poor circulation is hair.

Don't freak out! I believe this only applies to extremities like your feet and hands.
haha, well I'm no Frodo, but I do have light hairs on my feet and hands. Nothing changed there. :) I guess it COULD be poor circulation to the brain- causing hair loss on top of my head. :)
I noticed I hardly have any hair on my legs and none on my feet. Thought I was just getting old.
Actually, the loss of hair on the legs and feet is a sign of peripheral vascular damage. I have the same problem as do many diabetics. Dr. Bernstein notes this in his story related in his book Diabetes Solution and on his web site. He notes that with tight blood sugar control he was able to reverse basically all his complications except for his feet deformation, the arteries in his legs and the hair loss on his legs. Fortunately, for most of us, hairy legs is not considered a particularly desirable physical quality.
I've dealt with alopecia areata for a good number of years. Shortly after testing for T2, they tested for autoimmunity related to the alopecia; they said it isn't, but I have to believe that because I am now T1 the alopecia MUST be autoimmune. And it's certainly gotten worse in the two months since T1 Dx. Maybe I'm an alopecia 1.5...
I have had the same problem since head diagnosed like 4 monthes ago. I thought the same thing that it was from shampoo or thenew aveda hairspray I was using but nothing is seeming to help. Evenwen I run my fingers through my hair a small gob of hair will come right out. I've also noticed that my hair has become much frizzier and staicy allllll the time. Who gives? Any suggestions
I feel like I am the queen of panic when it comes to hair loss. One thing that will affect it is hormones. But also if you change birth control it will shed and then grow back. I don’t think it is the diabetes itself or BD medication.
I always believe your body is telling you something and it is our job to figure out what it is saying. Any weight loss?
Oh an also my hair sheds a little every fall and grows back. My re growth now from the fall is about an inch and a half.
Hi Alison

Actually, yes, I have some regrowth coming in.
I've been losing about 10 lbs per 3 months, but you can't really tell and I'm certainly not changing any of my habits to make myself lose weight. I think I look pretty good as I am (besides the nagging feeling that I'm a woman and I'm never skinny enough- thanks adolescence) haha.

My re growth is also about an inch and a half. It's frustrating. I've never dealt with this before. I can't wait for it to finish growing in!




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