I have been type 1 since 1973 and was diagnosed with mild NP retinopathy about 4-5 years ago.


I have been going to an Optometrist, because he is someone that I know and has a lot of experience working with type 1 patients as he used to work with a very high profile P retinopathy Opthamologist.


Last June he noticed some changes with my NPR and scheduled me for a follow up a few months later to see if he needed to refer me.


Well he did and I went to this Opthamologist who was like OMG we need to do something right away.


Up to this time I had ZERO vision changes other than aging bifocal type stuff ( I will be 50 in July)  So I'm like OK if this is what needs to be done lets do it.  It's a long story, but lets just leave it at, this guy was full of suprises.


The biggest suprise was that about 8 weeks after the surgery was completed (2 aessions for each eye) My right eye started bleeding (sort of intermitently) but it has mad it nearly impossible to see out of my right eye for almost 4 weeks now.  My former Opthamolost does not see this as an issue :)


My questions


1. has anyone else on this board gone through this scenario?

2. was the surgery itself really painful?  If so did they warn you when you scheduled it?

3. were you required during the surgery to hold your own eye open?


At this point I am just curious if anyone else has had this experience, I am going to see a new Dr that a fellow type one recomended in just a couple of weeks





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OK, So I went to my new Optho a week ago and had another round of laser.

#1 when he put the numbing drops in my eye a funny thing happened..... my eye got numb

The other guy must have been saving money by giving me distilled water,. needless to say this hurt almost not at all even though this surgery was in the perphery to address my hemorage issue which seems to be getting better a week after the surgery.

#2 this guy gave me a much better education not only on retinopathy but on what they really do in the surgery and explained how he was going to treat my hemorage,,,, something my other optho seemed incapable of
oh yeah, I didn't have to hold my own eye open
Never had the bleeding problem. Had the rest done though! Your 2nd dr sounds like the one I had the time I had it done.
Dear MikelCycle,
I haven't had this, but I've been with many patients who've had laser. Maybe your second fellow is a retinal specialist. Rest easier. It'll be a whole lot better as it heals, especially if you have your bg in great control during this time.
well my last a1c was 6.8 and since I got my wisdom teeth out in Jan, this has to be improving as the incesant infection/absessing from that was making control difficult, but still good obviously

I think it will be OK, the first Optho that I had was a retina specialist, he just didn't seem to have a handle on me.

I work a lot better when I know why and how something is supposed to work.

I truly appreciate the replys, and I had talked to some people that I know locally who had experienced this surgery, I was just looking for a broader pool. I really got my answer with my new optho, and I guess my experience has always been that I should only trust my physician as long as they are meking sense.

Also, suprised will always be a red flag for me in the future.


I'm 55, have had it in both eyes over the last 7 years and performed by Retinologist(?) with more degrees than a thermometer! She is about 4 foot nothing but a giant in her attitude regarding patient care. It was always uncomfortable for me to go through the treatment but I have never had any bleeding or any other side effects. My follow-up exams were always complete and showed great results. I even followed her to the new office in the city because I wasn't going to trust my baby blues to anyone else!

The right Doc makes all the difference!
I had laser surgery for retinopathy for both eyes back in 1998-99. I had 2 different kinds because I had some bleeding and also swelling. One kind, they used the numbing drops and the other kind, I had a shot in the eye socket (not fun!). Both eyes are still holding strong.

Two years ago, I had cataract surgery. When I was reading up on eye stuff, I found out that eggs are good for retinas. I had stopped eating eggs about a year before so added them back into my diet - I figure I will take all the help I can get!
I quit eating eggs to, plus butter and bacon.

not that I eat a ton of country crack but I have elliminated that in favor of real butter and bacon has been a regular part of my diet (couple of times per week) for the last year and along with eggs and my cholesteral is better than ever!

As far as my progress, my right eye is still hemoraging apparently (1 month after last laser treatment) I have decided that I would rather be blind in that eye than to go throught the eye drain operation descriped to me by 3 dif doctors. So I will continue to wait to see if I will see again out of the right side.

Hopefully things will settle down in the near future




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