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Since it seems there are a few people looking to fill out their T2201 DTC forms on another thread, I thought I would start a new thread in the event that perhaps I can help anyone that is new to this process with filling them out.

First, you need to go online and download the tax forms. In my case, I filled them out myself and then took them to my Dr to sign. I have other friends that did the same, and some that had the Dr complete them. I did find it nice that they could be typed out in Adobe Reader and then printed so that in the even that you Dr has bad handwriting (as mine does), it is legible for the CRA people to read.

The portion that applies is only the Life Sustaining Therapy portion, unless you are claiming for another disability other than diabetes. There are 3 pages in the package that apply, in addition to your information on the front page.

The first question is do you meet the conditions for life sustaining therapy. If you are on insulin, you would answer YES.

The next question you would want to input the year you started taking insulin which would be the year of your diagnosis.

Then it asks for a description. Here you want to say something like "Insulin pump/Multiple Daily Insulin Injections to control diabetes, thereby sustaining life"

The next page, you would want to check all the YES boxes, and then check all the boxes under where it asks which daily living things apply, as you see fit. You would fill in the year that you began this therapy. For some this will be the same year as diagnosis, but perhaps it may not be the same year so fill that in as it applies to you. Also, directly below the check boxes that are checked for which things apply to you, I wrote in pen "See Effects of Impairment on next page". It may not seem that many of those things may apply, but you essentially want to check off anything that you can NOT do while testing, injecting, recording blood sugars, etc. For me, they all applied.

Next page...
The diagnosis is Type 1 Diabetes

Now, the important and more tricky part. Effects of Impairment.
"Time spent on life sustaining therapy: 14 hrs/wk (it must be 14 or more, so I'm using 14 here. If less than 14, you will not be approved). is unable to participate in any activities of daily living while managing his/her diabetes and diabetes regimen (and insulin pump if it applies), 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk. must be available to: (pick the things that apply to you) calibrate insulin pump and CGMS, change tubing, rotate insertion sites, program pump, treat and recuperate from hypoglycemia, establish/reestablish insulin ratio, monitor glucose, maintain logs and analysing trends, prepare and administer insulin"

It is expected to last (YES) and it is not expected to go away (NO). Dr signs and does their thing, and mail it away to your closest tax center.

It really isn't as daunting as it looks in the end, if you have an idea of what they are looking for. :) Good luck, and hope you hear back favorable news. If you have a dr that doesn't do this on a regular basis, make sure you let them know that if they are asked for "further information", to CALL YOU and you will come in and assist them in completing that form. But, with the above answers, I have not heard of anyone's dr being further questioned.


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Totally just sent you an email - but this is awesome!! I'm going to print it - like a T-220 for Dummies :D
Nothing is daunting when there's this much help!

I just replied but thought it might be helpful for anyone that may be too shy to ask. I dont mind sharing at all and if there are others here that didn't know about it, they can see it now too. Although, it deleted where I put "Your Name" inside < and > so you'll have to fill in your name where it sounds like it belongs. ;) Glad I could help! BJ

Okay, so when your T2201 is processed and approved, now comes the part to get your money back from previous years. You need a T1-ADJ form (download it here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t1-adj/) and complete it. It is reasonably easy. In Part C, you would want to fill it in as the last example shows (the GST/HST scenario) only with a Disability Tax Credit instead of "GST/HST Credit". You would then make a copy of your approval letter, include that with the T1-ADJ (you must complete one for each year you are asking them for the credit) and mail it away. With any luck, once they get that and process it, you will get a nice cheque in the mail. :) Good luck, BJ

Note to Bec: This is what your tax people are filling out and then taking 30% of your credit for... That 30% can amount to over $1000.00 (and most likely would) so just to give you an idea of what you're being charged that amount for (as YOU still have to do the T2201 and get it approved before they can do anything). Ouch, huh?

If anyone feels the need to pay somebody that much to do this, PLEASE hire ME!! I will do this little bit of paperwork for 30% of your credit ;) (No, not really!)


Thanks for bringing up this topic on the board.
I am filling up the form for the first time and i am stumped by what to enter in part c of the T1 adj form.I dont know if this has been covered before.
Does one enter the net income line from the tax assessment return?
Or ask for a disability tax credit (if there is such a thing)?

Kuze, have you been approved for the DTC by having your dr sign the T2201 and CRA has sent you a letter stating that you qualify? If you have, then you fill out the T1 adj form. There is an example for the GST/HST Credit at the bottom of page 2. You would fill it out the exact same except instead of "GST /HST credit" you would write "Disability Tax Credit". So, the line number would be blank, the "name of line" would be "Disability Tax Credit", previous amount would be "0", +/- would be "+", Amount of change would be "1 (Yes)", and Revised amount would be "1 (Yes)". I would also take a photocopy of the letter that CRA sent regarding the T2201 and include it with your completed T1 adj (one for each year you are asking them to reacess). Does that help? Any questions, dont be afraid to ask as I'm more than happy to help. BJ

Thank you for the info.
At the moment I have the T2201 signed by the endo but have not submitted it the CRA.
So it has not been approved.

I thought you have to submit the T2201 together with the T1 adj form.Is that correct?

The T! adj form I have is a single page one and does not have a page2 or GST line on it.
I am going to go the CRA website and see if I missed page2.

I'm more than happy to help! You first have to submit the T2201 form to CRA and they have to approve it first, so the sooner you can get it sent off, the better. Once they approve it, you would fill out the T1 adj form to have them reassess your taxes from previous years. :)

The page 2 that I speak of of the T1 adj is the "instruction page". You would only send in page 1, but when you download it, there should be a second page with a couple examples of how to fill it out. Page 1 is all the CRA needs though. But I would also attach a copy of the letter where the CRA says you've been approved to your T1 adj (but of course keep the original for your records) as supporting documentation.

I hope that makes sense. BJ

I just went through this at the beginning of Febnruary with my doctor. It has to be signed off by your endo. According to her, this tax credit is only for persons that can justify 14 hours a week to control their diabetes. Apparently this does not include excercising, preparing different foods, etc. So to qualify for this tax credit you must be a parent of a minor child who is T1D.

If anyone has any luck in getting this tax credit approved, I would be interested to know how you did it. It would be nice to have.

Joan, I didn't have any issues with my GP doing it. She knows me very well and had no problem with signing it off with the above answers. I am a 30 yr old T1D and have many friends that are also adult T1D and they've all got it. I have one friend that did have issues with her Dr and she actually changed Drs because of it and has been approved. I think there are some Drs that are reluctant to sign it because they simply dont understand that a T1D needs to be available to do all these things, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk. I think the key is to be honest, but also to put it in such a way that makes it easy for the CRA to approve it. Those were my answers and they were approved, if that tells you anything and I am able to get the DTC as long as nothing changes (ie T1D is cured). I think perhaps in your case, your issue is your Dr and not necessarily whether you would qualify.

One other thing. My "specialist" isn't actually a specialist, but she does have most likely more credentials than most Endos do. She has been a part of writing many of the clinical guidelines pertaining to diabetes. I think to say that it must be an endo isn't true simply because many diabetics dont have an Endo they can see due to where they live and proximity to one. My diabetes dr is actually also a GP and has a family practice, but also works out of the Diabetes Clinic in a hospital. She has signed many of these tax forms and told a friend of mine (I didn't get her to sign mine, simply because I had an appt with my GP sooner) that she is "well aware of the time it takes to manage diabetes", and yet, she cannot check off the box for "Specialist".

Hope useful additional information to BJ's posting ..
I understand , that type 2 's on MDI ( multiple daily injections ) or pumping insulin also may qualify ...if they meet the 14 hour minimum weekly criteria and have an income ( income splitting helps too as it has in my case ).
In the origional DTC thread ( Dec 2009 ) someone supplied the times it takes to " manage diabetes " .
T2201 DTC application does not require to be completed at same time as Tax Filing Deadline( April 30 )




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