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HOW CAN I LOSE WEIGHT (without ripping my hair out)-Type 1

Ok, so I am a Type 1 who was diagnosed last year when I was 22 years old. Because I presented in DKA, I was severely dehydrated...so I had gotten really skinny.

Looking back then, I looked "sick." So I knew that I would gain a little bit of weight when I got out of the hospital, I mean I gained 12 pounds just in the hospital from all of the fluids they gave me. HOWEVER, now, I am up about 22 to 24 pounds total and it's starting to scare me. I am on Novolog (3x/day) and Lantus (1x/day). I also quit smoking recently and I gained about 6 or 7 pounds from that, but I just feel like now I have a really hard time trying to maintain.

Since I'm new to the game, and have only been diagnosed less than a year, I was wondering if anyone can give me some hints on how to lose weight. Or even some type of workout plan for me to try.

I really appreciate any comments/advice you might give me :)
Thanks guy and God Bless

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Try Turbo Jam. It's kind of expensive but my wife likes it. I use the Ab Jam workout a few times a month and I can barely finish it. It's something different.
I love running to music. It's very cathartic for me. I have different playlists for different distances/speeds/ weather. Recently I shifted gears and am trying to run slower and farther and made a new play list of slower songs (ExerFloat, I also have ExerTrip, ExerHeavyTrip, Lifting, ExerMetal, ALifting and ALifting2 socked away) for it. I had a great 8 mile run in a blizzard to Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" and lots of other freaky experiences along those lines.

I agree w/ BSC that the treadmill must have a TV in front of it!
Eating super low amount of carbs can have the opposite effect you are desiring. It's better to eat a balanced diet and exercise. It's more important to focus on the types of carbs you are intaking compared to the overall number (to a point). Complex carbs and fruits will do you much better than white flour and sugars. It might seem counter intuitive, but eating a few more carbs, good fats and lean meat with exercise will do more than a super low carb diet ever will.
Let me make sure I'm reading everything correctly. 7 units of lantus/day and very little humalog if any. Healthy diet, limited starches.

If I read that right, that's not insulin weight gain. 7 units of lantus will not make you gain that much weight. I am on 30 units/day of lantus and 10-12 units/day humalog and I am struggling to gain weight back.

I don't know if you're on birth control, but insulin glargine is known to interact with certain forms of birth control and birth control pills can cause significant weight (water mostly) gain. Might be something to think about before changing insulins.
Yeah, for me 5 lbs is day to day variation in water weight. I lost over 40 lbs (20% of my body weight) in the months leading up to the dx in May. I'm not fat, so it was a bad time and I'm just now gained about 25 of it back.

Water weight, the key to that is walking and low salt (pry already doing that). Exercise will drop water weight rather quickly.
Just starting insulin could raise your body weight by 10% simply because you have restored "normal" glycogen levels. 5 lbs is nothing. You can't on one hand talk about how tiny and thin you are and then complain about a huge weight gain of 5lbs. That just makes me think this is not about insulin or diabetes. And make no mistake, diabetes and eating disorders are a bad, bad mix. I'm not accusing you, I'm just suggesting you get off the scale and focus on different measures of health. You should think about building a muscular, strong and fit body.
Insulin IS a make fat drug. Mr. Britain was using it to build muscle I do see how for me it builds tummy grease only.
I have been using Weight Watchers Online and I have lost 17 pounds! It is very Type 1 Diabetes friendly!! It really helps you to make good choices and eat healthy! I highly recommend it!
gotta echo the low carbs, low insulin. i'm in a similar situation than you, but my weight went the other direction after getting out of the hospital. i was about 185 in early 2010, eating whatever i wanted - i'm 5'9, so technically this was overweight. in the summer, while in dka, lost 30 pounds, down to 155. in the hospital, 3 days of fluid drips, and i left the hospital at 165. in the last 5+ months, with changes in diet (and light-moderate exercise on a regular basis) i'm down to 146, 9 pounds lower than when i went into the hospital in severe dehydration. i eat between 50-100 carbs day. when i exercise, i take a bottle of gatorade with me and take a sip every once in a while based on how quickly i think i'm using the glucose in my blood (i've gotten pretty good at this with some practice). for snacks, i have nuts, which i really like and have almost no effect on my blood sugar. in general, my diet is high in protein and fat - i have both unsaturated fat from nuts and saturated fats from things like cheese, which i also eat when i'm hungry without any change in bg. i haven't had my latest cholesterol test yet, but i'm hoping the large quantities of almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, and other things i eat will counteract my increase in saturated fats. my weight seems to have stabilized the last month or so at this level, and i don't feel hungry throughout the day.




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