I'm just curious to hear how others were diagnosed with Type 2. I think this disease got about a two- to five-year head start on me because I didn't recognize the symptoms. Mine was caught in my second pregnancy (I found out only after demanding to see my chart that I had it then too).

Was anyone diagnosed after pregnancy? Routine physical? Did you have symptoms?

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I developed an infection and didn't think it was a big deal until it started to get much worse. This all started on a Thursday night and I went camping with my son at a Boy Scout camp. About half way through the camp, I started to really feel worse and the site of the infection seemed to be growing and getting worse. I had planned to see my primary doctor on Monday morning, but by Sunday morning, I knew I had to do something. I went into the local ER to see a doctor.

I assumed that I would wait for a long time and then the ER doc would give me some oral antibiotics and send me home. The doctor took one look at me and had me transferred up to a room to get me on IV antibiotics. I was pretty surprised. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital.

During my stay, they ran a number of blood tests on me, usually at least one battery of them everyday. My doctor noticed abnormally high glucose levels in my blood and suggested to me that when I get out of the hospital that I go see my primary doctor because I might be a type 2 diabetic. He suggested I get an A1C test.

I got the A1C test from my primary and it came back at 8.2%. This clearly put my in Type 2. I made an appointment with an endocrinologist and she confirmed the diagnosis.

Looking back I realized that I am constantly thirsty and have to use the bathroom frequently. I also have been tired.

I am now setup to go into a Diabetes Educator series of classes and am getting set up with a Diabetes counselor. I am looking forward to going through the classes and learning how I eat right, exercise, and manage this disease.

In the meantime, I have been trying to control my carb intake and testing my blood sugar frequently. I have been able to keep my numbers between 95 and 140.

The biggest surprise to me has been how much even a moderate amount of exercise can do. I have been walking 30 minutes a night and its been interesting to see what my numbers look like before I walk and after!

Anyway, that's my story :)

--> John
I had blood work done for an unrelated problem (I get petechiae when blood pools in my arms during exercise), and was very surprised to get a call from my doc's office saying that my fasting blood glucose was a little high. This was a new doc & the first time I'd ever had a fasting test. My previous doc only ordered non-fasting tests & never said anything about my numbers being out of range at about 160 mg/dL or so midday. I guess it wasn't what he was looking for, so he didn't see it. As long as my platelet count looked good, he was happy.
I had no obvious symptoms of diabetes & didn't know at the time that I had one major risk factor (genetics), so there was no reason for my doc to look for it.
I had Gestational diabetes 19 yrs ago, 16 yrs ago for 4 yrs I had hypo(low sugar), was told I had pre-diabetes, then for no reason my numbers went normal- kinda surprised my doc, back this past may I got sick (low) and ate immediately and got to wondering about 2 hrs later, got out a machine and tested and it was 216! I didn't panic just tested for a wk 2 to 3 hrs after each meal- it ran between 195- 290. Went to the doc he ran a fasting it was 109, I asked him to run a A1c and he came back in and told me it was 6.3. I stayed between 115 and 120lbs until I was 27, about the time my sugar went normal, then I gained 50 lbs in 1 and a half years. I'm now 40 and have type 2. I believe I changed slowly over the yrs. i lost 50 lbs on my own, kept it off for 2 yrs then bam, 30 lbs in a yr. Wondered why i got sick and slept ALL day some times, have been tired ALL the time, eating like a pig, now I know. Also have complained of numbing and tingling for 12 yrs along with not peeing, doc had me do an EMG, I have neuropathy- shock there but I have a name for it now. I am on Byetta and doing good, around 109 after meals, going for my 3 mo blood work tommarow. I do have 300's sometimes and let me tell you I hate them cause i"m down for the day. Weird thing is my sugar has been down 99% of the time but still have all the symptoms. I had a low this past sunday, got it back up to normal and still extremely tired, laid down and slept for 17 hrs! Go figure.
In November 2000, I had noticed my abdomen becoming increasingly larger and larger and exercise was not helping at all. I went to my doctor, she did an ulsound and found out I had fibroids and needed a hysterectomy. Because of the heavy surgery schedule, I was not scheduled until April 2001. By the time the surgery was done in 2001, my abdomen was the size of a 6 month pregnant woman. Well, after the surgery, I went in for a check up 5 months later and in the course of regular blood work, I found out I had diabetes. I cried and cried and cried. I just don't understand how it was missed during the course of my pre-op workup for surgery. Of course, since I could not exercise after surgery, I'm sure that played a huge part in it........ I'm still in the wondering state. Diabetes does run in my mother's family (her mother and 2 of her brothers)....and I had to be the one it decided to latch on to.....of course....I'm just glad that my son and daughter (son 28 and daughter 26) don't have it. I would rather me have it than my kids.

I'm getting better at accepting this monster but there are times it's just unbearable. I really hope that in the near future a cure will be found.
I went in finally to talk to a doctor about the pains I'd been having in my feet for well over a year. I kept thinking it would get better, but it was getting difficult for me to stand throughout the day in the classroom and then out on the field during football practice. Head Coach's wife talked me into going to at least talk and the doc told me after listening that it was more than likely neuropathy from unchecked diabetes. Tested and came back that I did indeed have diabetes. I don't remember all the numbers she rattled off to me that day, but the evidence was there. And honestly I basically delayed going in as I was pretty sure that was the problem all along.
Well, I had the symptoms for the past 2 years, but always thought I had UTI (and I didn't see a doctor for those 2 years.. I wasn't a true believer of doctors and medicines).. then I visited the ER for a different ailment and was hospitalized for 3 nights because my glucose levels were very high. It was sorta frustrating and a huge relief... frustration because of being diagnosed with such a silent killer and relief because I finally found out what was wrong with me!
I had all the symptoms, but I was either in good denial, or failed to put two and two together... Ultimately, it was caught because of recurring yeast infections, that would not go away, with conventional treatments.
Well, mine was different from the norm. I had been camping in a deer tick area and a couple of weeks later fatigue was my norm. I went to the Docs expecting Lyme's Dx and a few antibiotics well I didn't have Lyme's but I did have diabetes. I didn't have the usual well advertised symptoms.
Diagnosed in June 2009 while in hospital while on high dose steroids for asthma/pneumonia (BG was OK before that, and A1C at diagnosis was 6.6 - so only high numbers for a short while). Sugars were 200-300 and felt lousy. Unsure if lousy solely due to the asthma/pneumonia, or also due to high BG.
I have since lost 40 lbs and my numbers are a little worse despite diet and exercise and being almost to goal weight. I currently am on Glumetza, Byetta and insulin.
Hmmm... have you ever questioned your diagnosis? I don't believe you should become worse after beginning treatment.
I recently went to the Dr. and he is ordering insulin anti-body tests to make sure. I am currently pumping -we are trying to get pregnant and had to come off all of the other stuff - and NPH wasn't working for me in terms of flexibility - so the pump it is - and I love it.




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