My old Endo always wanted me on a strict regiment of 4 basal rates.

6PM - 12AM

Since having left her care I added in an additional basal rate from 3AM to 6AM. That gives me a grand total of 5 basal rates right now. Things are good for a lot of my basals, but I know I need a change from 10am-3pm as I go low then often. Oddly though, the timing is smack dab in the middle of two of my basal rate times.

So, my question is how many basal rates do you have in a 24 hour period and what are their time ranges? Also, how these rate quantities and timing are working out for you. Feel free to post what the rates are as well, but as Im sure you all know that changes from person to person like taste in foods. Also, any thoughts on managements relation to the basal timing is appreciated (e.g., sleep for only 4 hours on average, so shorter basal timings at night).

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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Endo said my bolus rate was on the high side, but he said whatever works, but I just don't think I have enough good days. I feel like starting over with everything sometimes.
Can't you just do the fasting in chunks, Karen, like John Walsh suggests? Personally I just ignored the fasting and just kept tweaking my numbers by seeing how each time zone and dose worked until they just slid into place.
Gonna try on Monday to fast over lunch until dinner
Hmmm, that's a rough day of the week to do test piloting for me! I would be intrigued to hear if your zero basal continues to work in the absence of boluszilla@ lunch? Good luck though!
Well today I held steady with my crazy I:C ratio over lunch and my no basal all afternoon, no lows, what is a D to do??
I'm gonna eat some tacos, drink "low carb" margaritas and watch the basketball game! I did ok today too, maybe the crappy weather helped me concentrate or something.
Did my over lunch fast today.

Ate my second breakfast at 9:30 then tested at 12:00 bgs was 95, I always worry when I am below 100 so I had 2 pb crackers and no bolus (mistake) well anyway bgs was 166 at 2:30 (did not correct) and 160 every until 5:30.

Not sure what to fix
Id like to do things that way Zoe, but then I start thinking about variables and dump the data.
For example, I suspect my morning basal (5am-9am) to be too high. This morning I slept in till 10 and was woken by the Dex stating I was at 55 (metered 59). Ok, thats in line with my theory and other findings although... Last night I made LC white chocolate PB cups and ate a few, so there was a good amount of fat in my system, which could carry till 7:30ish when I started to drift down. Also, I was asleep, which means no DP of any kind (Im a DP when up, not by time kind of guy). So is this something I should base a basal change on? Who knows. LOL. Leads me to think basal testing is the way to go.
Karen, by "2 pb crackers" do you mean 4 saltines and maybe a TBS of peanut butter? That's more carbs than you might think.... and get USED to 95! 95 rocks!
If I understand what you are saying, that you are a bit high at 2-3 hours after lunch and then you go low after that, I definitely agree it sounds like the basal, not the bolus. If your endo says the bolus "sounds high but whatever works" I don't quite get what "sounds high" means. What works is what keeps you in target and if you are high after lunch consistenly than it might be a bit too little not too much....imho of
but she indicated she turns her basal off entirely after lunch? I would think that means that a big bolus is "covering" for the missing basal. I would think that maybe evening it out and replacing the extra bolusing, by turning the C/I ratio down a shade and replacing the "missing" insulin w/ some basal, even only a little bit, might run a bit more smoothly? Karen is a lot more experienced than I am though so I am leery to make a ton of crazy suggestions.
Zoe Acid,

I don't feel experienced at all, even after 44 years of this, as I have only been counting carbs and doing MDI and/or pump for the last 10 years.

My I/C ratio is 1:5 at lunch, so yes my bolus is quite large at lunch and yes I am still a bit high at the 2 hour mark 170, but then I bottom out at 4:00 to 54 and I would think the bolus has left me and that is why i have no basal in my system because of these lows. I have fixed it a bit by starting my 00.00 basal at 12:30 it use to start at 1:00.

Monday will be an okay day as everyone is quiet at work cause they cannot believe they are back again, ha. I am going to have a second breakfast at 10:00 a.m. and fast after that and test. I need this fixed as I am in constant fear of going low and always afraid to stop anywhere after work.




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