I try to shoot for no more than 50 gr per meal and shoot for under 200 total per day. But reading in Jenny's blog, I am thinking I should be shooting for less.

How about the rest of you?

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i try to keep it to a max of 45g per main meal and 15g per snack. i find it's hard to estimate stuff like rice and noodles, but after my most recent trip to the dietitian i got things cleared up and i'm eating enough, if not a bit too little at times.
I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and was looking to see how many carbs. I should be eating
daily. I am on Metformin, T2. I am trying to be very careful of what I eat because I don't want to have to take
the needle. { Big sook here } lol I am not looking at this as a negative thing but a positive because I need to loose weight and will now for sure.
Is there a carbohydrate counter online that I could get?
If you Google for nutrition info, you'll find loads of stuff and can choose which suits you best. Here in Britian, I use a little book called Collins Little Gem Calorie Counter. If that might suit you, search Amazon. It's very inexpensive.
I personally find fresh food cooked from basic ingredients, avoiding sugars and starches works for me. I have near non-diabetic blood glucose pretty much all the time. With PLENTY of exercise


scoctia there is a site and app called my fitness pal. at myfitnesspal.com
this is a great tool for counting carbs,calories,protien,fiber etc... I use this daily since it helps me find the food at home or out it is fairly accurate and best part is it is free. hope this helps, good luck to you

Great topic, Manny. I'm always lurking on people's blogs trying to figure out how many carbs they're eating, how much insulin they're taking, what kind of numbers they're getting. I look forward to other people's answers.

I feel like I am always trying to find a healthy way of eating that I can maintain and what I eat kind of is a moving target. Things like beans, dairy, fruit, whole grains, nuts - sometimes I avoid these and sometimes I eat a lot of them. Sometimes I just plain fall off the wagon and eat ice cream and cookies and all sorts of junk. Right now I'm not eating any grains. So my carbs are mainly coming from some dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), which I usually have 1-2 servings per day and some fruit (probably about 2 servings a day of blueberries, strawberries, or cherries right now). And a lot of veggies, but they don't add up much. So this week, I'd say between 30-50 carbs per day, split pretty evenly between lunch and dinner. I've been skipping breakfast unless I have a low fasting number.
WOW skip breakfast are you type 1 or 2??
I really think ppl should say what type they are and what country they are from there is soooo many more questions answered with that!

I have type 1 and am in Canada. I eat 45 c for breakfast, 60 c for lunch and dinner. No snacks - just doesn't fit in. Snack before bed of 30 c.

I have to have my A1C taken next week and am nervous!!

I'm Hana,aged 62 I live in England, although I am of Czech birth. I'm T2 diagnosed July2003( although I must have had it for years. After about 4 years of following the dietary advice of my medical team, I couldn't control my weight, so I went low carb and stopped taking Gliclazide. I still use 2 x 500mg Metformin per day. I have lost lots of weight, but still have loads to lose.
I walk about 25 miles per week, using my feet as my main means of getting about, combined with my pensioners' free bus pass. I've just blown my shoe budget for the next 5 years on a pair of top class hiking boots.
I cook our meals from scratch, using top quality ingredients. If I do eat out, which is rare, I keep to meat or fish and vegetables, or Salad. I find that a MacDonald's chicken salad with a bag of fresh fruit, is enough to share between me and 18 month old granddaughter, when we end up in the city centre together about once every two weeks. If I snack, it's home made almond biscuits(cookies) or nuts.
Latest HbA1c in August 2009 was 5.3%
Most of the time I ignore my diabetes.
I'm married to a lifelong T1 [38years]
I'm a busy campaigner for better diabetes care and advice here in Britain and in this light, i correspond with important peple all over the world.
At the moment, I'm compiling a file on diabetic diet and the benefit of carb control for a House of Commons committee that I'm attending on Tuesday.
I have only ever found 1 scientific paper on the benefit of high carb for diabetes. It's old (1982) and frankly rubbish science. It doesn't even support its own claims with the evidence: how it got into "The Lancet" I don't understand.
I'd like to hear more -- I'm 50 yr old T2 and I agree with you and low carbs. I'm working on losing and keeping my BS normal. I eat a Mediterranean Diet of 5 small snacks. I only eat a 15 carb 1-2x a day. The rest is just whatever I pick up from my veggies & fish. I just can't eat all those carbs and hold down my weight. My husband is a cancer survivor and when we battled his cancer, I gained weight. I've lost 60 lbs of it but have more to lose. My last A1C was 6 and doing fine with low carbs. I'm on a combo of oral meds (metformin same as you) and two kinds of insulin to keep my nights from bottoming out. Low carb works for me. My only problem is walking/execising -- I have neuropathy so I don't get as much as I'd like. Good for you and glad I read your reply.
I don't follow any specific diet plan, but use the knowledge I got from my sientific education to keep carbs right down.
The Atkins books have some useful recipes. I think Atkins perfectly suits T2 diabetes, but I plan meals as I go on, a couple of days ahead at most. I keep plenty of green vegetables in the fridge and fresh meat in the freezer( I think it's safest there) I also keep cheese in at all times. My Breakfast may be an egg or sometimes a piece of soft cheese, melted on a glass plate in the microwave. I've got a delicious goat cheese at the moment. Lunch is often an avocado with something like canned tuna with mayonnaise. I make my own mayo and add a little horseradish to give it a "kick". Evening meal has to suit T1 husband too, so meat and greens, or salad. I've been making a lot of lovely soups recently too, from fresh. Celery soup is my favourite. It's just delicious and I put loads of Very thick Cream in.
As well as walking, I go to aqua exercise classes and a seated exercise class too. this one is brilliant for less mobile people. It's attended by up to 3 wheelchair users. One of whom has severe bain damage. It's so good he can be with other less impaired people.
Wow, that is great. Since I have gone low carb (no starches ) I seem to ignore my T2 (dx 2005) too. Well done on your work. You are an inspiration to us.

Hi Hana,

Would love to chat some time, currently considering a move to Czech Republic. Girlfriend is Czech! So if you have any advice or tips. Especially on the language front. :)

Hi Michelle--

I am a CDE--and have diabetes--The highest carb intake for a female should be 45 grams per meal.
Weight loss and bG control are difficult when you eat more than that amount . Test your BG two hours after a meal--140 or under and you are OK....





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