I try to shoot for no more than 50 gr per meal and shoot for under 200 total per day. But reading in Jenny's blog, I am thinking I should be shooting for less.

How about the rest of you?

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No problem! I haven't read an updated copy myself, so I can't say. I presume it's the same theories with updated references and recommendations (like certain meds, goals, etc.). Granted he's been touting this for 60 years, so.,,

When I started, I read the book, talked a lot with a few other T1Ds (a low carber and another a non low carb biologist) and tried to get a real understanding of what my metabolism was doing and going to do (and I still don't think I completely understand it all!). So, do your research be it low carb or not. I personally found this way works and over the last 2 years have had my most normal BGs (80-120) in my 26 years as a T1D.

The new addition is extensively revised and I would recommend it.

please see latest response from ADA/EADS re treating type 2 diabetes.


i am a new t1 and am h0neym00ning big time. my I:C rati0 is 1:30/40 depending 0n time 0f day. im l0w ish carbing because i am trying t0 pr0l0ng h0neym00n, c0ntr0l bg and because i can 0nly give myself full units, my n0v0rapid pen hasnt g0t half units. i cant eat that many carbs and get veg in. s0 im d0ing like 30 f0r brekkie, 10 f0r lunch and dinner with a snack s0metimes 0f an0ther 10. with this i just have t0 inject lantus. if i eat 0ut 0r n0t exercising right after eating then i have t0 eat m0re carbs and inject.

I just succumbed to temptation and had a ricecake with cheese on for my breakfast. 6 carbs it says on the wrapper.
I generally try to avoid all visible carbs, because it's the simplest way to keep VLC. I really couldn't be bothered to count them and on diet and 1000mg Metformin [2 x 500] per day, I don't have to.
It works for me. My A1c has been in the 5%s for years. I'm trying for the 4s now. And I have at least 40lbs more to lose.

It depends on whether you believe the ADA, which says you have to have lots of carbs, because that is the great American diet, carb up folks; or whether you believe Jenny and others who suggest that the fewer carbs we eat the better and we don't need to make sure to get "enough" carbs, what we need to do is make sure we get FEW enough carbs to control our blood sugar. For diabetics, carbs are THE problem. I have not been able/willing to go no or severely low carb, but I sure do try to keep them as low as possible.

If this latest report from a joint ADA-EASD recommendations on treatments for type 2 and included latest thinking; That would not seem now the operative thinking:

to wit:

my read and comments:

Some key comments:

Patience centered approach

Evidence-based advice
depends on the existence of primary
source evidence.

Any rise in glycemia is the net result of
glucose influx exceeding glucose outflow
from the plasma compartment. In the fasting
state, hyperglycemia is directly related
to increased hepatic glucose production.
In the postprandial state, further glucose
excursions result from the combination
of insufficient suppression of this glucose
output and defective insulin stimulation
of glucose disposal in target tissues, mainly
skeletal muscle. (Amazing - finally identifying Liver issues.)

Metformin is most widely used first-line type 2 diabetes drug; its mechanism of action predominately involves reducing hepatic (liver) glucose production (54,55). No kidding! Finally an accurate answer.

So, yes I am aware of the past curious off base response from ADA, but somehow they signed up for some other response that frankly is extremely curious and encompasses some of the latest thinking.

Go figure!


I've proved to myself that I definitely DON'T need much in the way of carbs.I don't eat more than a few per day and after several years, I'm pretty healthy.
Also I've read Gary Taubes's "good Calories, Bad Calories". It's something EVERYONE should read

I aim for 30 grams at breakfast, 15 for snacks, 30-45 for lunch and 45 for dinner. I try not to exceed 60.

hi all, my intake for carbs is 60g morning, 45g lunch and 60g evening although it seems difficult at dinner time to eat 60g of carbs. lol i take Lantus 24 evening and 10 morning
humalog at meal times. my sugar is always high in the morning, was suggested that I take it later at night 9-10pm as right now I take 7am and 7pm. I read that I should be eating 45 per meal if I am a woman. still trying to find the right amount of food and keep it down. 13y being type 1 and they just now put me on a carb diet. hmmmm I weight between 110-120 depending when I weight myself. any suggestions on food or timing of insulin would be great and appreciated. my hardest part is keeping track of my food. I use my fitness pal to log my food and see how many carbs and fiber I am using. then I jot down everything. for example this morning I had a visalus shake with chocolate milk and a peach flavor in and a coffee with 2% milk, (don't usually have chocolate milk). so would write down like this. 41 carbs - 5 fibre =36 \5 = 7.2 +3 = 10 units of Humalog my bs was 12.4 so too the 3 units on the sliding scale and the 7 to cover my carbs. This is very time consuming and wondered how everyone else was doing it. this takes so much time out of my life. geesh, and not to much of a change in my bg's.

Dishers, I use the Abbott Co-Pilot diabetes management software that I downloaded for free off the web. http://www.abbott-diabetescare.com/AU/ProductDetail.aspx?product=47 it is free of charge and you don't need to purchase a cable to connect your computer to your meter especially if you are going to enter the data yourself. The data entry is easy and takes a whole lot less time than writing it down.
If they make you input a meter serial number before you can use it, please message me, I have 3 or 4 of their meters in my kitchen drawer.

It depends on the meal. Breakfast is easy cos I'm not generally hungry in the morning so at most 25 grams, lunch which I am told is when we PWD's are best able to handle a carb load can be 70 and dinner is usually less than 50. I don't generally do a lot of snacking but if I do it is never more than 15 grams at a time. When I look at my reports average daily consumption of carbs over the last 3 month period is 158.




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