I'm a T1 with a Medtronic Paradigm. I use the Bolus Wizard and don't think much about how I'm taking.

Once in a while, I check my totals:
Main Menu > Utilities > Daily Totals

My lowest daily total was 40u. My highest was 85u. Monthly avg. was about 55. The numbers surprise me.

I am curious. How much do others pump?

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Average 43.575U/day, 36-53 showing on the 20 days on my pump...

I seem to usually use in the mid forties with occasional excursions up to sixty and down to the mid thirties depending on what I eat and do.

I've been Type 1 for 35 years and pumping for 7 years. I am eating lower carb these days and averaging about 50 grams carb per day. I am using about 14 units total of insulin per day. At my previous level of 120-150 grams carb per day I was averaging about 20 units per day.

I am incredibly insulin sensitive. I don't think that there is any right or wrong in insulin totals. You take what you need. If you're gaining unwanted weight, you should reduce your food and insulin. But other than that, take what you need.

Why did you switch from Humalog to Novolog? A few months ago my insurance stopped covering Novolog and I was switched to Humalog, they said studies showed no difference and Humalog was cheaper.

Humalog 30-day Average 25, range 20-30

On Novolog my range was 15-20

I average 60-90 grams carb per day

Over the last few years I have decreased daily avg from about 70-80, I haven't really changed my grams of carb, just the choice of carbs. I thought, oh my gosh I am regenerating islet cells and they are functioning and producing insulin. Is it crazy to think this?

I asked my Endo about a c-peptide test... and he said, sure he would order this, yet if it showed higher levels then insurance would stop covering cost of insulin, and would not allow me to upgrade or replace my insulin pump. (I am not sure at what level that would occur). My endo also suggested that I increase carb and insulin dose.

Can anyone explain lab values for c-peptide test? At what level would exogenous insulin not be required or prescribed?

Thank you,

I am curious about my c-peptide levels as well. I never had the test done. Maybe some of my mysterious lows actually came from my pancreas? The long time T1's that still had, and were able to recover some beta cell function in the BCD vaccine trial; were measured with a special, super sensitive c-peptide test that found traces undetectable to the test at your Dr.'s office. So, I don't think our D is going away any time soon, unfortunately.

I usually take about 45-55 units per day with my Ping. That is down considerably from being on MDI, where I took 65-75 combined units of Lantus and Apidra.

Im 6'3 200 lbs and my average is 38 units per day. I hardly changes much, unless I have a cannula problem or I have to change the tubing mid stream or something. I allow myself 80 carbs although I often don't eat that much.My weight is fine and I find if I allow myself 80, I don't feel deprived and i don't binge at parties.

T1 for 25 years

I average about 160-180g carbohydrate / day. Probably not a good thing.

YIKES 160-180 g of carbs?? THAT is a lot even for a non diabetic skinny person.
You must eat a lot of cakes cookes and, well Maple syrup?
I find that carbs become habits. If you eat fewer for a while you wont miss them.

This is interesting, because if you look on the 'Nutrition Facts' on things, they base servings on a 2000 calorie diet, which comes to 300 g carbs/day. I think that's about what most non-diabetical people eat.

I don't think 160-180 is a lot, I eat at least that many pretty much every day.

I'm 5'10" and 150 lbs and eat about 160 net carbs per day. No cakes, an occassional 5 carb cookie and I don't remember what Maple syrup tastes like. It's more like apples, legumes, sprouted wheat bread and low fat dairy.




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