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I have been feeling very angry for the past few days I have been type 1 for 21yrs and have always felt guilty of what I eat and I'm always thinking how its going to affect my numbers so I try to eat as healthy as possible, of course I cheat here and there, but until these past few days I been feeling like I've had enough of it especially since I work really hard to keep my glucose under control but for some reason I cant bring my numbers down its frustrating as I have been running/exercising for the past 3 months and doesnt seem to help. Just went for a 20min run and my glucose was 240mg before and it started to go down in the middle of my run I did reduce my basal, and when I got home my dexcom was showing 158 15mins later it started to rise and now its at 203mg(I did not eat anything just started to rise on its own) I am super dissapointed and I feel like giving up already. This is new for me I have never felt like this before and its kind of scary, now I'm over bolusing and going low then I go high after treating my low its a horrible roller coaster of blood sugars.. anyone ever feel like you work your hardest so that you can see good numbers in your glucose and end up dissapointed by high numbers?? this has been me for the past couple weeks I feel so upset and sad all at the same time I feel like I should eat what I want when I want cause it doesnt matter anyway since my glucose is high no matter what...

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I would think that if you are getting your BG going up without any food inputs, you may want to try increasing your basal? Maybe 10% and see what happens? Sometimes, I'll throw caution to the wind and really crank it up but a lot of the time, changing a rate .05U/ hour will do the trick for being "off". It may not be anything you've done. A change in the seasons or maybe a change in the alignment of the planets or who knows what else might affect it. I don't look at "eating" as "cheating" but sometimes eating more frequently or more "garbagey" makes it harder to do "research" to see if there's been a change of some sort?

You probably know all this anyway and I agree that it sucks but when I get out of whack, all I can do is change the rates and ratios. I am really conservative about what I eat during the week, pretty much the same thing most of the time (breakfast and lunch. Then again, I pig out at night about the same amount pretty regularly too...) and I think that makes it easier to babysit rate/ ratios?

Thanks I've been messing with my basal rate, its help a little but I want my sugars under 200 & I can't get them under that no matter how much I try, since I read your comment I've been trying the temp basal I've increased it by 10% & my glucose went from 270 to 180 & its been at 180mg for the last hour so that's a better number than 270 I'm going to increase my basal by .5 if not more..

i'm in the same boat right now. i have a doctor appointment this week because my lab numbers were 'bad'. that's how the nurse told me "you need to make an appt to discuss your labs b/c your numbers are bad." i'm sure there is a nicer way to tell me that, but that's beside the point! i haven't had this much trouble with my numbers for about 5 years . . . i'm just in a funk. I've been exercising and eating right, but it doesn't seem to matter. I'm hoping to get some clarity at my appointment. I know it's controllable, I just need to get it back together. I just keep remembering back to the time where my numbers were good . . . how healthy and good i felt. I want to get back to that point, and i know i can. That's one thing i LOVE about this site, i know i'm not the only one going through this and there is a way to come back (: Hang in there and let's keep encouraging each other through this site . . . good things will come!

Absolutely I'm the only one in my family with diabetes so its really hard to go through all the ups & downs of diabetes on your own I'm very thankful for this site because I know I have support from all of you & I know someone is going through what I'm going & they can relate or vise versa :) good luck with your appointment I had one 2 weeks ago & the medical assistant asked if I had my IPOD with me lol! I said yes I have my omnipod all you can do really is laugh they are just ignorant they don't live with this disease so they don't understand how hard it is to keep your numbers at a "normal" range..

I feel this way a lot too. I don't have any answers, just to tell you you're not alone in how you feel.

Me too.

Type 1 here, for 18 years, and I definitely understand how you feel! Sometimes I think the harder I try, the worse it gets, and that might in fact be true, since I'll watch my dex and start freaking out when stuff changes in a direction I don't want it to, and then I'll end up over-compensating. Maybe try taking the Dex off for awhile and see if it helps?

One thing that has helped me a lot is to try to take the emotion out of the numbers. We tend to equate "high" with "bad" or "low" with "bad". A high or low is simply "out of range," not "good" or "bad". It's a piece of information that we can use to make adjustments to help get us back in range. Your blood sugar level has nothing to do with your worth has a human being, and if it's out of range, you shouldn't feel guilty about it, you just use it as a reference point to know what you need to do to get back in range. We're trying to mimic a really complicated process that other people's bodies do naturally, and we don't have good enough tools to do that perfectly all the time. As long as you're trying (and it sounds like you are), out of range numbers are never your fault, they're a product of insulin and delivery methods that, while good, are not good enough to mimic the way a perfectly functioning pancreas works.
Anyway, thinking about it like that helps me to stop feeling so guilty and bad sometimes, so I thought I'd share. Just know that there are people out there who understand and support you!

i like that way of thinking! too bad we can't get the health professionals to see it that way :D

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts I will definitely try this your right its out of range! I guess its how you think of it I think all the stressing over my glucose has been bad for my numbers also, I might just take a break from my dex cause I think that's what's stressing me out the most I check my glucose 6 to 8 times a day anyway its not like I prick my fingers any less when I wear it

Great post Erin!

I've had type 1 for about 15 years, and I've noticed a lot of outside influences can affect my bloodsugars. I've been having a great deal of difficulty in controlling my own despite knocking out just about any processed foods and exercising more. I've lost weight and become healthier, but my bloodsugars are still not where I want them; I'm still at around 8.5 as an A1C, but that's many shades better than the 10.5 I was working just a few months ago. Weather can alter your metabolism in strange ways, I notice that along with colder temperatures it's harder for me to control my glucose for some reasons (and it's not just the holiday foods ;p). Just keep working at it. Have you been making small adjustments with your basal rates to see if that helps?

Same here. The cold weather really screws up my control. I need more basal during the winter than in the summers.




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